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Pokémon anime viewed by nearly 100 million in India

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Nov 13, 2005
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Pokémon anime viewed by nearly 100 million in India

Pokémon anime relaunched in India gets 96.7 million viewers. That's almost the same number as total number of TV viewers in the US! Moreover, among those viewers, only 32.9 million are kids!

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Wow, that's nice to know. Hungama TV is really serious with Pokémon, unlike Cartoon Network India, who treats the anime like crap. When CN started the anime in 2003, they aired the anime regularly. Then the anime shifted to Pogo. The season 13 dub with the commentators was not very good, but the season 14 dub was worth it. Then the anime got off air. In May '14, Hungama picked up the anime. Their only flaws that the anime did not start exactly at 1 o'clock, sometimes starting 10 mins early or 10 mins late. Another flaw was that they did a couple of mistakes in the airing order: skipped some episodes and aired them later during the regular time for new episodes or during the reruns in the evening. One more was that they showed the theme of season 1 for only 6-7 episodes and of season 2 for only 2 episodes. For season 3, the theme was never aired. With that said, looks like Hungama is going to show all the seasons of the anime. Yay!
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