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Pokémon Center online stores in US and Canada release their 2021 Holiday Season Collections

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Retail stores haven't even finished getting rid of all the leftover Halloween candy yet, but The Pokémon Company International is already getting in the festive mood with a range of new holiday season-themed product lines having just been released in both the US PokemonCenter.com and Canadian PokemonCenter.ca online stores.

  • Delibird Holiday Express: Lemax, eat your heart out. The ever popular Delibird Holiday Express series of holiday themed Pokémon diorama figures is coming back for 2021. Past favourites including the Pikachu Engine, Dragonite Flat Car, Alolan Vulpix Box Car and Slowpoke Caboose will all be making their return, alongside the new Snorlax Pass, MooMoo Milk & Cookies and Ponyta Holiday Rockers figures.
  • Plush toys and keychains: There's plenty for plushie fans this year too, with new holiday themed Glaceon, Pikachu, Mantyke, and Piplup plushies just waiting for your hugs. You can also accessorize with four new plush keychains, featuring Buizel, Chinchou, Galarian Corsola, and Spheal. Each keychain appears to have a fairly large ring, so they should also be suitable to use as bag hangers.
  • Winter Apparel and Accessories: Speaking of accessories, Pokéfans won't have any trouble in making sure their winter wardrobes are solidly Pokémon themed, with a wide range of clothies and accessory items suitable for the colder months. You might not be able to avoid wearing that ugly Christmas sweater, but at least you can make sure there's Pokémon on it! There's also some festive pin sets coming out too. Good luck pinning those onto your Pokémon sweater without damaging it.
  • Holiday Home Décor and Pokémon Kitchenware: For the homemakers, older Pokémon fans with kids, and those who just want to add a touch of Pokémon to their home, Pokémon Center is coming out with a range of items for decorating your trees and mantle, with all the usual ornaments and wreaths you'd expect from a holiday collection. Also included are a a selection of Pokémon themed manchester including throws and pillow covers to liven up your festive décor. There's also a new range of Luxe kitchenware statting Pikachu, Delibird, Gardevoir, and Togekiss, perfect for making some Christmas Lava Cookies for your holiday snacking.
Product Gallery:
Delibird Holiday Express Figures
Delibird Holiday Express


Plush toys

Plush keychains

Holiday Pins

Decorations and Décor


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