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Pokemon Anime Quiz

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James and Carnivine ? Didn't he capture it as a kid ?

Correct, James has owned Carnivine since before the OS even began. He captured it as a kid in the Great Marsh so technically he was the first person to own a grass type
Next question: Name the one trainer who share these traits with Professor Oak: He writes poetry and owns a fire starter pokemon. Also, name the starter he owns.
Next question: Name the one trainer who share these traits with Professor Oak: He writes poetry and owns a fire starter pokemon. Also, name the starter he owns.
Mr. Moore, Flannery's grandpa. He owns a Typhlosion.
Flint writes poetry ? I was going for Mr Moore and Typhlosion so AuraSoul gets to ask the next question.
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Name all the rivals that share a species of Pokemon with Ash & be sure to say who has what Pokemon.
Ritchie: Currently shares Pikachu only. All the others, save Pupitar, have either evolved/been released.

Paul: Currently shares Torterra and Gliscor.

Tyson: Currently shares both Donphan and Sceptile, although Ash's weren't evolved yet by the time Tyson left.

Barry: Shares both Staraptor and Heracross.
Cool. OK:

List the names of the protagonists of the series who have hatched an egg, and be sure to list what Pokemon they hatched.
Misty - Togepi (well you could say Ash, Brock, Misty, and Meowth helped try to take care of the egg and Ash also won the Togepi tourney...Misty was just the first person Togepi saw).
Ash - Phanpy
Ash - Larvitar (didn't capture it though, just helped it get back to its mother)
May - Eevee
Brock - Happiny
Dawn - Cyndaquil

I think that's it right? Anyone I'm missing?
^ This, and Tracey's Marill's egg was given to misty which hatched into a Azurill.

Ahh, ok! I didn't know if it counted as one because we didn't on screen but it is true that Misty's Azurill came from Tracey's Marill's egg.
Ok, here:

List all the ice appeals done by either May or Dawn in the performance rounds of the contests and the GF's they participated in. Also list the pokemon used.

Format can be something like -

What contest:
What the ice appeal looked like:
Trainer and Pokemon used:
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For how many months has the Pokémon anime been running in Japan and the U.S.?
Japan: About 160 months (if you count August, where we are now)
US: About 142 months (same deal as above)
since it pass a year since a question was asked let me ask a question now

give the 2 pokemon that belongs to generation I-IV that ash never seen at least once?
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