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RP Everyone Pokemon: Diamonds of the Colorful Skies (IC thread)

Oceanè followed suit, hopping off of the back of the caravan and following close behind Isabeau, safely securing Twilight in its Poke Ball again. She stifled a yawn slightly, shaking the sleep off of her; she didn't know why she was so tired, but she figured a small nap for a few minutes could relieve that.
(it's actually Heart Charms that are used to carry Pokemon.)
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The inn was fairly quiet, but some other caravanners were present, having dinner, or relaxing before going to bed for the night. The conversation confirmed that diamonds were inside Galifeu Tower for seekers to find--and some of the groups had already claimed one from the lower floors. Every diamond that caravanners sought had a name befitting its color, minstrels often said, and they came in almost every color under the sun.

"Galifeu Tower is rather tall..." Serena mused. "The ones on the lower floors are likely claimed...and we only need one from the tower, so we can leave some for other seekers to take."

She remembered her mandolin case. "I may be no minstrel, but I do know a tune or two..." she mused as she started tuning up...getting the attention of a familiar fox Pokemon...
Seeing Serena pull out her mandolin and decides to pull out his Ocarina. "I know some tunes thanks to my mother, though a minstrel I am not. My mother was one, though." he said. He blows a few quick notes to get the dust out.

Krystal gave an excited yip as she heard her master tuning. Granted, she was no minstrel, but when Ash, Misty, and Brock were present with Serena--the ensemble of flute, fiddle, lute, and mandolin was near divine to hear!

Her ears drooped when she realized that Ash, Misty, and Brock had a caravan of their own--and they were likely taking a different route than they were. A duet of mandolin and ocarina would have to do, she figured.
Isabeau watched for a while. She didn't play an instrument. For about three seconds, she sang along wordlessly. She's...surprisingly adequate. Certainly not a bard's voice, but there was a certain soothing charm to it. However, she stopped no sooner than she started, shaking her head at herself. That was almost embarrassing, for many reasons. With a huff, she turned to Oceanè.

"I'll secure our rooms," she said, before going to do just that.
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