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Non-Mafia: Pokemon Chess - Round 1

Gone batty.
pk chessboard.png

pk chessboard blue.png
The shiny Sceptile looked at its opponent, confident in its ability to win the battle. Extending its Leaf Blade, it made a few steps forward - then started running. Then sprinting.
The buds on the back of the other Sceptile started to glow faintly as it stood still, staring at the charging fighter.
"SCEEEEEEEEEEP..." ExLight's Pokemon raised its leafy scythe, about to cut down the opponent with one well placed attack...
...Only for the later to sidestep the attack. Unable to control its momentum, Shiny Sceptile crashed into the barrier surrounding the field, getting stunned momentarily. By the time it turned around, it was to late - a single, well placed Solar Beam in the chest threw it backwards, once again into the barrier, taking it out.
Shiny Sceptile is unable to battle!