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Pikachu-themed food items and Happy Meal toys coming to McDonald's in Japan

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Pikachu in McDonald Japan.png
The official McDonald's Japanese website has announced that several Pikachu-themed food items and Happy Meal toys, named the "Sweet Trio Fru-chu", are coming to their restaurants in Japan as a collaboration between The Pokémon Company and McDonald's. The three different food items, each with their own individual packaging, will be available for a limited period starting on June 11, 2021.

The first item is the Peach-flavored McShake. Enjoy the creamy texture with the refreshing sweetness and the sweet and sour aroma of the yellow peach flavor that fills your mouth. It can be enjoyed in a cute Pikachu cups of size S (costing ¥120) and size M (costing ¥200), each with three different designs, for 6 types in total.

The second item is the McFlurry Chocolate Banana Flavor. A smooth soft serve ice cream with a rich milk flavor is mixed with a banana sauce that has a mellow aroma and sweetness, a rich chocolate sauce, and a yellow crispy corn crush with a banana flavor. It comes in a cute Pikachu cups with three different designs. It cost ¥290.

The last item is the Hot Apple Custard Pie. The crispy dough is packed with apple filling with apple dice and smooth custard cream with vanilla beans. Enjoy the exquisite harmony of the sweet and sour apple filling with caramel and cinnamon flavors and the sweetness of creme patissiere. There are three different packaging designs. It cost ¥150.
Peach-flavored McShakeMcFlurry Chocolate Banana FlavorHot Apple Custard Pie
Apple Custard Pie.jpg

Happy Meal toys.jpg
Six different Happy Meal toys will also be available while stocks last beginning June 11, 2021, with availability staggered across three weeks.
  • June 11 to June 17 - "Pikachu Balance Challenge", "Pikachu Dash", and "Pikachu Dunk" toys will be available
  • June 18 to June 24 - "Pikachu Get! Ball Attack", "Pikachu Trick Quoits", and "Pikachu Rock-Paper-Scissors Attack" toys will be available
  • June 25 onward - All six designs will be available

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