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RP Everyone Pokemon: Diamonds of the Colorful Skies (IC thread)

Oceanè didn't bother waving as they passed by the group. She instead took a moment to sit there with her eyes closed, formulating a plan going forward. She couldn't do much in terms of preparation; the road ahead could be anything... she simply decided to brace for the worst and be prepared for that instead. Better safe than sorry after all, especially when with someone as esteemed as Lady Serena.
The wagon set out, with the dark priest who represented Yveltal walking at its side. Isabeau gave polite nods to the townsfolk who bid them well. A warmth welled within her chest. Yet she could not help but think to herself if they would do so were she not accompanying an esteemed person of Cielore. Would this reception persist? It was a bridge to be crossed when they arrived at it. For now, they had to focus on the road in front of them.
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Serena proudly showed the group her map of the land. "Yes, I have a map, marked with Father's suggestion of the best route to Illumis. We may even cross paths with other caravans along the way."

She smiled. "That, and it is always nice to see the sights in every town and city you pass."
Isabeau paid little attention to the conversation about the map. She would follow where she was asked to go, for that was her duty. She maintained a stoic mask as they started out onto the road proper. That was not to say that she was a without emotion or a mindless follower. That was simply not how she had been taught. Buried beneath was a well of insight and natural feeling.

It was only natural to feel pressure with so much riding on the line. For the other three, this was a rite of passage or maybe an attempt to get rich. But she would be cultivating an image. It was not just hers on the line, but her church's as well, and maybe pracitioners of dark magic in general. Her kind were often reviled or feared by the populace. Misunderstanding and misrepresentation were the two chief causes. Isabeau would not deny that some of her spells perverted the natural order or could be frightening by nature. But to her, they were no different from earthquakes or floods.

She felt a weight within her heart. There were many stronger mages and clerics than her; it was just that she was the best within the appropriate age group. She was somewhat astounded when the elders selected her. They had told her that her range of magic was why she was chosen, and to study and grow along the way. Isabeau was still uncertain, particularly that she felt there were still some spells she needed to learn before setting out, but did know that she could not let them down.
"Yes," came her terse and to-the-point reply. Which probably wouldn't do much to ease any concerns, but she wasn't thinking of that. Besides, it hadn't been that long since they set out. There was simply nothing for her to say at the moment. Perhaps there were things she could bring up as points of conversation, but now was neither the time nor the place to talk about those. At the moment, her attention was focused on the road for any potential threats to the wagon.
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For the most part, the travel was uneventful. Besides, the town of Centbassin (so named for its hundred enchanted pools) was not far away. Aside from the hundred pools, there was the famed Galifeu Tower, named for the gold Combusken figurine at the top. If there were any diamonds in the town, it would more likely be in the tower--as the town's mayor found hiding a diamond in one of the hundred pools too dangerous after some caravanners drowned or came close to drowning.
Isabeau takes a moment to compose herself after the walk if it took less than two hours, the limit of how long she would've walked for if there was no town in sight. She glanced up at Galifeu Tower with an incredulous look, as if to ask, "don't tell me we're going to have to climb that so soon after arriving". She doesn't actually ask this aloud, but her curled lip and empty gaze say more than any words could.
Oceanè, while slightly distracted, kept finding herself focused on Isabeau. Her expression was more than visible, clearly showing some type of annoyance as she gazed up at the Galifeu Tower rather intently. Nevertheless, it was better just to stay quiet in the moment; there's no point wasting energy over a simple conversation.
"Good thing I got a lot of stamina," Alex said as he gazed up at the tower. Lucario grunts. He remembers when going up a slightly steep hill at Yantre when he was younger, Alex would be tired once he reaches the top. Now Alex can walk up the hill no problem. "I wonder if there are any Diamonds up there." He said.
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"We'll find out before too long." Serena assures the group as the caravan heads for the inn. Despite many a sign proclaiming that a diamond was waiting atop Galifeu Tower for seekers, the sun going down meant that their first attempt at a diamond would have to wait until the morning.
Oceanè followed suit, hopping off of the back of the caravan and following close behind Isabeau, safely securing Twilight in its Heart Charm again. She stifled a yawn slightly, shaking the sleep off of her; she didn't know why she was so tired, but she figured a small nap for a few minutes could relieve that.
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