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Pokémon: A New Sinnoh Champion (PG-13) (Sign Ups & Discussion) [OPEN]

I'm actually going to wait a bit longer because I noticed that one of the users who signed up hasn't been active in almost a month, so I don't wan to start until they log back in. Otherwise it isn't fair to them.
Sorry, if this was me, I have been occasionally checking in without logging in, but I am available.
That's all great news! I posted my two sign ups to the first post of this thread. I plan to post the RPG thread either today or tomorrow. We will start by having our characters get to Sandgem Town to get our starter from Rowan.
Still here! Just might not be able to make a post in the RPG until the weekend though!
Name: Cross
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: Handsome/cute/attractive/[insert needless synonym here] in the face; or so he's been told. 5'8" tall. Lean build from moderate conditioning and exercise. Dark skin complexion with curly hair down to chest. Colorwise the hair is brown and black mixed together from the scalp all the way down towards the ends (like Jason Mamoa except with a curly texture instead of a wavy one. Curly texture is closer to the guy in the hat picture except his hair is shorter length than Cross'. Cross' hair length is Momoa's length in the picture below.). Eyebrows are black. He is clean shaven. Due to a tumor that developed in his eyes from early childhood his eyes which were originally blue turned to purple. Thankfully the tumor was asymptomatic and also not cancerous. There are only slight specks of blue left in the iris and can only be seen in very close proximity or when exposed to very bright, direct light. He is of Hispanic descent.

Regarding clothing, he wears a blue pullover hoodie with matching blue Adidas Ozweego sneakers and black socks. Bridging the two pieces together are some black cargo pants with custom added blue utility straps on the right pants leg. The utility straps have magnetic Pokéball holders on them similar to the Pokéball holsters the Galar gym leaders have (like Milo). The straps form an upside down Y-shape around the pants leg to keep the straps and connected Pokéballs stable on the pants leg. The straps are placed on top of the right hand pocket while keeping the pocket still usable and accessible. On each 1 of the 3 straps that form the upside-down Y, 2 seperate Pokéballs can be held. He also dons a navy blue snapback dad hat on his head with a Tao Yin-Yang ☯️ symbol on the front stylized in the form of a Pokéball, with a shiny red Gyarados swimming on the yin (dark) side and a shiny blue Milotic swimming on the yang (light) side. (Imagine the scene with the yin-yang koi fish swimming in the pond with each other in the Water Nation capital from Avatar the Last Airbender. Like that but a still graphic of how I described it.)

Personality: Prefers to outsmart his enemies rather than overpower them but has no qualms with getting physical. Keeps to himself when possible and hates to be touched without warning. Appreciates a good story. Very level-headed but detests non-independence and that could shake him up quickly if severely restricted. Does not like to associate with those he deems not "worth his while". Has developed a tongue of silver and sharpness to boot from his time "working people".

Hometown: Jubilife City, Sinnoh

History: According to the guys who found him, he was abandoned in an alleyway of the streets of Jubilife City as a crying infant by who knows who. Thus, raised literally as a street kid, he did what he needed to do to be able to eat and drink the next rising day. Street smarts and street heart he would understand were the names of the game if one was to survive the dirty streets. And if you wanted to actually thrive, that you would need even more than that. Among classes of conniving Thieves, ignorant Youngsters, thuggish Roughnecks, senile Sages, "less-than-honest" Workers, greedy Gamblers, and fidgety PokéManiacs on the backstreets he navigated the social demographics of their grimy world and all the grimy street politics that came with it. He's even came into contact with a few former Rocket Grunt stragglers during his time prowling alleys. Though not doing as honest of things as he would always like to, he knows how to survive in a plethora of unfavorable situations and consequently does his best to make sure others he cares about or needs do the same. Especially innocents that happened to somehow get involved in his dealings. Which he knows, is better than most street rats can say.

Other: He was inspired to start his Pokémon journey when he saw a televised match one day between two strong Trainers.
Firmly believes rock-paper-scissors is that de-facto adult way of resolving otherwise unresolvable problems.
His motto is "Talk less, think more, act most."
Starter: Mudkip

To see the visual aesthetic of the character and the forementioned battle that inspired Cross in-game, click this link to go to a Google Doc I made for him.
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I have a nasty tendency of not participating in RPs in a timely manner (as quite a few DeviantArt users can attest), so feel free to let someone with more time on their hands use this character.

NAME: Makoto Haruno

AGE: Mid-20s

GENDER: Trans Male (he/they)

APPEARANCE: short, thin build; lightly-tanned skin; short brown hair caught in a state of perpetual bedhead; gray sweats and colorful sneakers; black wireless headphones around his neck at all times

PERSONALITY: Modest, Nods off a lot

HOMETOWN: Jubilife City, Sinnoh Region, Japan

HISTORY: Formerly the Junior Idol Suzuki Suzumoto, he left the idol industry for personal reasons (partly because he realized he was a guy, and partly because his mother Kaede Suzumoto was an abusive piece of sh*t). He now works as a seiyuu (voice actor) for various popular anime and lives in an apartment complex with a Therapy Flareon named Bisque.

STARTER: Bulbasaur (Bisque is a "Therapy Pokémon" not meant for battle)

OTHER: The Suzuki Scandal is a bit of a touchy subject for him. It'd be in your best interest to not bring it up.
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