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Pokémon Center UK Beta website launched

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Pokémon Center UK.png
The beta site for the Pokémon Center Online for the United Kingdom has now launched! The new website is still in its early stages, so a few hiccups are to be expected. Only a limited array of products are currently available, including plush toys, clothing, and TCG cards and acessories, however new product lines will be added over time.

Delivery is currently priced at a flat fee of £5 per order. Unfortunately for Pokémon fans in mainland Europe, all items on the site can only be delivered to addresses in the United Kingdom, and there appear to be no plans to extend the service to other European markets at this time.



Bulbapedia Administrator and Bulbanews Writer
Any chance the limited edition stuff from the physical store in 2019 will be brought back?
So many people could just never get in due to the lines being hours and hours and they limited the numbers allowed in each day
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