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Pokémon encyclopedia project in Portuguese!!


New Member
May 6, 2022
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Hello guys!

I'm a big fan of Pokémon born and raised in Brazil. I always went to Bulbapedia for information and used to visit the deceased LANDpedia in the 2010s.

But I see that today there is no longer a great Pokémon encyclopedia in the Portuguese language, which is a shame, given the large number of fans who speak this language!

I even contributed to some Brazilian Portuguese Pokémon Wikias, but they were always teams of one or two administrators who never seemed interested in getting out of their comfort zone and taking a site of this kind to the general public. They are always despondent, hoping for a miracle that will suddenly bring in hundreds of publishers and visitors.

So, I come here to ask, is there any current Pokémon encyclopedia project in Portuguese? I mean something where managers want to achieve Bulbapedia's level of quality, engagement and influence for speakers of our language.

If there is no such project currently in progress, are there Portuguese speakers attending this forum who would like to participate and contribute to a project of this size? (Brazilians, Portuguese, Angolans, Mozambicans, from all over the world).

I feel that a lot of Pokémon history in Brazil (especially from the early 2000s) has been lost. We can't let this keep happening!

We need to unite, Portuguese speaking Pokémon fans!