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Rules Pokémon Anime and Manga Rules (Updated Jun. 30, 2020)

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Jan 22, 2014
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Alola, everyone!

A recent development led to a discussion between the Anime & Manga staff, where we have decided to reiterate a rule within our forum. Specifically:

BMGf Forum Rules said:
3. Don't make disruptive posts (Disruptive Post)

[...]Japanese text is permissible within our Pokemon sections.
In the past, we have had users concerned with others referring to Pokemon and human characters by their Japanese names. While this is largely an English-based forum, here at the Bulbaforums, we acknowledge and respect the original source of the Pokemon series we all hold so dear. Thus, again, Japanese names, texts, etc. are allowed in posts, while English is still preferred. Please refrain from saying otherwise.

We are aware that not everyone views Pokemon in either English or Japanese; there are many fans who have watched or currently watch localization of different languages. While we fully acknowledge and respect those realities, in the interest of civility and a common understanding, we still ask that you avoid posting in languages other than English or Japanese.

For those still concerned with the usage of Japanese names, or those of a different language, I would suggest that if any name (or word) is unfamiliar to you, that you either use an online search engine or politely ask the source of the name to alternatively identify the topic in question. Either way, you will positively come away from the interaction more knowledgeable and worldly than before, in Pokemon terminology.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact myself or another A&M staff member. Thank you for your attention and happy posting!