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Sign Ups Pokémon Battles - Tournament Style!

Gone batty.
Name: Peter
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: Short, big eyes, wears glassess. And shades on top of them, because coolness. Pale skin, dark hair.
Personality: Cocky trainer with strong belief in his own analytical abilities and skills of his Pokemon. Most of his Mon are those that other people would consider "creepy". It's partly his own fascination with them, and partly atempt at strategical intimidation.

Pokemon 1: Gengar
Nickname: Creeper
Gender: Male
Ability: Cursed Body
Moves (5 or less): Mean Look; Shadow Ball; Focus Blast; Energy Ball; Destiny Bond

Pokemon 2: Crobat
Nickname: Acro
Gender: Female
Ability: Infiltrator
Moves (5 or less): Wing Attack; Leech Life; Air Slash; Venoshock; Double Team

Pokemon 3: Ariados
Nickname: Maya
Gendwr: Female
Ability: Sniper
Moves (5 or less): Toxic String; Sticky Web; Scary Face; Leech Life; Fell Stinger

Pokemon 4: Mega Aerodactyl
Nickname: Revenant
Gender: Male
Ability: Rock Head
Moves (5 or less): Agility; Wing Attack; Take Down; Hyper Beam; Ancient Power

Pokemon 5: Dusknoir
Nickname: Reaper
Gender: Male
Ability: Pressure
Moves (5 or less): Shadow Punch; Disable; Shadow Sneak; Future Sight; Curse

Pokemon 6: Houndoom
Nickname: Grim
Gender: Male
Ability: Flash Fire
Moves (5 or less): Flamethrower; Inferno; Rest; Payback; Solar Beam
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I may be editing a bit too much
Name: Belinda
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: Black hair in a ponytail, fair complexion, brown eyes, yeah I really don’t care too much for descriptions. Wears a denim jacket over a t-shirt and jeans.
Personality: Tends to keep to herself. Her generally quiet personality is a foil over her favorite strategy in Pokémon battles - hyper offense, aka smacking opponents into next Tuesday.

Pokemon 1: Salamence (Mega)
Nickname: Gordon
Ability: Intimidate/Aerilate (Mega)
Moves (5 or less): Return, Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Roost, Flamethrower
Held item: Salamencite

Pokemon 2: Primarina
Nickname: Jan
Ability: Torrent
Moves (5 or less): Hydro Pump, Moonblast, Psychic, Ice Beam, Energy Ball

Pokemon 3: Volcarona
Nickname: Vaesa
Ability: Flame Body
Moves (5 or less): Quiver Dance, Fiery Dance, Bug Buzz, Solar Beam, Psychic

Pokemon 4: Ampharos
Nickname: Camille
Ability: Static
Moves (5 or less): Thunderbolt, Power Gem, Toxic, Cotton Guard, Safeguard

Pokemon 5: Excadrill
Nickname: Ellen
Ability: Mold Breaker
Moves (5 or less): Earthquake, Iron Head, Rapid Spin, Stealth Rock, Rock Slide

Pokemon 6: Leafeon
Nickname: Jake
Ability: Chlorophyll
Moves (5 or less): Leaf Blade, Sunny Day, Swords Dance, Double-Edge, X-Scissor
The name's Edgar.
Danny walked up to the loud applause of the crowd. He heard them call his name, "Danny! Danny! Danny!" the crowd boomed.
Chib had already taken place on his post.
"On the right side, we have Danny Shagbark, and the left, Chib!" the announcer boomed.
"Alright, Simisear, lets do this!" Danny said throwing a Pokeball in the air, as a red monkey came from it.
"You, Chib?"
An illusion that didn't work out

“Coming in from the right is competitor Jake Celeste!” declared the announcer. “On the left is another competitor in this PokéTournament, and his name is Asian! Welcome both Trainers!”

The audience clapped loudly as both Trainers entered the battlefield.

Jake waved left and right to the audience as he took his place in his Trainer’s box, a rectangle marked on the ground for competitors to stand in. His partner, Floatzel, stood proudly to the right of him.

But Floatzel was not to be sent to battle now. Instead, Jake took an occupied Poké Ball from his pocket and threw it forward. “Alright, let’s get this thing started!” he called. “Flygon, let’s go, now!”

A bright blue light burst out from the Poké Ball as Jake’s Flygon, a green, dragonfly-like Pokémon, appeared. The Dragon flapped its wings energetically, creating a soft humming sound. “Fly...gon!” cried the Mystic Pokémon.

“How about you, Asian?” Jake asked. “What Pokémon will you choose to send out first?”
Gone batty.

"On the right side of the arena, Peter Angler!"
Peter adjusted his glassess with a quick move, staring down his opponent. Arrow, that was his name. Just another trainer to crush, then forget about on his way to victory.
A miniaturised pokeball appeared in his hand. With a press of the button it expanded to its full size. Pete smirked.
"Come here, Maya! It's showtime!"
With a flash of white light, a huge Ariados, almost one and a half meter in lenght, appeared in the middle of the right half. Giant spider climbed on her rear legs and roared loudly before falling back on all four, creating a small shockwave. She looked at Arrow as if to say, "If you don't send out a Pokemon to protect you immediately, you shall become my meal."
@Acrobatic Crobat
Despite Peter's Pokemon's glare, Arrow kept focused on battling.

"Alright Walrein, lets do this!" Arrow said as he threw his first Poke Ball.

"Wal...rein," Walrein said as it left its Poke Ball.

"Since I'm feeling generous, I'll let you have the first move."
Gone batty.
"A big mistake." Peter looked at his Pokemon. "Just as we trained, begin by covering his side with Sticky Web!"
One second, Maya was standing straight in a pose normal to her species - four legs on the ground, two in the air and ready to strike. Then next, she was low on all six - and the third second she was high in the air, launched with the incredible strenght of six long, springlike appendages. She spat something out in Walrein's direction. A big glob of webbing. Then immediatedly the next one, a bit to the side. And next one, and another, and one more. By the time Ariados landed, white threads covered entire left side of the battlefield.
"Your move."
...em nopu nellaf sah esruc elbirroh A

"...Interesting choice for a first battler dont'cha think?" Asian rustles into his bag.

"...Might as well send out the only Electric type I have!" Asian tosses out a ball, revealing his Eelecktross.

"Uhh... Go! Raiden!"
An illusion that didn't work out

"Interesting choice, all right," Jake remarked. " A 'no-weakness Eelektross', huh. Let's start with Sandstorm, Flygon!"

Flygon's wings fluttered and its tail swished back and forth, whipping up a sandstorm which greatly lowered the visibility of the battlefield.

"Let's see what you've got!" Jake said to his opponent.
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Gone batty.

Peter covered his face with one arm and squinted, trying to see Walrein inside the hailstorm. He had no way of stopping it, but it wasn't going to slow him down.
Finally, he noticed the walrus Pokemon.
"You think you got us, huh?", he shouted through the storm towards his opponent, distracting him as Maya proceeded to crawl through the hail towards Wailren. "That's not the end yet! Toxic Thread!"
Immediatedly a string of purple, poison covered web was shot towards Walrein, with Maya intending to wrap him up and leave him helpless to following attacks.
Aimless traveler in time.

(Edited to account for change in battle pairing)

“Coming in on our right, we have Belinda…” The announcers called out. Lena sadly couldn’t hear the rest of her name over the roaring cheers of the crowd, “And on our left will be her competitor, Lena Thornton!” With that as her cue, Lena made her way to her part of the field, happily waving at the crowd along the way. While Lena knew that she would be having fun regardless, she was certain that this would still be a tough fight. One she did not plan on losing. She took a quick moment to compose herself, a moment that was quickly replaced by a bright smile as she brought out her first Pokémon. “Let’s do this, Froslass!” The ghost appeared out of the bright light, quietly staring at Belinda’s side of the field, seemingly waiting for her opponent to make a move. “Good luck Belinda!” Lena playfully called out, “What’ll be the first Pokémon you send out?”
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@Acrobatic Crobat

"Quick, dodge and use Blizzard!" Arrow shouted.

Walrein narrowly escaped the Toxic Thread hurtling towards it, giving the Ice Break Pokemon a chance to use the move Arrow had instructed it to use: Blizzard.

Then, a faint green glow surrounded Walrein; Its ability had activated.
Gone batty.
It was only by her sheer size that Maya was able to tank down the powerful attack. It was obvious that one more hit will do her in. A change in tactics was needed.
"Shot your Toxic Thread at the stands!" Peter watched as purple string cuts through the air and attaches itself to the barrier between stands and field. "Now run and trip him over!"
Still holding on to the thread, Maya proceeded to run in circle around Walrein.
"Dodge this." Peter knew well that Walrein, far from the jumpiest Pokemon around, will be unable to - especially with the ground already covered in sticky webs.
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The name's Edgar.
also, from now, please color your posts accordingly:
Peter VS Arrow: (#B8312F)
Chib VS Danny: (#2969B0)
Asian VS Jake: (#41A85F)
Ely VS Lena: (#FAC51C)
Now, @chibighost
"Ah, a Primarina? I've dealt with such before! Now, Simisear, Shadow Claw, and follow it with some Acrobatics." Danny called out to his Simisear, who smiled then began to execute his attacks. He jumped at the Primarina, clawing the air with dark purple energy, which flew at the Primarina, and followed it with some Acrobatics around it. It then retreated, waiting to see how "Sayaka" would take these attacks, and how Chib would handle it.
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@Acrobatic Crobat

Arrow saw the Ariados circling his Walrein. He needed to time Walrein's next move just right if he wanted to increase his chances of winning this battle.

"When I clap," Arrow instructed Walrein, "use Blizzard again."

The Ice Break Pokemon waited for Arrow's signal, whilst Arrow watched the Ariados carefully, waiting for the right moment to strike.

The Long Leg Pokemon was almost directly in front of Walrein when Arrow clapped.

On that signal, Walrein used Blizzard.
don't call me squirt
"Aah! Sayaka!"
Chib ran over to a hurt Sayaka.
"Here, drink this!"
Chib fed Sayaka a hyper potion, then quickly bounded back.
"Don't scare me like that! Now, Sayaka, Sparkling Aria!"
Sayaka sang a beautiful song while conjuring a giant mass of water, then hurled it at Simisear.