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Pokemon: Facebook Newsfeed/Twitter Update Edition


May 15, 2008
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If the anime was facebook or twitter, what would the newsfeed look like/what tags would be used?

for eg.

Satoshi changed his privacy settings.
Comment: No last name given.

Satoshi, Shinji, Shigeru, Jun, Bel, Shootie, Kotone joined a group: Badge Collectors.
Shigeru left the group: Badge Collectors.

Shigeru joined a group: Pokemon Researchers.
Okido-hakase wrote on Shigeru's wall: Well done, Grandson!

Shootie uploaded 73 pictures in album: My Journey.
Tsutarja, Satoshi, Pikachu, Iris, Mijumaru, Janovy and 5 other friends were tagged in album: My Journey

Satoshi changed his profile picture.
Satoshi tagged Iris and Dent in his profile picture.
Label: Me and my new friends in the Isshu region! Minna Pokemon getto daze!

#kodome ne, #kamo
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Ash Ketchum
Ha! Just beat the Castelia City Gym, take that @Burgh!
about a minute ago · Like ·
Burgh Good luck getting to Nimbasa!
about a minute ago · Like ·
Trip Ha that's basic! You really must suck. 2 seconds ago. · 1 Like · (Click to reveal "Gary Oak likes this")
Iris Why do you constantly spam my feed with this stuff? You're such a kid. 1 second ago. · Like ·

Jessie, James and Meowth are now friends with Professor Zager. 20 minutes ago.
Professor Zager You idiots, you forgot to change your privacy settings! 10 minutes ago · 2 Likes · (Officer Jenny and Team Plasma like this)

Mewtwo No one understands me. Why does everyone hate me? Why do I have to be number 2? 14 minutes ago. · 1 Likes · (Giovanni likes this)
Palpitoad - at Junipers Lab.
Roggenrola likes this.

Roggenrola wrote on Palpitoad's wall:

Roggenrola: So, how's it going at the lab, Ash still has me on his team at least.

Palpitoad: Shut up, wanna fight? I could beat you any day of the week.

Roggenrola: Sure, Ash can just send you out of, oh wait you're with Juniper.

Ash Ketchum: Cool, just got Tranquill back, I'm feeling happy.

Roggenrola wrote on Palpitoad's wall

Roggenrola: Sorry bout that bud.
Tranuill and Swadloon like this.

Ash - at some place near Nimbassa

Trip - at the Pokemon league.

Ash wrote on Trip's Wall.

Ash: You can go F*** yourself.

Well I had a shot. :p
Mewtwo No one understands me. Why does everyone hate me? Why do I have to be number 2? 14 minutes ago. · 1 Likes · (Giovanni likes this)

Heh at Mewtwo being on the net 24x7. :p
Hikari, Takeshi, and Grings Kodai were tagged in Satoshi's video: Epic Humiliation Conga!
Hikari commented on Satoshi's video: This is what you get when you fuck with Zorua and Zoroark!
Grings Kodai commented on Satoshi's video: Dislike!!!

Hikari added "Daijoubu, Daijoubu" and "No need to worry!" to her favorite quotations.
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Why does @Ash Ketchum have to mess me around so much? Just choose - me or the bug! ffs five minutes ago ago · Like ·
Snivy Good luck; Ash has also caught @Palpitoad and @Roggenrola. Enjoy your screen time =3 three minutes ago · Like ·
Tranquil bitch. less than one minute ago · Like ·

U.S. Customs conviscated my apron! 20 minutes ago · Like ·
Ash Ketchum What! Why? 10 minutes ago · Like ·
Lenora I dunno. Could have mistaken some of my tools for weapons or something. 4 minutes ago · Like ·
Snivy U mad? 1 minute ago · Like ·
Cabernet: I hate Cilan. seven minutes ago ago · Like ·
Cabernet: I still hate Cilan. three minutes ago · Like ·
Burgundy: W00t, got my dub name! And I still hate Cilan. two minutes ago · Like ·
Burgundy: Oh yeah, I don't have any friends. I've been hating Cilan for so long, I never built relations with anyone except my Pokemon. two minutes ago · Like ·
Burgundy: I hate you, Cilan.
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This would be your newsfeed if you had Shooti as a friend:

Shooti added 102 pictures to his album: My Journey - part 3
57 seconds ago

Shooti added 50 pictures to his album: My Journey - part 3
5 minutes ago

Shooti changed his profile picture
6 minutes ago

Shooti added 5 pictures to his album: Satoshi - part 6
20 minutes ago
2 people like this (Kasumi and Harley liked this)
Satoshi commented on Shooti's album: Wait...why did you take a picture of me in the shower? D:

Shooti added "Basics" to his education.
about an hour ago

Shooti changed his profile picture
2 hours ago

Iris wrote on Shooti's wall:
2 hours ago
If you don't remove those pictures of me, I'm going to have my Kibago dragon sneeze on your ass. KODOME NE!! :mad:
Why does @Misty always like, wear the most HIDEOUS outfits?! She is totally a loser, fer sure!!
2 people like this. (Lily and Violet like this.)

Misty Uhh, at least I'm competent enough to handle a gym on my own. You three were doing it together while I was gone, and you still couldn't do it right.

Zoey and 2 other friends commented on Candice's photo:
Zoey Looking good! ;D
Conway Has anyone seen Dawn? :(

Lol. I dunno why you'd be friends with Candice's mom, but whatevs.
Ash Ketchum is now friends with Delia Ketchum

Delia Ketchum added 57 photos to the album Baby Bath Time
Ash Ketchum and Gary Oak were tagged in the album Baby Bath Time
Cynthia likes this

Samuel Horn Drill Oak wrote on Delia Ketchum's wall:
Hey my foxy Ninetales girl, you feeling hot this afternoon?
Delia Ketchum Maybe, why don't you come over and see?
Gary Oak , Tracey Sketchit and 5 other people like this
Ash Ketchum Oh oh, professor Oak can you send over my Heracross please!!
Oh man, this is fun. XD The dashes are supposed to be space fillers to stay true to Facebook's layout.

Satoshi was tagged in Shuuti's album Satoshi
18 new photos
14 minutes ago · Like · Comment
Satoshi and Dento like this.

Iris was tagged in Shuuti's album Iris
10 new photos
14 minutes ago · Like · Comment

Dento was tagged in Shuuti's album Dento
12 new photos
14 minutes ago · Like · Comment

Iris has posted on Kibago's wall
Kibago, how did you manage to create an account on here?
17 minutes ago · Like · Comment
Emonga likes this.

Iris and Doryuzu are now friends.
21 minutes ago · Like · Comment
3 people like this (Satoshi, Dento, and Kibago like this).

Shuuti has posted on Satoshi's wall
Hey, Satoshi, why is your profile empty? You should add some info - that's basic.
23 minutes ago · Like · Comment
------Satoshi How do I do it I can't find it help me
------20 minutes ago · Like · Comment

Satoshi is now part of the Kanto network.
25 minutes ago · Like · Comment
Shigeru and Nameless Kanto Trainer Whose Name Was Never Revealed like this.

Fangirls has posted on Dento's wall.
27 minutes ago · Like · Comment

Dento is now part of the Sanyou network.
30 minutes ago · Like · Comment
3 people like this (Pod, Corn, and Fangirls like this).

Pod posted on Dento's wall
Your fangirls told us to tell you they miss you, man.
35 minutes ago · Like · Comment
-----Dento I'll just join the Sanyou network and upload my photos for them to see~
-----33 minutes ago · Like · Comment

Shinji has posted on Satoshi's wall
You better be doing damn well in the Isshu region, otherwise I'll be a disgrace for losing to you.
40 minutes ago · Like · Comment
------Satoshi Actually I still mindlessly chuck Pokeballs at Pokemon without lowering their health lol also I forgot normal attacks don't work on ghost Pokemon
------42 minutes ago · Like · Comment
------Shinji ...............................I recommend you don't fall asleep at night.
------43 minutes ago · Like · Comment
------Shuuti and Shigeru like this
Satoshi checked in at Raimon City.
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Satoshi answered How many badges do you have? with 3.

Shootie answered How many badges do you have? with 5.

Shootie has posted on Satoshi's walll
Get on my level, bitch.

Bel is now friends with Cabernet and 5 other people.

Iris, Dent, and 6 other friends are a fan of Don George (fan page).

Dent added fishing, sleuthing, and cooking to his Interests.
Delia Ketchum and 30 other friends wrote on Ash Ketchum's Wall for his birthday.
1 minute ago

Delia Ketchum
Happy Birthday, sweetie! I made you a cake. I can't wait to see your face when you blow those 10 candles out! ^_^
1 hour ago · Like · Comment
----Misty: Wait a minute...weren't you ten 4 years ago?
1 hour ago (Tracey Sketchit likes this)
----Brock: Yeah, we celebrated it as a group!
1 hour ago
----Dawn: Ash...you told me you were 10 last year!
1 hour ago
----May: what the heck ash. u liar.
25 minutes ago
----Iris: So you really ARE just a kid! Hahaha! XD
10 minutes ago (Iris and Trip like this)
----Cilan: *~*~*Dislike*~*~*
5 minutes ago
----Ash Ketchum: You guys I'm a cartoon, I don't have to age, duh.
1 minute ago (Dogasu likes this)

Gary Oak
Happy Birthday, Ashy boy ;)
2 hours ago

Samuel Oak
Hope your birthday is good, my boy! The pokemon at the lab seem thrilled that you're coming back this time!
2 hours ago

Happy Birthday...I guess (my brother made me do this, okay?).
6 hours ago (Reggie likes this)

Heh, so it's your birthday? Try to be a bit more graceful than you usually are, alright, dude? :)
7 hours ago (Iris, Harley, Trip, Paul and Kenny like this)
I'm so glad! Axew mastered Dragon Rage about one month ago and Excadrill just started obeying again two weeks ago! Just in time for the Don Battle!
2 hours ago via Xtransceiver · Like · Comment · Share 2 people like this.(Ash Ketchum, Cilan, and Burgh like this)
-----Ash:That's great Iris!
25 minutes ago · Like(Iris likes this)
-----Iris:Any idea on who you'll use in the next gym?
21 minutes ago · Like
-----Ash:I think I'll go with Tranquil, Oshawott, and Pikachu.
16 minutes ago · Like
-----Iris:What the hell Ash?
11 minutes ago · Like(Tracey Sketchit, Misty Water flower, May, Max, Iris, Trip, Brock, and Dawn like this)

Friend Requests

Add to List
Professor Juniper
Friend request accepted
Write on Wall
2 mutual friends

6 hours ago · Like · Comment · Share 1 people like this.(Burgundy likes this)
-----Cilan:Good luck with that :p
29 minutes ago · Like(Iris and Ash like this)
-----Burgundy:Shut it BITCH! :mad:
14 minutes ago · Like
Fennel: Oh I'm so high right now. I'm flyiiiiiiiiiing~ one minute ago
Tranquill, Munna, Bianca, and 2 others like this

Cynthia: Another day, another victory, another child in my van. one hour ago
Harley likes this
Ash Ketchum
I got top 4 in the Sinnoh league! AWESOME! Sucks I didn't win but now I'm even more pumped to be a POKEMON MASTER one day!!!!!
August 26, 2010 at 7:35 PM
(Champion Cynthia, Tobias, Dawn, Brock, Delia Ketchum and 14 others like this)
----Tobias: It was a good match, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. You have a lot of potential, Ketchum.
August 26, 2010 at 8:10 PM
(Champion Cynthia likes this)
August 26, 2010 at 8:25 PM
----Tobias: ...you don't even know the rest of my team...
August 26, 2010 at 8:36 PM
----Delia Ketchum: I wish I could have been there, sweetie! But I was really busy helping the professor out with something! You were wonderful though :)
August 27, 2010 at 10:25 AM
(Ash Ketchum and Samuel Oak liked this)
----Trip: How did you manage to do this? Are you lying?
about one hour ago
----Iris: You are such a creeper, Trip!! D:< (But really, how did you do this? O_O)
45 minutes ago
----Trip: It's basic to research your opponents. Hm. The opponents in Sinnoh must be pretty weak for someone from a hick town like Pallet to do that well.
37 minutes ago
----Paul: Why don't you come and say that to my face?
5 minutes ago
(Barry, Conway, and Nando like this)
I demand compensation! @Satoshi @Hikari @Kouhei@Takeshi @Kengo @Shinji ...Wait you can only tag 6 people? FACEBOOK, I'M GONNA FINE YOU!

The Writers Posted an announcement: Hey guys, we're changing the look of this site! Leave feedback on the new Best Wishes layout.

Dent is now using Facebook in English (gratuitous)

Cabernet is now using Facebook in French (broken)

Jun, Hikari and 1 other friend like SATOSHI OWES ME A NEW BIKE.

Kasumi has posted on Jun's wall.
I already have a new bike, sorry! (Satoshi likes this)
2 hours ago via Xtransceiver · Like · Comment · Share 2 people like this.(May, Brock, Drew, and 6 others like this)
-----Brock:Join the club, I can't get that freak to quit sending friend request.
45 minutes ago · Like
-----Drew:Yuck, he put me as his screen save. In my bathing suit! :mad:
37 minutes ago · Like
-----Iris:What a creep.
29 minutes ago · Like
-----Harley:Brock your here! Hey Hun! And Drew and Iris too.
22 minutes ago · Like
-----Harley:Brock hun?
16 minutes ago · Like
-----Harley:Why won't you respond? ;_;
9 minutes ago · Like
Ash Ketchum
I got a hot date tonight! Wonder if she'll put out? One minute ago
----Cilan: Looks like it's tasting time for you, Ash. A second ago
(Trip likes this.)
sdkfaskfad omg this thread
i'm dying LOLOL

Shuu likes page Harley's Cookies.
Saori likes page Harley's Cookies.
Harley likes page Harley's Cookies.

Harley has posted on Haruka's wall.
bitch don't like my cookies?!?
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