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TEEN: PMD: The Problem with Symon

Ash is my bae!
Dec 28, 2005
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Well here we go. Here is Team Firestorm’s next big adventure. Rated PG-13 for violence.

Three months have passed since the Red Moon incident. Life in Treasure Town right now is reasonably quiet. Not many outlaws have been reported lately. Nor has there been many jobs posted on the bulletin board so many exploration teams have taken this opportunity to relax and take some time off. Team Firestorm included.

Chloe had just returned to Sharpedo Bluff after making a trip to the Kecleon Market. She saw that Chimchar was staring out at the sea from the mouth of their home. She sighed this has been happening even since that day he lost his father. Chloe slowly walked up to him.


Chimchar jumped and looked behind him. He wasn't expecting to hear the familiar voice so suddenly.

“Oh man Chloe please don’t do that.” he said.

Chloe blushed slightly.

“Sorry but we promised Marill and Azurill that we’ll take them to Apple Woods for a picnic today.”

Chimchar nodded smiling.

“Yeah I remember.”

The twosome got ready then headed out.

“No prizes in guessing who you were thinking about.” said Chloe.

Chimchar sighed and nodded.

“Yeah I’m sorry. I know I should be trying to move on but…”

Chloe smiled.

“Well no one said it’ll be easy just take it one day at a time.”

Chimchar returned the smile and nodded.

“OK thanks Chloe”

“No problem now let’s go and have some fun.” Chimed Chloe she grabbed Chimchar’s hand and sprinted the rest of the way.

“Yikes! Watch it!” cried Chimchar.

Marill and Azurill were waiting by the Watering hole.

“Yay they're here they're here!” cried Azurill with excitement bouncing up and down.

Marill giggled at his little brother's antics.

“Yeah I see them Azurill settle down.”

Chloe waved. While Chimchar sat down exhausted from their sudden sprint.

“Hi guys ready for a fun day out?” asked Chloe.

Marill and Azurill both nod.

“We sure are.”

Chloe smiled.

“OK let’s go!”

Abit later the four pokemon were sitting on a patch of grass in Apple Woods eating a picnic of apples, berries and gummis. Chloe even decided to help her self to a Perfect Apple.

“Wow no wonder Wigglytuff loves these things.” she said.

Chimchar laughed a little.

“We should be sure to bring some back for him.”

Chloe nodded and holds up a Perfect Apple.

“Agreed and if Skuntank tries getting in our way I’ll throw one of these Perfect Apples at his fat head.

Everyone started laughing.

“I’d love to see that.” said Marill.

Just then they heard a sound of a scuffle nearby.

“What’s that?” asked Chloe.

“I don’t know but Marill might just get his wish.” said Chimchar.

Chloe and Chimchar got up to check it out knowing that it could mean trouble.

“You two stay here.” said Chloe.

The twosome peek through some shrubs and saw something shocking.

A Riolu was being attacked by what appeared to be a Zangoose but something was different about it. It’s markings were blue instead of red. He pinned the poor Riolu to a tree by the neck.

“You’ve been giving me the slip for years.” Said the Zangoose. “But it’s all over now!”

Chimchar growled unable to stand for this. He charged in and used Focus Punch on the surprised Zangoose.

“Back off!” He yelled.

Chloe dashed in too ready to help. The Zangoose glared.

“Buzz off! This doesn’t concern you!” He yelled.

Chimchar glared and stood protectively in front of the Riolu.

“We’re an Exploration team and we don’t stand for thugs like you bullying Pokemon smaller than you are!”

“That’s right talk about cowardly.” Chloe growled.

The Zangoose was fuming.

“I’m giving you one last chance to get out of here in one piece before I slice and dice ya!”

Chimchar stood firm.

“Not gonna happen.”

Zangoose glared.
“Fine you’ve asked for it! Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!”

Zangoose was about to Slash Chimchar when Chloe stepped in and used Iron Tail.

“Let’s see you take on both of us!” She yelled.

“You leave now and this won’t have to get ugly.” Chimchar offered.

The Zangoose glared he knew he was outnumbered.

“Fine I’ll retreat for now but don’t think you’ve seen the last of me!”

He glared at the Riolu behind Chimchar.

“Not as long as he’s with you. So if you two value your lives you wouldn’t get involved with him.”

And with that he was off.

Chloe glared.

“Good grief I wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark ally.”

Chloe walked up to Chimchar who was now tending to the Riolu who wore a musty green scarf and was covered in cuts and grazes.

“Is he OK?” She asked concerned.

Chimchar looked just as concerned as she was.

“I don’t know he really took a battering. We better get him to the guild.”

Chloe nodded.

“Agreed I’ll get Marill and Azurill.”

Chloe and Chimchar were waiting anxiously outside the crew rooms.

“Oh my gosh! I can’t believe that happened! That poor Riolu” Cried Sunflora.

Chimchar nodded.

“Yeah the brothers were a little disappointed that we had to cut our picnic short but they understood.”

“That’s good yup yup.” Said Bidoof.

Just then Chimecho came in from the crew rooms. Chimchar looked in her direction.

“How’s that Riolu?” He asked anxiously.

“He’s fine he had no serious injuries. A good night’s sleep is all he needs.” Chimecho said happily.

Chimchar felt very relieved.

“Phew I’m sure glad to hear that.”

“Me too” Said Chloe.

“So you say that the little fellow was being attacked by a Zangoose?” asked Chatot.

Chloe nodded.

“Yeah but this one oddly had blue markings so it certainly wasn’t the Zangoose from Team Razor Wind.”

“Wow a differently coloured pokemon? Those are almost impossible to come by.” Said Chimecho completely amazed.

Chimchar looked very interested.

“Wow they're that rare?”

“Incredibly” Said Chatot. “You’d be lucky to come across even one in your lifetime.”

“We don’t feel very lucky right now.” Muttered Chloe.

“Well I for one don’t blame you.” Said Chatot. “Anyway I’ll report this to Officer Magnezone right away.”

Chloe smiled.

“OK thanks we better be heading back we’ll come back and check on that Riolu tomorrow.”

“OK see you tomorrow.” Said Sunflora cheerily.

Chloe and Chimchar waved then headed out.

OK I think we can stop there for now. Next Chapter coming soon. If you have any tips at all don't hesitate to share them with me it's the only way I'll learn. :)
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Ash is my bae!
Dec 28, 2005
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Chapter 2
I do not own Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

The next day Chloe woke up with a huge yawn. It was fairly cloudy outside.

“Morning Chimchar” She said sleepily.

Chimchar sat up rubbing his eyes.

“Morning…oh right we should check on that Riolu.

Chloe nodded.

“Yeah that’s right.”

Chloe and Chimchar head down the path towards the guild.

“Hey guys.” Said Chloe as she and Chimchar climbed down to the second floor.

“How’s Riolu?”

Chimecho waved.

“Well he’s awake but he hasn’t said much.” She said.

“Heck he hasn’t said ANYTHING at all!” bellowed Loudred.

Chloe looked sad.

“Guess we can’t blame him, that was quite a traumatizing experience.”

“Maybe you should try talking to him. Or perhaps show him around town. Maybe take him exploring with you for today.” suggested Chatot.

Chloe nodded.

“OK good idea.”

Chloe and Chimchar headed down the hallway to their old room there they saw the Riolu sitting on a straw bed. He had a couple of bandages made out of a Spinarak’s String Shot. He looked up at them with scared looking eyes.

“Hi there.” said Chloe gently. “How are you feeling? Wanna come and look around our town?”

The Riolu looked down unsure of what to do. Chimchar stepped forward.

“Don’t be afraid no one here is gonna hurt you. I promise.”

The Riolu looked up at Chimchar with interest. Chimchar held out his hand.

“Come on don’t worry we’ll be with you the whole time.”

The Riolu looked at Chimchar for a few seconds the slowly took his hand. Chimchar helped him up and led him out to the others. Chimecho looked impressed.

“Wow Chimchar I think you’re the first pokemon he even made eye contact with, amazing.”

Chimchar blushed. The Riolu stayed close to Chimchar not yet feeling confident enough to talk to anyone.

“Well I guess we’ll head out we’ll have this Riolu back by dinnertime.” said Chimchar.

“Oh there’s no hurry.” chimed Chimecho.

Chimchar and Chloe lead the Riolu outside and showed him all the stalls and explained what they do.
“...And that over there is Kecleon Market” said Chimchar pointing to the Kecleon shaped hut.

“Hey there Chimchar!” called the green Kecleon. “New team member?”

“Err not exactly.” said Chimchar shyly.

“Don't forget what Chatot said Chimchar we should take our new friend exploring for the day.” Chloe reminded.

“Oh yeah I almost forgot.” said Chimchar.

The Riolu shuddered looking like he really didn't want to leave the safety of Treasure Town. Chimchar noticed this and smiled.

“It's ok. There's no need to be scared exploring is lots of fun.”

Chloe nodded in agreement.

“Yeah and we will be right there with you so don't worry.”


Later the three pokemon arrived in Mystifying forest.

“Ok just stay close and everything will be fine.”

Chloe sighed tiredly.

“Chimchar that's like the eighth time you said that I think we get the picture.”

Suddenly a hostile Venonat darted out heading straight for the Riolu.

“Watch it!” Cried Chimchar dashing into the Venonat's path and used Flamethrower.

The Venonat barely dodged it and retreated back into the shrubs not wanting to stick around for another fire attack.

The Riolu stared looking scared. Chloe couldn't help but smile.

“Exploration Rule No.1: NEVER drop your guard.”

“Chloe that is like the fourth time you said that I think we get the picture.” mocked Chimchar.
Chloe gave her partner a death glare.

“Watch it.” she warned dangerously.

“Hey I'm only teasing.” laughed Chimchar. “Anyway we should press on.”

“Thank you.”

Chimchar turned around at hearing the unfamiliar voice to find it belonged to the Riolu. He was slightly taken back at first as the Riolu hadn't said a word until now but then smiled.

“You're welcome.” he said. “Chloe is right though you need to keep your eyes and ears open at all times when exploring. You'll never know if someone is trying to ambush ya.”

The Riolu nodded.

“My name's Symon” he said shyly.

“Erm not to be rude but pokemon can have names other than their species names?” asked Chloe.

Chimchar nodded.

“Yep it's rare but not unheard of.”

Later after a little more exploring everyone was getting a little tired.

“Let's take a little break.” said Chimchar taking off the treasure bag and sitting down.

“Agreed” said Chloe.

But Symon looked like he couldn't relax. His Aura Sensors looked really tensed.

“You alright Symon?” asked Chimchar.

“He's here.” Symon said with fear.
“Huh? Who?” asked Chimchar confused.

“Why hello again.” came a sinister voice that was all too familiar to Symon.

Chimchar turned around to see the very same Zangoose from yesterday. Chimchar immediately stood in front of Symon.

“Stay back you bully!” he shouted.
“Stay out of this!” yelled the Zangoose swiftly using Slash sending poor Chimchar flying. Chloe rushed to his side.

“Chimchar are you ok?!” she asked.
Chimchar shakily sat up. He had a nasty scratch on his cheek.

Symon quickly ran behind them away from the Zangoose.

“Why can't you just leave me alone?!” he cried.
“We gotta do something.” said Chimchar getting to his feet.
Chloe pulled out her Explorer badge from the Treasure Bag which still sat on the ground.

“We'll warp out of here with the Explorer Badge.” she said.

Unfortunately the Zangoose got wind of this.
“Oh no you don't!” he shouted using Slash on the Explorer Badge just as it activated causing it to start sparking.

“Uh oh this can't end well.” said Chloe nervously.
Suddenly there was an explosion of light engulfing Chloe, Chimchar, the Riolu and the Zangoose. Once the light disappeared the whole area was empty.

End of chap 2! What could've happen to everyone? Find out next time!
Ash is my bae!
Dec 28, 2005
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Chapter 3 is upon us!

I do not own Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

somewhere far far away in the mountains with many different trees. A lone pokemon that looked like a green snake with limbs and a leafy tail crawled out of a nearby cave and had a big stretch. Then she went to a nearby spring and splashed some water on her face to wake herself up a little bit.

“Looks like another relaxing day today.” she said in a cheerful voice. That's when she noticed something unusual.

“Hey what's that?” she asked no one in particular. She went over for a closer look to find an unconscious pokemon.

“Oh my gosh!” cried the snake-like pokemon and rushed to the pokemon's side.

“What kind of pokemon is that?” She asked herself as she studied the orange monkey-like pokemon having never seen one like him before when he suddenly started to stir. The snake-like pokemon stepped back in surprise.

“Whoa it's alive!” she cried.

Chimchar sat up holding his head.

“Awww man my head. What just happened?”

“Are you OK?” asked the snake pokemon.

Chimchar nodded.

“I think so. Thanks.”

That's when Chimchar noticed the pokemon was very unfamiliar to him.

“Hey what kind of pokemon are you?” he asked hoping he didn't sound too rude.

The snake pokemon smiled.

“I was thinking the same thing about you.” she admitted.

Chimchar smiled slightly too.

“I'm Chimchar.”

“I'm Snivy great to meet you.” said the snake pokemon.

This was when Chimchar realised he was alone.

“Wait! Where's Chloe and Symon?!” he asked frantically.

Suddenly there was a rustling in a nearby bush and Chloe poked her head out.

“That wasn't fun.” she said shaking leaves out of her hair. Chimchar dashed over to her.

“Hey Chloe are you OK?”

Chloe nodded.

“Yeah I'm good.”

Chimchar looked around.

“But where's Symon?”

“Is that him up there?” asked Snivy pointing up a tree where they could an utterly terrified looking Riolu tangled up in some vines.

“Help I'm stuck.” he whimpered.

Chloe looked up the tree in bewilderment.

“How did he manage to do that?”

Chimchar shrugged.

“Beats me. I'll get him down.”

It only took a few minutes to get Symon's feet safely back on the ground.

“Well that was interesting.” said Chimchar.

Symon stared at Chimchar sadly making him feel slightly uneasy.


Symon suddenly fell to his knees.

“I'm so sorry! It's all my fault Razor hurt you!”

Chimchar carefully put his hand over his injury which he had somehow forgotten about until now.

“It's nothing, don't worry about it.” he said reassuringly.

Snivy stepped in having only just now noticed the scratches.

“But it still looks pretty nasty it can be dangerous if it gets infected come with me and I'll clean it for you.” She said in a motherly tone. She took Chimchar by the arm back to her cave giving him little choice in the matter. Chloe glared in Snivy's direction Chimchar was her partner not Snivy's she had no right mothering him. She slowly followed them inside with Symon close behind.

Snivy had just finished making Chimchar some Sitrus Berry juice.

“Here you go.” she said. “You know these sort of berries never seem to grow here so we have them imported.”

“Really?” asked Chimchar. “That's very interesting.”

Snivy then picked up a leaf with some dew on it.

“Now this will sting a little.” she warned as she placed it on Chimchar's cheek causing him to wince.

Chloe turned to Symon.

“Hey Symon when you said Razor you meant that Zangoose right?”

Symon just nodded.

Chloe thought for a moment.

“You know I have to wonder what he has against you.”

Symon shrugged.

“He just wants me dead for some reason don't ask why. Erm by the way I...prefer Sy.”

Chloe looked at him curiously.


Sy nodded subconsciously rubbing his arm.

“Yeah...erm that's what everyone started calling me anyway.”

Chloe smiled.

“I like it. It suits you”

Sy could only blush.

“That should do it.” said Snivy as she finished cleaning Chimchar's wound. Now you can barley see the injury thanks to the Sitrus Berry juice.

“Thanks.” said Chimchar. “We should be on our way before that Zangoose finds us. You got the Explorer Badge Chloe?”

Chloe smiled sheepishly.

“Erm about that...”

Chloe showed her Explorer Badge which now had a huge crack in it. “The Explorer Badge has been damaged. It doesn't work so we're stuck here.”

“What do you mean we're stuck here?! Way to let it get broken Chloe!” Chimchar yelled without thinking. Chloe glared, not approving of her partner's attitude.

“Excuuuse me but a certain partner of mine left his Explorer Badge in our Treasure Bag which is still in Mystifying forest!” she snapped.

“Well at least I didn't announce my Explorer Badge for all to hear!”

“Well at least I tried to get us to safety unlike a certain someone who can't even dodge!”

Sy and Snivy could only watch as the partners threw insults back and fourth.

“Are they always like that?” she whispered.

“I wouldn't know I haven't even known then for 24 hours yet.” Sy admitted.

“Well you do what you want Chloe I'm going home!” Chimchar snapped and stormed out of the cave.

“Yeah well good luck finding it jerk!” Chloe yelled out to him.

Snivy slowly walked up.

“Calm down Chloe, don't say something you can't take back.”

“Shut up! This is none of your business!” Chloe snapped bitterly.

“Sorry” said Snivy slightly hurt.

Sy looked out the cave sadly and decided to follow Chimchar hoping he could cheer him up a little. He looked around and spotted the chimp pokemon nearby kicking a stone obviously annoyed. Sy headed towards him but a sudden strong gust of wind blew his scarf clean off of his neck.

“My scarf!”

Sy chased his scarf as if his life depended on it. The scarf blew a few feet away then got caught on a thick branch on the edge of a crevice.

Chimchar turned around hearing the commotion and was horrified to see Sy crawling across the branch in an attempt to get his beloved scarf back.

“No! Sy get back, it's dangerous!” he cried.

But it was too late. Just as Sy firmly got a hold of his scarf the branch snapped sending the poor Riolu spiralling into the raging river below.

Cliffhanger! I'm soooooo cruel! lol. Will Sy be rescued? Find out next time!
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Ash is my bae!
Dec 28, 2005
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Chapter 4!

I do not own Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

Chimchar rushed to the edge of the cliff as fast as he could hardly daring to believe what just happened.

“Oh no! Sy!”

Chloe and Snivy had heard the commotion and rushed to the scene too.

“What happened?! What's going on?” asked Snivy.

“Sy fell!” cried Chimchar finding it difficult to stay calm.

Everyone looked down the cliff to see Sy in the river keeping a tight hold onto a rock.

“That's a fast current.” said Chloe.

“I can get him!” cried Snivy. “Hold on to me!”

Chloe and Chimchar glare at each other not having forgotten their earlier spat.

“Come on!” exclaimed Snivy more urgently.

Chloe and Chimchar both held on to an arm each and Snivy immediately used Vine Whip pulling Sy to safety.

“Thanks guys.” said Sy shakily.

Chloe smiled,

“No problem but please be more careful OK?”

“Now that we have that crisis put to rest we should try getting you guys back home.” said Snivy. “So where are you from?”

“We're from Treasure Town” said Chimchar.

Snivy stepped back in shock.

“What!? That far?! That's across the ocean!”

“What?!” cried Chimchar in disbelief. “Oh that's just brilliant!”

“Hey we got home from the future we can get home from here.” said Chloe

“Don't you pull the positive stuff on us! It's your fault we ended up here in the first place!” shouted Chimchar.

Chloe glared his way.

“What was that?!”

Chimchar glared back.

“You heard me!”

Snivy quickly got in between them.

“Come on guys don't fight!” she cried.

The partners glared then turned their backs to each other.

Sy sighed sadly he always hated arguments. He wouldn't even call this an argument. Right now the twosome were at all out war with each other.

Snivy sighed too.

“OK come on, from here it's about a 6 day hike to the ocean.”

Chimchar looked confused.

“You're coming too?”

Snivy smiled,

“Well you are kinda new around here and I used to travel a lot so no one knows this land better than me.”

“Quite sure of yourself aren't you?” said Chloe bitterly.

Chimchar glared.

“Stop with the attitude Chloe!”

Snivy just waved it off.

“It's OK Chimchar I think it's just a little frustrating to be so far from home.”

Chimchar sighed.

“Whatever let's just go.”


Everyone was now walking down the path away from the mountains. Chloe and Chimchar wouldn't even glance at each other which made Snivy feel a bit uneasy. She wanted to talk to them but didn't want to make them feel like she was intruding. But if this was how they were gonna act towards each other Snivy knew that this was gonna be a really long trip. That was when a sound behind her interrupted her thoughts.


Chimchar almost screamed at the sudden yell Snivy gave off. Chloe seemed rather startled too.


Chloe and Chimchar looked behind them to see Sy on the ground and wasn't moving with Snivy trying to rouse him. Alarm bells immediately began ringing in their heads as they rushed to the scene.

“Sy! Hey are you alright?!” cried Chimchar with concern. Chloe placed her paw on his forehead.

“He's burning up! Something is very wrong!”

“Oh man! What do we do?” asked Chimchar getting a little frantic. Snivy looked their way.

“I know a place and thankfully it's nearby. Follow me.”

Chimchar carried Sy on his back and followed Snivy. Chloe did the same.

It didn't take long for them to get to a medium-sized building. Chimchar noticed there was a sign saying “INN” at the top of the door. Snivy knocked on the door and a few seconds later a green monkey like pokemon which seemed to have a piece of broccoli growing out of his head answered the door.

“Oh hi Snivy what can I do for you?” he asked in a cheery voice.

“I'm afraid we have an emergency.” Snivy said sadly.

The monkey pokemon's smile faded when he saw the Riolu Chimchar was carrying.

“Oh I see. You better come in.”

The three pokemon head inside.

“The name's Pansage.” said the monkey pokemon. “I run this Inn with some friends of mine. Snivy helps out sometimes too. Let's hurry, the bedrooms are just down this corridor.”

It has been around half an hour since the small party of pokemon arrived at the Inn. Chloe was sitting next to Sy who laid in bed shivering.

“I'm really worried.” she said sadly. “I think his fever's getting worse.”

Snivy looked really concerned.

“I don't know what else we can do.”

Suddenly two more pokemon who looked very similar to Pansage came in. One was red and had a tuft on it's head similar to Chimchar's and looked rather sleepy. The other was blue and had what appeared to be a fountain shaped tuft on it's head.

“Hey Pansage what's going on?” asked the red monkey pokemon.

Pansage seemed relieved to see them.

“Oh there you guys are. I'm afraid we have a bit of a problem.”

“So I see.” said the blue monkey pokemon sympathetically. “How did this happen?”

Chloe turned to Snivy.

“Did you see anything unusual?”

“No I don't think so he just collapsed.” said Snivy sadly.

Just then Chloe remembered something.

“Oh! But he did fall into a fast moving river earlier today.”

The blue pokemon nodded.

“Yeah that would do it. The water here gets really cold so it's very easy to get sick if you're in there even only for a few seconds. If you fall in you should be sure to get warmed up as quickly as possible or this sort of thing happens.”

Chloe suddenly felt very guilty. She was too busy giving Snivy and Chimchar a hard time to even think of getting Sy dry and warm again and now he was really sick. The blue pokemon noticed this and smiled comfortingly.

“Well if you didn't know about the dangers I'm guessing you're not from around here. I'm Panpour the one behind me is Pansear.”

Chloe looked amused at the similar names.

“Hey Pansage they your siblings?”

Pansage couldn't help but laugh a little.

“I get that a lot. No just good friends. But I guess our species must be related in some way.”

Chloe nodded.


“Anyway back on topic what shall we do about your friend?”

Chloe sadly looked down at Sy who was now looking quite breathless.

“It could just be the cold or Flu.” said Pansear. “There is a remedy but we don't have the vital ingredient.”
Pansage stood up.

“OK no problem I go find some.”

Chloe looked at Pansage hopefully.

“You think you'll find it?”

Pansage nodded.

“Yep. It's not exactly uncommon I should be able to come across some in no time.”

Pansage turned to his helpers before leaving.

“I won't be long guys. You stay behind and help our guests OK?”

They both nodded.


Once Pansage was out the door Panpour sighed.

“Pansage is sweet but he always tries to do everything himself. There's no shame in asking for help if you need it.”

Pansear shrugged it off.

“He's always been like that, since the day we met.”

“I hate to interrupt this flashback but could one of you get some water?” asked Chloe. “Our friend is getting quite hot.”

Panpour nodded.

“Oh yes of course, sorry.”

Panpour left the room and returned moments later with a bowel of water and a wash cloth.

“Here we go.” she said.

Chloe smiled.


Chloe moistened the wash cloth and placed it on Sy's forehead. Then she noticed for the first time that there was someone missing.

“Hey where's Chimchar?”

Snivy looked around.”

“I don't know I didn't see him leave.”

Chloe suddenly felt concerned and decided to go out and look for him.

Chloe looked outside and found Chimchar leaning against a tree looking depressed. Chloe sighed sadly and walked over to him.


Chimchar looked up at his partner.

“Hi Chloe.” he said quietly.”

Chloe looked at her feet sheepishly.

“Chimchar...I'm sorry about...”

“No I'm sorry Chloe!” Chimchar cut in. “I...I overreacted and said things I shouldn't have. It's not your fault we're stuck here Chloe. I sorry.”

Chloe blushed.

“Yeah well I haven't exactly been Miss Nice either. I'm sorry too. You see ever since we met Snivy I guess I've been a little jealous.”

Chimchar gave Chloe a look. A look Chloe knew too well.

“Okaaaay! Really jealous.”

Chimchar couldn't help laughing. Chloe just stared at the ground blushing. Chimchar held her cheek to make her look at him.

“You didn't have to be jealous Chloe.” he said softly. “No one could ever replace you.”

Chloe's face went deep red at those words.


Chloe then smiled.


Chimchar gave Chloe a quick kiss.

“More than friends.”

To Be continued...
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Jul 29, 2011
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what kind of pokemon is Chloe? and where does it all begin? i mean this is probably after they graduate. i mean when do Chloe and Chimchar meet? can i get a link if there a thread for those stories?
Ash is my bae!
Dec 28, 2005
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Chloe is a Pikachu, sorry if that wasn't clear, this is sort of a sequel to an earlier fanfic I uploaded here, I can get you the link if you wanna read it. This does indeed take place after they graduated. I don't really understand your third question though. I don't have a thread for this, but I can make if it will make things easier.
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Jul 29, 2011
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well this is a thread. so the other storys are on a thread. can i gat a link to that story's thread?
Ash is my bae!
Dec 28, 2005
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Chapter five!

I do not own Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

Chloe and Chimchar were now back in the bedroom. It has been two hours since Pansage left and it was getting late.

“Isn't he back yet?” asked Chloe who was starting to get a little worried. Panpour looked just as concerned.

“No and it shouldn't take him this long.”

Snivy was starting to get frantic.

“What f something happened?!”

Chimchar looked over at the worried girls then stood up.

“OK we'll go out look for him.” he said.

“Let me go too!” Snivy pleaded. “Pansage is one of my best friends! I'm really worried!”

“But someone needs to stay with Sy.” reasoned Chimchar.

“Don't worry about that we can keep an eye on him.” said Pansear.

“Well OK if you don't mind.” said Chimchar.

“Not at all.” beamed Pansear. “I’m sure Pansage is fine, heck he's probably on his way back now. But never hurts to be sure right?”

“Very true.” said Chloe.

“Alright let's go.” called Chimchar as they leave the Inn to search for the missing pokemon.


“Pansage where are you?” called Chloe.

Snivy was also searching nearby.”

“Come on Pansage answer us!”

Chimchar looked up at the sky. There was only a flicker of sunlight left.

“It's getting dark.” He said sadly. “We need to find him.”

Chimchar continued on his way when the ground suddenly crumbled underneath his left foot.

Chimchar wobbled but regained his footing he looked down to see that he very nearly fell down a huge ridge.

“Whoa! That could've been a nasty fall.”

It was then that Chimchar saw something that drained all the colour from his face.

“Oh my gosh!” He cried. “Guys over here, hurry!”

Chloe having sensed the distress in Chimchar's voice was the first to the scene.

“What is it Chimchar? What's wrong? You're shaking like an earthquake!”

Chloe held her partner to try and steady him, whatever he saw it was obviously bad. Then Snivy arrived.

“What's the matter did you find him?”

“Y...you could say that.” said Chimchar shakily, obviously still in shock.

“I'm afraid to ask but...where is he?” asked Chloe.

Chimchar could only glance down the ridge, giving Chloe a good idea on what must've happened. Dreading what she might see, Chloe slowly moved her eyes to where Chimchar was looking. Sure enough, there was a familiar monkey pokemon laying unconscious at the bottom of the ridge. He looked in a really bad way, there was a really nasty gash going nearly all the way up his left arm, obviously received from the fall.

“Oh my...” was all Chloe could utter after seeing such a terrible sight, but nobody was as distressed as Snivy when she braved a look.

“Oh no! Pansage! Hang on, I'm coming!”

Chimchar grabbed Snivy's arm before she could do anything.

“Don't do it Snivy! You'll fall too!”

“But he's hurt, we have to do something!” cried Snivy, tears forming in her eyes.

Chloe then spotted something.

“Hey look.”

Chimchar and Snivy turned their attention to what Chloe was pointing at. There were some sort of weed-like plants growing in a crack in the ridge wall. It looked a little like seaweed.

“That must be what we need.” said Chloe. “I guess he must've tried to reach them, and fell.”

“What are we gonna do?” asked Snivy.

Chloe held her head in her paws in aggravation.

“If only we had a rope!”

Those very words gave Chloe a brilliant idea.

Within moments Snivy had a secure grip on Chloe with her vines and was now lowering her down the ridge while Chimchar stayed above to keep the grass snake pokemon steady.

“Please be careful Chloe, I've had enough casualties for one day.” he said.

“Roger!” Chloe called back though slightly nervous, luckily for her it wasn't long before she reached the bottom. Chloe relieved herself of the vines and immediately examined Pansage. She couldn't help but cringe, he looked even worse up close. The poor pokemon looked deathly pale, and the gash in his arm was bleeding. There also appeared to be a gash on his left hand side aswell which she failed to notice before, Chloe searched for any signs of life.

“Pansage, can you hear me? Come on wake up!”

Back at the top, Snivy watched Chloe's every move.

“Chloe! Will...will he be OK!?”

Chloe signed sadly, giving up her attempts to rouse him.

“I'm not sure Snivy, he's breathing but only just.”

Snivy started trembling and began to sob.

“Oh no!....wha...what are we gonna do?!”

Chimchar placed his hand on her trembling shoulder in an attempt to comfort her.

“For now we should take him back, there's nothing we can do for him here.”

Snivy wiped her eyes and nodded.

“I'll grab the those weeds on my way up.” said Chloe.


The tension couldn't be any thicker back at the inn right now, as soon as Team Firestorm and Snivy returned with Pansage Pansear immediately contacted an Audino. They were now all waiting in the main lobby while Audino was examining him. Chloe stood rigid with an utmost look of concern on her face. Chimchar was doing his best to comfort Snivy while Pansear did the same for Panpour.

After what seemed like forever, Audino entered the main lobby looking exhausted. Chloe was the first one to speak.

“How is he?!”

The look on Audino's face told everyone that this wasn't good news.

“Not too good I'm afraid, I tried using Heal Pulse but his injuries are too severe. He may not suvive the night.”
Chloe could hardly believe what she was hearing.

“Oh no...”


Snivy's sudden outburst was enough to startle even Audino, Snivy then fell to her knees and sobbed uncontrollably. Chimchar held her hands.

“Snivy...it...it will be OK.” he struggled to say as he tried to fight back his own tears.

Pansear and Panpour weren't as successful.

“Isn't there anything you can do?!” asked Pansear louder than he meant to while Panpour sobbed on his shoulder.

Audino looked defeated.

“I'm afraid I've done all I could do, I hate to say this but you need to prepare for the worst.”

There wasn't a dry eye in the house right now, even Chloe struggled to hold it together.

“I'm afraid I have other patients.” said Audino sympathetically. “Let me know if his condition changes, but I wouldn't get your hopes up.”

After Audino left everyone just stood where they were in deep shock.

“This isn't fair!” sobbed Pansear. “Pansage never did a thing to anyone, why did this have to happen!?”

“This is a nightmare, soon I'll wake up.” Snivy kept telling herself.

Chloe suddenly looked thoughtful, then looked at the weed like plants she previously picked.

“Hey you think these will heal him?” she asked Pansear.

Pansear suddenly looked shocked.

“Hey! Yeah! They'll help if anything! Chloe you're brilliant!”

Chloe blushed at such praise.


To be continued....

Looks like Team Firestorm will have to put their homeward journey on hold for the time being. Will Pansage be OK? Find out next time!
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Chapter six

I do not own Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

In the kitchen, Pansear and Panpour were preparing the remedy for Sy and Pansage, Chloe helped whenever they needed it.

“Have you two seen Snivy?” she asked as she hasn't seen the grass snake pokemon in awhile.

“Probably with Pansage, I'd imagine that this is pretty hard for her too.” said Pansear sadly.

“Wow..., they must be pretty close.” said Chloe

Panpour nodded.

“You bet they are, Those two are like brother and sister, perhaps more, if you know what I mean.”

Chloe sighed sadly.

“I think I'll go see how she's doing.”

“OK” said Panpour as she place a bowel of water on Pansear's head to heat it up.

Chloe walked down the hall where the bedrooms were, until she reached Pansage's room, where Snivy kept a bedside vigil.

“How's he doing Snivy?” asked Chloe delicately.

“I really don't know Chloe.” Snivy answered sadly.

Chloe sat next to Snivy, figuring she could use the company.

Chloe glanced at Pansage, his left arm and torso were now bandaged up, he was still very pale, and his breathing was really uneven. Snivy suddenly started sobbing again.

“Chloe, I'm so scared.” she whimpered. Chloe looked at Snivy feeling terribly sorry for her, she moved closer and pulled Snivy in for a hug.

“I know Snivy.” she whispered, “I'm scared too.”

Snivy was a little taken back by this sudden gesture at first but soon returned the hug and quietly sobbed into Chloe's yellow fur, that was when Chimchar came in.

“Is everything OK?” he asked, noticing the sobbing pokemon in Chloe's arms.

“We'll be fine.” assured Chloe, “How's Sy?”

“Still asleep.” said Chimchar. “But I'm sure he'll wake up soon.”

Panpour then entered the room holding a steaming mug.

“Guys it's ready.” she said. “Pansear is already giving some to Sy.”

“That's awesome.” said Chimchar with relief. “Thanks Panpour.”

“I just hope were not too late.” muttered Panpour as she gave the mug to Snivy. Chloe put a paw on Panpour's shoulder.

“Don't worry, I'm sure everything will be fine now.” she said, but no sooner had she finished that sentence a wave of dizziness washed over her, this strange sensation was one that Chloe knew all to well, it was the Dimensional Scream. There was a flash of light, and Chloe saw Panpour being held hostage by none other than Razor.

“Take one step closer, and she's dead!” he threatened, holding his claws dangerously close to her neck. Then everything went back to normal.

“Oh my gosh!” cried Chloe, it was then she noticed everyone was now staring at her.

“Are you OK?” asked Panpour. “You kind of spaced out there.”

“I...I'm sorry.” said Chloe trying to shake off the remaining dizziness. “I had a Dimensional Scream.”

Chimchar looked quite surprised at this.

“Huh? A dimensional scream? You haven't had one of those for a while.” he said. “So what did you see?”

Chloe looked down at the floor almost unable to say it.


Chimchar jumped back in surprise.

“You're joking!” he cried.

Chloe sighed sadly.

“I wish I was, he was....threatening Panpour.”

Panpour cringed at the news.

“Well if you we're looking to scare me then mission accomplished.”

Snivy was a little confused.

“I don't get it, what's the Dimensional Scream?”

“sometimes when Chloe touches something or someone she has a vision of an event in the past or the future that involves them.” answered Chimchar.

Snivy was really intrigued by this.

“Wow that sounds like a handy ability to have.” she said.

Chimchar nodded.

“Yeah, well, I think it's safe to assume that this event happens in the future so we better stay alert.”

“Well let's concentrate on getting Pansage and Sy better first.” suggested Chloe. “Then we'll worry about Razor.”

“Right good idea” agreed Chimchar.

However unbeknownst to the team. A dark shadow was spying the inn from just a few feet away, the shadow then smirked evilly.

- - -

Back at Wigglytuff's Guild in Treasure Town everybody was at their wit's end trying to find the missing team.

“We looked everywhere in Mystifying Forest.” Sunflora reported to Chatot and Wigglytuff, “But all we found was their Treasure bag.”

“Yeah and there was no sign of that Riolu either.” said Corphish.

“Dear me what could've happened to them?” asked Wigglytuff with concern.”

“They said that a Zangoose was chasing that Riolu.” said Bidoof. “Maybe he had something to do with their disappearance yup, yup.”

“You could be right Bidoof.” said Chatot. “But I don't want to jump to conclusions quite yet.”

“HEY GUYS GUESS WHAT!!!” came a booming voice, making everyone cringe.

“Loudred inside voices, please!” scolded Chatot.

“Sheesh sorry I CAN'T help it sometimes.” said Loudred. “Anyway this little guy said he saw something.”

Loudred pointed to a Venonat beside him, the very same Venonat that attempted to attack Sy.

“Errrr yeah I saw the pokemon matching the description, They were being attacked a Zangoose with blue markings.” said Venonat timidly, deciding to leave out the part where he attacked them.

“Oh my gosh!” cried Sunflora. “That means that Bidoof really is right!”
Chatot nodded.

“Yes It now seems very likely that we have a kidnapping situation at hand, I better contact Officer Magnezone immediately, everyone else better call it a night for now, We'll continue the search afresh tomorrow.”

Everyone nodded, and headed to their rooms to try and get some sleep.

To Be Continued...
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Chapter Seven

Sorry for the wait but here's Chap seven.

I do not own Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

Back at the Inn it was now very dark outside, Chimchar stood by the door keeping guard, everyone agreed to take shifts watching out for Razor. Chimchar yawned.

“So sleepy...but can't fall asleep on watch.”

“Oh dear, can't have that can we.”

Chimchar turned around and barely had time to register who it was before Razor charged right at him and grabbed the poor pokemon by the neck.

“Where's that Riolu?!” he demanded pushing Chimchar against the wall. “You better tell me before I snap your neck in two!”

“I...don't know.” rasped Chimchar, but Razor knew he was lying.

“If you value your life runt, then you'll tell me the truth!”

Chimchar tried to wiggle free struggling to breathe but Razor had a strong grip.

“STOP IT!!!”

Both pokemon turned to the direction of the sudden cry and were equally surprised to see Sy standing nearby a little unsteady on his feet, but otherwise OK.

“I'm right here! Now let Chimchar go!” he cried.

Razor smirked.

“If you say so.”

Razor dropped Chimchar leaving him to gasp for air as he advanced towards Sy.

“I've been waiting years for this moment.”

Suddenly a lightning bolt shot out missing Razor by mere inches.
“What the heck!?” he cried clearly having not expected that, it didn't take him long to find the source.”

“The next one won't miss!” warned Chloe.

Chloe turned to Chimchar.

“Are you OK?”

“Yeah...I think so.” said Chimchar getting to his feet.

“Stay out of my way!” demanded Razor. “This is between me and that Riolu!”

“That Riolu has a name you know.” growled Chloe.

“Do I look like I care?!” shouted Razor though slightly taken back by Chloe's comment, suddenly there was a crashing sound in the other room. Razor glared at the door.

“Alright, whoever's in there come out, or I'm coming in!”

“Oh dear.” whispered Chloe.

“I said come out!” yelled Razor more dangerously.

“Fine, we're coming.”

Snivy came out of the room along with Pansear and Panpour, Pansear seemed to be rubbing his head.

“Sorry guys, I banged my head.”

“I told you not to hide under the table.” sighed Panpour. “You always hit you head when you're under the table.”

Razor smirked.

“Well well well. I heard about you two from locals, but tell me, aren't there three of you?”

“Nope!” cried Panpour quickly, “Just us.”

Razor just snickered.

“Not a very good liar are you? I happen to know for a fact that there are three of you, the staff member's names are on the bulletin board in the lobby.”

Pansear gulped.

“Seemed like a good idea at the time.”

Razor then headed for the room they came through.”

“Well I warned the runt!”

Snivy dove in front of the cat ferret pokemon.

“No I won't let you hurt him!”

Razor roughly pushed her aside.

“Patience my sweet, you'll all get a turn.”

Razor then entered the room, and for a few seconds there was silence, then Razor re-emerged not looking very amused at all.

“You'll regret tricking me, you disgusting serpent!”

Chloe could only stare.

“Erm what did I just miss?”

“Isn't it freaking obvious!?” yelled Razor. “The third owner of this dump isn't in there!”

Snivy smirked.


Chimchar soon realised what just occurred.

That was clever Snivy, crazy, but clever.”

Razor glared then darted at the closest pokemon to him, which happened to be Panpour.

“Oh no!” cried Pansear.

“Alright, take one more step and she's dead!” threatened Razor.

“This is it!” cried Chloe, “This is what happened in my vision!”

Zangoose looked at Chloe as if she was mad.

“Well I guess that explains how you knew I was coming.” he said.

“Err...what did I miss?” asked Sy who until now was just watching the whole spectacle.

“We'll explain later.” said Chimchar.

“Too bad you won't get the chance.” smirked Razor. “Now how about telling me where that pokemon really is, unless you want me to slice and dice this young lady here”

“Let her go! I'm the one you want!” cried Sy.

Razor smirked.

“You'll just have to wait your turn Runt!”

Everyone glared, but then Pansear sighed.


“What?!” cried Chloe.

“No! You can't!” wailed Snivy.

“Sorry guys, I see no other way around this.” said Pansear, then he headed towards Razor until he was only inches away.

“I'll take you to... to.....HACHOO!”

small white bubbles erupted from Pansear when he sneezed and hit Razor.

“Hey!” he yelled. “Say it don't spray it! Hasn't you're mother ever taught you to cover your mouth when you sneeze!?”

“You should talk! It seems your mother never taught you not to bully other pokemon.” said Chloe.

Razor was about to make a snappy comeback but then suddenly fell face first on to the ground.

“Err, what in the world just happened?” asked Chimchar.

Pansear smirked.

“That wasn't a real sneeze. I discreetly used Yawn, and by the looks of things it works really well.”

“That...was....amazing!” cried Chloe.

“Yeah ingenious.” said Snivy. “You sure had me fooled.”

“Sorry to scare you guys.” said Pansear sheepishly.

“No harm done.” said Chimchar.

“Are you OK Panpour?” asked Chloe.

“I am now.” said Panpour.

“That move won't keep him out for long.” warned Pansear as he glanced at the now snoozing Zangoose.

“We better make our escape, while we still can!”

It was now pitch black outside, everyone was trying to get as far away from the Inn and Razor as possible.

“Don't worry guys.” said Pansear. “We have a place hidden away in case of emergencies such as this. We can lay low there for a while.”

“Sounds like a plan.” said Chimchar who was now carrying Pansage.

“Are you sure you're OK?”Chloe asked Sy.

“Yeah, I'm feeling much better, really.” he reassured.

“OK this is it!” called Pansear, leading the group to a cave.

“Erm...not to be rude, but how would a cave protect us from a psychotic pokemon who's out to kill us?” asked Chloe.

“Ahhh, but wait till you see the inside.” said Pansear.

After waking a few feet into the cave, Chloe and Chimchar were amazed to see a door.

“Whoa! No way!” cried Chimchar.

“Yeah cool huh?” chimed Pansear. “Come on in!”

To Be Continued...