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ATTENTION: PLEASE READ: New Changes to SwSh Speculation

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Jul 10, 2015
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Hi everyone,

The VG staff and forum admins have spent some time discussing a couple new approaches to handling leaks in SwSh after also getting some input from regular users. Here are the two changes we've decided on.

1. Having separate threads for individual topics of speculation rather than one big thread. We felt like the current leaks thread was so bloated that trying to read through it was far more frustrating and cumbersome than informative. Since we already have several speculation threads for multiple aspects of the new games (gyms, Pokemon, Types, etc.), we decided to shift focus to those threads as the main avenue for discussing new leaks and speculation. We're going to add a stickied "navigation thread" to help people find the topics they're most interested in as well. We hope that this new strategy will help keep things moving and cut down on redundancy as well as make specific topics easier for people to find and keep up with.

2. New system to be implemented for repeat rule breakers. As Enzap said, we are planning on enforcing our forum rules more strictly with something we're calling a "three-strikes system". While a first offense will still carry a standard warning, repeat offenses will carry temporary thread bans possibly leading up to a section ban. By temporarily removing users involved in arguments to let them cool off individually rather than shutting the whole thread down, we hopefully can keep things open for folks who were not involved. We don't want this to sound like a threat, but I think we can all agree that no-one likes all the arguments that go on in this section, not to mention that it produces a huge burden on our staff trying to keep up with everything.

As we implement these new changes, please feel free to reach out if you have any comments or concerns.
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