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Notice Please read: Regarding the Gen 8 leaks thread

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Jul 10, 2015
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Hi all,

The VG staff wanted to provide a follow up on the recent locking of the leaks thread. This announcement is not to call out any one user in particular but more to discuss a couple of things with everyone.

Our priority is to make the forums fun for everyone. Leaks threads can be really great because they are a place to bring up new ideas and information, and discuss them. But oftentimes this thread in particular turns into attacking individuals for their ideas rather than the ideas themselves. And that kind of bullying makes the forums “not fun” anymore. The staff don't like having to lock and unlock the thread every time an argument comes up because it breaks momentum and ruins the fun for people not involved.

As Enzap said back last year, public shaming, ganging up on individual users, posting put downs and insults, and starting drama are not something that we tolerate. But in order to maintain an informative forum where people are free to post ideas and disagree with others we also need to be respectful, and that comes from ALL of us.

We've mentioned this before, but if you see posts from a user that you don’t want to see for any reason, use the ignore feature. Pikochu has very graciously made a guide on how to do this with the new forum structure. In addition, if anybody sees a post that is attacking someone else, please don’t hesitate to report it, but do not engage yourself. We're a community here, and so this is a community effort.

As always, please feel free to reach out to any of us if you have any concerns or feedback.
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