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Pocket Guide to Pokemon to Watch For

Mar 23, 2020
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I didn't see this already but man it would've been handy as I played through so leaving this here for the next person. A quick rundown of Pokemon to keep your eyes open for as they're rare. Go out of your way to get them when and if you can, as otherwise you'll likely need to spend significant time getting them when and if you want to complete your Dex. Obviously this is full of spoilers.

1. All Baby Pokemon. Munchlax, Pichu, Togepi, Magby, Riolu come to mind offhand. But if you see one, Catch It, and if you see a max outbreak for them (or see them in a massive mass outbreak when you have those unlocked) go for them unless you've already completed the Dex for them and have all you need. They're just rare.

2. Get the Space Time distortion Pokemon unique to their respective zones. Space Time distortions are rare and can take a while to spawn if you're waiting for them, such as if you realized you needed these Pokemon from them after getting pretty much every other Pokemon like I did. If a distortion pops, get to it. Generally the unique ones for the area spawn solo, and are on a separate spawn cycle vs the Trio which will pop in. The Trio will have Pokemon you can get elsewhere and Eevee and its Eeveelutions. The solo will be the ones you're looking for. Just use mud balls (or equivalents) to stun them and catch them without battling so you can keep dodging the trio's attacks.
Obsidian Fieldlands: Sneasel and Weavile, non-Hisuian variants. Black in coloration. Note you can evolve this Sneasel into Weavile with a Razor Claw at night, but not the Hisuian version of Sneasel.
Crimson Mirelands: Porygon, Porygon 2, and Porygon Z. You can acquire Upgrades and Dubious Discs from the Merit vendor or as drops to upgrade Porygon through the line.
Cobalt Coastlands: Magnemite, Magneton. Note that you can catch Magnezone flying around in the Coronet Highlands, it's just the previous evolutions which need to be obtained from the Space / Time distortions here.
Coronet Highlands: Bastidon, Shieldon, Cranidos, Rampardos. Shieldon and Cranidos and readily evolve into Bastidon and Rampardos respectively just based on level.
Alabaster Icelands: Nothing here can't be obtained elsewhere.
Post-Game, you'll have the option of obtaining more starters in the Space Time distortions. They'll also appear (along with their evolutions) in mass outbreaks and massive mass outbreaks. It's Alabaster Icelands for the Oshawott line, Coronet Highlands for the Rowlet line, and Crimson Mirelands for the Quilava line. This is especially notable because the Rowlet spawns crowd out some of the many spawns needed in the Coronet Highlands, so it's arguably even More important to get the ones you need from there Before the postgame.

3. Either do one or the other of the following:
a) Once you have a Stantler, bring it on your team, and exclusively use Psyshield Bash with it in Agile mode. Wyrdeer does not spawn on the map and to evolve a Stantler requires you to use Psyshield Bash, in Agile Mode, 20 times.
b) If that sounds like a bad time, pay Special attention to Stantler spawns in massive mass outbreaks, with the star icon on them. Clear the Stantlers to get some Wyrdeer.

4) Whenever you're in the Coronet Highlands, hit up the Lonely Spring, Fabled Spring, and / or Primeval Grotto. The most accessible of those by far is the Lonely Spring. Shake the trees in that area as Cherubi and Cherrim can be Very difficult to find otherwise.

5) Regarding The Wisps: I'm going to recommend you do NOT grab them when you see them. I did, and it was "great" to have just 3 left in an area. But then when I finally gave up and pulled up a map or guide of them, not being 100% certain if I did or did not already have a given one massively increased time spent and frustration. Since there's no tracking or verification, I recommend getting them all in one fell swoop, with a guide, where you can be 100% confident that you still need one at any given marked location.

Anyway that's all of my tips for specific things to watch out for as you're playing. Otherwise if you visit every area at day and at night and catch any Pokemon you see which you don't already have you should be fine. Any other Pokemon I'm missing which folks should be on the lookout for? Anything I've got wrong? Let me know!
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