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Pokemon clones and what you expect of them


A relic of the glorious age
Apr 14, 2018
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So, I already mentioned in another thread that I kind of had an idea about a rpg similar to Pokemon but not quite 'a clone' since it's steampunk. For now, there are quite a few clones on the market already and I wondered what people think of them. So, can I ask you a couple of questions? I'll answer them too, if you are curious.

1) Do you think there's a niche for a Pokemon-like game that no other game has filled? Is there one thing that all Pokemon like games, including the original, do badly?

2) Would you prefer the Pokemon-like game to focus on people less or more? The story?

3) Do you want Pokemon-like game to be more cartoonish or more realistic?

4) Would you care if it's a game about something other than animals/there is no ecology theme/no 'taming' element?

And here are my answers:

1) Yes and yes. There is a niche for a game with smt-like good story but without overly heavy topics. There's also a niche for a game that allows more interaction with creatures and where these creatures are sentient, not animalistic.

2) Personally I'd prefer it to focus both on people and story more

3) I'd prefer it to be more cartoonish, typically anime

4) No, I wouldn't care. I am more into adventures in the world of people anyways.

Arylett Charnoa

Serenan Sorceress
Sep 21, 2013
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1) Yes I do. I'd like there to be a Pokemonlike game where there are no humans, and you ARE the monsters and recruit different ones. I know Pokemon Mystery Dungeon exists, but I'd like there to be one without roguelike elements, more classic JRPG goodness.

2) As mentioned above, I prefer the focus to be on the creatures. I come to these series for monsters, not humans. If I wanted humans, I could find them literally anywhere else. But I'd also enjoy a good focus on the story. PMD is a decent example of this - concentrating exclusively on the Pokemon whilst having a nice story. I'd like a game with an even deeper, more mature story if possible.

3) I also prefer a more anime style as opposed to realistic. Simpler, colorful designs make the creatures stand out more for me, and also make them more expressive and believable as sentient.

4) I would care, because that's the whole reason I'm here for a monster game. I play these games because they are the very few that actually focus on animals as opposed to humans. I'd actually like it better if there were just no humans at all, so I don't mind the taming element being replaced with just flatout recruitment.