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Play D/P on January the 12th!

I kind of wished that Route 217 would clear up, too. After all, one trainer there says that it does sometimes.
I kind of wished that Route 217 would clear up, too. After all, one trainer there says that it does sometimes.

I know....

And I think I've goten diamond dust before aswell. When they said diamond dust, I thought they meant the skies would clear and the ground would glitter like diamonds. Too bad this weather effect can't be tested in battle. Anyway, I wonder if this will be a yearly event that will always happen on the twelveth of January.
That is really interesting, would have been neat if they had something about pearls though too for the appropriate version.
^ Just like the massage area in Resort Area.. it's not version exclusive whether they say diamonds or not, but they either say extract from pearls or diamonds.
Aw man, I played for hours yesterday, I didn't see this thread, and didn't even THINK to go to Snowpoint. Bum!
I'm wondering if this was just a test by Nintendo/Game Freak to see whether it was actually possible to synchronize all of the game cartridges in the world. A test for an event that goes beyond mere aesthetics in the near future. Hmmmm....
The snowpoint was beautiful. BTW 12th January was director's birthday... and my sister's too. Now the director is 40.
Well I did it without going to the GTS or linking to wifi

Same here. I just kind of flipped open my DS, quickly fly over to Snowpoint and it had diamond dust. Didn't connect to WiFi the night before, or any time recent though.
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