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Pokémon Café ReMix introduces new gimmick and new orders with release of Version 4.10

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Pokémon Café ReMix Artwork
Pokémon Café ReMix this week received an update to Version 4.10.10. This update has added the new gimmick Candy Jar, along with new orders, and updates to the rewards for delivery points. Japanese fans of the game this week are also able to enter a special giveaway of sets of Tatsugiri plush that is currently being run by the game's official Japanese Twitter account.

New Candy Jar gimmick
According to the in-game description of this new gimmick, "If you hit a candy jar with a skill, a candy will pop out. You can clear it by hitting it again by a skill." As of the time of writing, no image or video has been posted of the gimmick in action, nor has there been any more elaboration on how this gimmick will impact gameplay.

New orders now available
Main orders #2151 to #2175 are now available. Players can attempt these orders if they have cleared Main order #2150.

Rewards for Delivery points updated
As of this update. players can now redeem a variety of tarts from the Swap Shop in Pelipper Delivery, includes Hearty, Refreshing, Sweet, Crispy and Rare tarts. 1x express delivery tickets remain unchanged. Pelipper Delivery can be accessed by polayers after they have completed Main order #10.

Tatsugiri Plush Giveaway
Tatsugiri plush giveaway

The official Japanese Twitter account for Pokémon Café Mix is currently giving away a collection of Tatsugiri plush toys. 15 lucky winners will each receive a set of three Tatsugiri plush, one each of its Curly, Droopy, and Stretchy Forms.

To participate in the giveaway, players need to follow the official @pokemaze_JP Twitter account, take a screenshot of their favorite in-game moment, and publish it on your Twitter account during the campaign period with the hashtags #シャリタツスクショCP and #ポケまぜにシャリタツ登場.

Terms and conditions can be found in the official news website (in Japanese only). This giveaway is only valid for people residing in Japan, and will only be available until August 16th, at 11:59pm (JST).
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