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Pokemon ABCs V2

Sith Puppy
Dec 6, 2016
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Welcome to Pokemon ABCs V2!

As the name suggests it's a new version of the game called Pokemon ABCs. The creator of the original thread, @Greninjaman, gave me permission to make this new version. So how does this one work?

1. All F&Gs rules apply
2. Moderators may either continue the chain or reset if they deem it necessary.
3. A single member cannot post twice in a row.

Here is the twist though, every time someone end the round with the Z or a moderator resets it they must call a specific category as to what all the pokemon in the new round must fit in.

Here is an example:

Category: Starter pokemon
Poster 1: A-Class Starter Charizard
Poster 2: Bulbasaur
Poster 3: Chimchar
Poster 4: Delphox
Poster 5: Emboar

Since some letter can be really or even impossible to do with certain categories you allowed and encouraged to be creative. As long as your creative answer starts with the correct letter and meets the requirement of the category (Like I did at A) it's fine.
The same goes for the category, be creative and have fun!

Here is a useful page if you're stuck: List of Pokémon by Name

So allow me to start of with a simple category: Kanto Pokemon
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I'm a Girl
Mar 1, 2018
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Quagsire, there's no Kanto Pokemon starting with letter Q.
Well-Known Member
Sep 7, 2016
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Wouldn’t that kill the streak, though?
Merry Chrysalis
Nov 20, 2016
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There ought to be some way to describe a Kanto Pokémon with Q