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Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 release date confirmed: New English names revealed

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It isn't like they had over 100 Pokemon to give English Names to this time. Or 20 cities and people to give English names. Only just a few things needed English names. Most of all of the other names stayed the same from BW. And the English Versions were announced the same time as the Japanese Versions, so Nintendo of America and The Pokemon Company International have been working on the English Versions since February when they were announced. Evidence of this was that we started getting getting English names and US boxart last month. Nothing is rushed. They just worked fast. The English names are great. Like always. And everyone will get used to them, like always.

They never had to name 600 Pokémon, the most has been 156 during the dawn of Generation V. The other mentioned things are barely notable as 99% of the game's text is dialogue, the main meat of the translation process. Not denying it won't be great, though.

Plus it's not US English, it's just English. We here in Europe will get the exactly same names and translations.

I kinda worry this means the translation will be rushed resulting in questionable dubbed dialogue (The "All Your Base" kind of dialogue). The U.S. had more than 4 months to get the games fully translated from the previous games.
The meme references were awesome and something I'd gladly approve with.

Oops! Meant 100!
They were going for a normal sounding American name while keeping the sound of "Hue" for the meaning.

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