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EVERYONE: Pokémon Black and White REWRITE Episodes

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Pokémon Black and White REWRITE. All episodes (Season 1).


Amid the snow falling down in flakes from the sky
Jun 17, 2023
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Not really a fanfiction, but rather a fanfiction-like series or something. I decided to put the rewrite episodes on here in a chapter-like format (I don’t know, honestly).

Season 1 Episode 1​

Japanese Title: With Pokabu, The Adventure Begins!
(冒険はじまる, ポカブで! Bōken hajimaru, Pokabu de!)
English Title: The Start of A New Adventure!
(If I’m speaking in italics, it describes an action, and if I’m speaking in bold, it describes narrator speaking. Finally, if I’m speaking in colors, it describes who is speaking).
Color code:
Hilbert — black
Hilda — light pink
Cheren — blue
Bianca — orange
Mom — light blue
Professor Juniper — turquoise
Snivy — light green
Tepig (male) — red
Tepig (female) — lighter red
Oshawott — dull blue
Pokédex — light red
Nurse Joy — pink
Ghetsis — purple
N — dark green
Welcome to the world of Pokémon! This is the Unova region, a region that has bustling cities, clear blue skies grassy grasslands, and many things in between! There’s as many forests as there are cities, while there’s a mix of both urban and rural lands.
As the narrator speaks, there is many Pokémon hiding out and playing in said areas, and flying in the sky.

(TIME: 9:46AM)
The scene switches to Nuvema Town and then a bedroom, and a young boy with dark brown hair and brown eyes is asleep in his bed. The boy is named Hilbert. Hilbert is talking in his sleep.
Mmm…What starter…should I…get…
In three different dreams, he is shown in three different outfits as he sends out three starter Pokémon.
In Dream #1, he is shown in a lime hoodie with a black blazer over it and brown jeans.
Go, Snivy! throws Pokéball Razor Leaf!
Snivy uses Razor Leaf.
In Dream #2, Hilbert has on an orange T-shirt, red vest, black shorts and red sneakers.
Go, Tepig! throws Pokéball Ember!
Tepig uses Ember.
In Dream #3, Hilbert has on a blue hoodie, with light blue sleeves, green shorts, black leggings, white sneakers and a white scarf.
Go, Oshawott! throws Pokéball Water Gun!
Oshawott uses Water Gun.
Outside of the dream, Hilbert is still asleep.
Mmm… I can’t wait to get a starter…
A pillow is thrown at him, and a voice is heard.
Well, the wait is over!
falls off his bed
Hey! What was that for?

The girl has brown hair in a ponytail, blue eyes, a white cap with pink logo, a white shirt under a black vest, blue shorts, black socks, and black sneaker boots with bright pink laces.
She is Hilda, Hilbert’s older twin sister.
It’s not 11PM anymore, it’s almost 10 in the morning, and you’re going to be late!
Oh no! You’re right!

Hilbert exits his room, enters the bathroom, then showers, gets dressed in his clothes, brushes teeth, and exits.
Hilbert is wearing a light blue jacket with blue on the top over a black and white shirt, black jeans, red sneakers and white socks.
Alright! I’m ready!
Hilda holds up his hat, a red baseball cap with white on the sides and black logo, and a blue and white messenger bag.
Oof! I forgot!
Hilbert is now seen with the items on.
They head downstairs where Mom is.
Here’s your breakfast!
gives each of them brown bags with PBN&P Sandwiches (Peanut butter, Nanab Berry and Pomeg Berry) in Ziploc bags, Apples, Cookies, and Pinap Juice in a bottle.
[Hilbert/Hilda] Thanks, Mom!”
They put them in their bags, and about to run out the door and then when…
Wait a second, kids! Almost forgot… Here’s these!
gives Xtransceivers: blue for Hilbert, and pink for Hilda. They have Mom’s number on them.
Now, take good care of yourselves and each other! Love you!

[Hilbert/Hilda] Bye, Mom!

They run out the door, and go to Professor Juniper’s lab. Cheren is already here.
It’s already 10AM. What took you guys so long?
Sleeping in… side-eyes Hilbert …apparently.
Well, you two are early compared to…
A voice is heard. The voice belongs to a girl with blonde hair, green eyes, a green and white beret, a white T-shirt under an orange vest, white skirt, and yellow shoes and orange socks. This girl is Bianca.
Everyone! Out of the way! …Out of the way! Out of the way! falls on her face.
And, what took you so long?
stands up and giggles
I’m glad you’re finally here.
What Pokémon are we gonna get?
Well, here are the choices!

She presses a button and up rises this table that has three PokéBalls.
Come out, everyone!
She presses the buttons on each PokéBall.
Out comes the starters: Snivy, a green snake; Tepig, an orange pig; and Oshawott, a white and blue otter with scalchop.
Aw! They’re so cute! Especially this little greenie Pokémon right here!
Bianca holds up Snivy, a female Snivy.
That’s the one you like? An excellent choice! Alright, Cheren! You’re up.
This Oshawott seems a little feisty…
If you chose it, you would be able to tame the little one!
I suppose you’re right… Okay! Nice to meet ya, Oshawott! I’m sure we’re gonna get along very well!

Then Tepig is mine! holds Tepig
Hey! What about me? pouts
Sorry, first come, first serve! sticks tongue out
Uh, wait… Hilda! I think I have another Tepig for you here… I warn you though. It hatched five days ago. It hasn’t really been around any humans, save for me. If it starts to misbehave be careful. It does well around Hilbert’s Tepig who can keep it in check.
Oh, what’s the worst that can happen, right? Come here, Tepig!
The female Tepig runs away.
Hey! Come back! Stop! runs out
Hilbert, Cheren, Bianca, here! You’ve got your starters, so… gives Pokédexes. Pokédexes! A Pokédex records information about Pokémon you encounter.
Cheren gets a blue and gray one. Bianca gets a yellow and gray one, and Hilbert receives two: a red and gray one and a pink and gray one.
Hilbert looks a little confused.
The pink one’s for Hilda.
Oh, yeah! Hilda ran off to find Tepig two, so…

gives them 5 PokéBalls each
Alright! Have fun!
[Hilbert/Cheren/Bianca] Okay! Thank you very much!
They leave.

At Route 1, Hilda has finally caught up to Tepig.
There! points at it What’s going on?
jumps around and sings Te-pig-pig-pig~ Te-pig-pig-pig~ Pig, pig, piiiiiiiig~
You’re feisty, huh? Alright, I think… I’ll name you… Monica! Do ya like the name I chose?

smiles and claps, then jumps around again
I’m glad you like it.
HILDA! Sis, there you are! Here’s the PokéBall for your Tepig, your Pokédex, and PokéBalls.

giggles “Okay! Guess what? I gave my Pokémon a nickname! Monica!”
Monica, huh? Oh! Like the news reporter lady from a news report we watched a few years ago with Mom!
Uh… Yeah.
You don’t remember, do ya?
Kinda… Hey! Let’s have a battle!

Cheren and Bianca catch up.
Hey! You guys!
Wait for us! trips over and falls.
Hey, guys. You’re about to watch this epic battle between me and Hilda!
Actually, can we battle?
Yeah, Hilda! Let’s battle!

Hilbert and Hilda nod.
Let’s double battle!
Alright! Tepig! I choose you! throws PokéBall
Te! Tepig!
Monica! Flame on!
Tepig Tepig TEPIG!

Cheren and Bianca send out their starters.
The VS screen shows Hilbert and Hilda VERSUS Cheren and Bianca.
Oshawott, use Water Gun!
uses Water Gun on Tepig
Snivy! Razor Leaf!
uses Razor Leaf on Monica
Monica! Counter with Ember!
Fire comes out of Monica’s nose.
uses Ember on Snivy
Ember one hit KO’s it and causes Bianca to lose the battle.
I guess I lost. That was fun! turns to Cheren Hey! Cheren! You can do it! You can do it! Rah rah sis boom bah!
Tepig, use Tackle!
Oshawott! Dodge it! Use Tackle also!
Tepig tries to use Tackle on Oshawott, who uses Tackle on Tepig.
Oshawott! Use Water Gun!
Uses Water Gun, KO’s Tepig, and makes Hilbert lose.
raises hand Tepig is unable to battle, meaning Oshawott is the winner, and the match goes to Cheren!
sends Tepig back in its Ball. Tepig, buddy. You did great. Now take a good rest.
Let’s go find a Pokémon Center. Then we can heal our Pokémon.
Yeah! Race you there!
Hold on a second!
What’s up, Cher?
Do you know how to catch Pokémon?
No, not really.

Cheren walks towards a Pidove.
What’s that?
Hilbert opens his Pokédex, pointing it at Pidove.
Pidove, the Tiny Pigeon Pokémon. A Normal and Flying type. Each of them follow orders of their Trainers as best as they can, but can fail to understand complicated commands at times.
Cheren sends out Oshawott.
Oshawott, Tackle!
Oshawott jumps out, and uses Tackle on the Pidove, weakening it. Cheren gets a PokéBall from in his bag and enlarges it, then throws it.
PokéBall, go!
He throws the PokéBall at Pidove, then it shakes three times. The Ball is idle, stars come out, and there’s a clicking sound. It means Pidove is now in Cheren’s possession.
Alright, I caught a Pidove!
Hilbert and Hilda’s eyes sparkle.
You need to weaken the Pokémon before it can be caught.
I see. Hey, sis! It’s a Pidove… uh, right there! Go get ‘em!
Alright! Go, Monica!
Use Ember!

Monica uses Ember and weakens it. When it’s weakened, Hilda throws a PokéBall at Pidove.
Go, PokéBall!
The PokéBall flies to Pidove, captures it, shakes and stops shaking. Like the previous time, stars come out of it.
Yes, I did it! I caught a Pidove!
Tepig Tepig TEPIG!

Later, they go to the next town…
The four of them are in Accumula Town.
Wow! It’s such a nice city!
Hilbert points to the Pokémon center.
There’s the Pokémon Center!
They go inside the Pokémon center.
As they go in, they see many Trainers play with their Pokémon.
Alright! After this, I’m starving to the brim, so we gotta get some grub after this!
That’s what we’ll do. We’ll heal our Pokémon, then stop by and get a bite to eat, then hit the road!
fists pumps So we can get our first Gym Badge!
Te! Tepig!

Seems like Moni’s as excited you are, Sis!
Cheren looks on his Xtransceiver’s map app.
The map on my Xtransceiver says… the next town is Striaton City. Meaning it’s a city and a route north.
We got a lot of walking to do, then!

They walk to the counter to a Nurse Joy.
Afternoon, kids! Welcome to the Pokémon Center. We restore your tired Pokémon to full health. Would you like to rest your Pokémon?
Yes, please.
Alright, I’ll take your Pokémon for just a bit!
Hilbert puts his PokéBall on the table with the PokéBalls that have Cheren’s Pidove, Cheren’s Oshawott, Monica, Hilda’s Pidove, and Bianca’s Snivy inside.
Nurse Joy goes into the exam room.
The time skips to 15 minutes later.
Thanks for waiting! We restored all pfnyour Pokémon to full health.
Thanks, Nurse Joy.
leaps into Hilda’s arms
Nice to see you, Moni!
We hope to see you again!
Thank you very much!
Thank you. See ya!

After they walk out, there is a number of people gathered around.
Monica is jumping around, and Hilda is playing with it, and it jumps into her arms again.
Suddenly, two voices can be heard.
“Hey, what’s going on over there?”
“No clue. This I gotta see.”
This catches Hilda’s attention, so she starts to go towards it.
What are they…
What’s up?

Hilbert looks up. A tall man with pale green hair and red eyes, and something white and red over his eye.
whispering Yo, what happened to his eye?
whispering I dunno, I don’t think that’s any of our business.
Thank you all for coming. My name’s Ghetsis, the leader of an organization protecting many Pokémon from bad people in this world. This organization is Team Plasma. On this day, I’d like to discuss this important topic: the idea of Pokémon liberation.

There are two Trainers looking up, and listening. One girl is holding a Snivy in her arms, and one boy’s Oshawott is on his shoulder, sleeping.
Most of you are likely to believe, as humans, we are to live with Pokémon as partners, and we are bound to be their partners. However…
Bianca walks into the crowd to see her friends.
Is it really what we believe? Is it truly the best option? There’s a growing number of selfish, uncaring people. Too many Pokémon suffer under an endless pattern of mistreatment. Think of this situation: Pokémon being forced by their Trainers to do work, pushed around nonstop by Trainers, forced to do work with no rest.
As he speaks, a young man with dull green hair, grayish-blue faded eyes, a black and white cap with the brim over his eyes, and a purple cat Pokémon, is in the crowd. He pets the cat near him and smiles, then looks at Ghetsis with a serious expression.
If anyone, and I mean anyone, has the guts to say that I am wrong, then they mustn’t know how much Pokémon suffer the treatment, or how hurt they are, or how cruel Trainers are!
Hilbert and Hilda look down at Monica in utter disbelief. Then, they look back up at the group of people.
Pokémon aren’t the same as humans are at all! They process differently and contain endless amounts of unknown potential. We have lots to learn, from these creatures! Tell me, what is our responsibility to these sacred and holy beings? The only way to set these poor souls free… is to liberate them!
whispers What does liberate mean?
whispers It means to set free. He’s talking about releasing Pokémon.
whispers Oh! Wait… WHAT?
Then, if we liberate the Pokémon, and only then, us humans and Pokémon will truly be equal. I end this speech with these words: consider the relationship of Pokémon and humans and the correct way to go about it!

After Ghetsis and everyone else leaves the area, the young man with a black and white cap goes to Hilbert and others, as he looks at Monica. He is named N.
now annoyed Um, excuse me, sir? What do ya think you’re doing? Looking at Moni funny?
Sorry. Your Pokémon was just now saying stuff…
Hey! You’re talking super fast. Uh, wait. What do ya mean it was saying stuff?
So… You can’t hear it, either. That’s sad. My name is N.
As he looks up at the twins, Cheren and Bianca, it causes Hilda to blush a little.
My name is Hilbert, and the girl blushing? It’s my sister Hilda. I want to be the best Trainer of Pokémon in the whole world!
My name’s Bianca! I don’t know what I wanna do!
My name is Cheren. I wanna be Champion of Unova! We were sent by Professor Juniper to fill the Pokédex, and catch Pokémon.
Pokédex, huh? You’ll catch them… I’m also a Trainer, but I can’t help, but wonder… Are the Pokémon sincerely happy in this way?
Pretty much. It’s how they work. They can get caught, trained, and evolved.
I see. Well, Hilbert… Can we battle?
Um, sure…

N takes a few steps back. Hilbert does the same thing. N throws a PokéBall.
Purrloin! Come out!
Who’s that Pokémon?

Hilda gets out her Pokédex.
Purrloin, the Devious Pokémon. A Dark type. Their cute act is a ruse. When a victim lets down their guard, they can find their items taken by Purrloin. It wields its sharp claws it uses when in self defense.
Hilbert throws his PokéBall.
I see! You’re up, Tepig!
Tepig flies out of its PokéBall.
oink Tepig!
Purrloin! Use Scratch!

Purrloin used Scratch. 1/2 of Tepig’s HP is gone.
Tepig, use Tackle!
Tepig used Tackle. 1/4 of Purrloin’s HP is gone.
More! Please let me hear its voice! Purrloin, use Scratch!
Purrloin uses Scratch.
Alright! Tepig! Dodge!
Tepig dodges.
Tepig! Use Ember!
Tepig uses Ember. 3/4 of Purrloin’s HP is gone.
We almost won!
N looks at Purrloin in disbelief.
Purrloin! Use Scratch! Go all out!
Purrloin uses Scratch again. 3/4 of Tepig’s HP is gone.
Now, we’re even!
Oh no! Hilbert’s gonna lose!

Hang in there! You got it!
Hilbert looks back and nods.
Tepig! You can’t lose! Use Ember!
Tepig uses Ember.
4/4 of Purrloin’s HP is gone.
Purrloin is unable to battle. Tepig wins! So the match goes to me, Hilbert!
sends Purrloin back in its PokéBall. I have never expected to hear Pokémon say such things. As long as these Pokémon are stuck in their PokéBalls, they’ll never become perfect. So that’s why I have to change the world for the Pokémon, because they’re my friends.
N walks off.
Hilbert sends Tepig back in its Ball.
He’s a strange guy. I’m not gonna let it make me worry. Trainers can help Pokémon. Well, time to go. I’m going to the next town over to train a bit to try to get my first Badge. I’ll tell you: you should battle Gym Leader after Gym Leader so you can get stronger and get more badges.

waves and walks off See ya!
Bianca and Hilbert wave at him. A few seconds later, Hilbert sees Hilda.
Hey, sis! What’s up? What’s the goofy look on your face ya have?
hides it with bag N-Nothing! What goofy look?
You like Cheren, don’t ya!

I think I know who she means.
Oh, yeah?

The green haired boy we met earlier!
giggles. I gotta go, bye bye!
Bianca walks off.
Hilda’s cheeks are no longer pink.
We should probably go, too. That Gym Badge is calling our names.
Got it.
looks at Monica Our first Gym Battle. It’s exciting, isn’t it, Moni?
Te! Tepig!
Now that they found motivation to battle, our twin heroes head to the Gym in Striaton City. How will it turn out? And what exactly are the motives of Team Plasma? All will unfold soon! Stay tuned!

Well? What do you think? All criticisms welcome and the same for suggestions! (This script was made on March 2023).
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Finished my writing for the day, and now I get to sit down and read this. And it seems better to leave my thoughts here than in my self-intro thread. ^_^;;

Interesting choice to make Hilbert and Hilda siblings. Now there's two sets of awesome twins in Unova. (Also, I really want that lunch that Hilbert's mom packed! It sounds amazing!) I was happy to see Cheren get Oshawott. I think they'll be a great pair.

I keep forgetting how quickly the plot picks up in Unova. I have my own head canons for why Ghetsis wears that monocle but I'll wait to see what the story is here.

I don't think the text coloring is coming through on my browser exactly how it's described at the top. Hilda's lines are light gray for me, so those and Nurse Joy's lines were a bit hard to read. (I mean, the words themselves were fine--just the letters themselves were hard to see on the background.) It's a neat format idea; I just got shortchanged by my browser.

Curious to see where it goes.
Thanks! I made them twins because I couldn’t really see ChessShipping happening and since I noticed a lot of people made them siblings when they wrote BW stories. I associate Cheren with Oshawott mainly because I play as Hilda and I associate her with Tepig (plus it was my first Unova starter). And same! I want that lunch, too!
I also made Bianca clumsy like the original BW anime since that was one of the (probably) few things I liked in the anime.
Hilda’s look light pink to me instead of white (#FFFFFF), which makes me a bit confused. I ended up confusing Nurse Joy and Hilda’s text colors at one point, which I’m probably gonna fix soon if I ever get around to it LOL.
(Edit: Aaaand fixed it! It’s now pink!)
And the FWS? Yeah, I aged N down to 17 so it could work and not be weird.
Episode 2’s currently in the works, and I’m so excited to start working on it! ^^
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