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Pokemon: Facebook Newsfeed/Twitter Update Edition

Dawn - Just finished my homework. :D 5 minutes ago
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Dawn - Gonna go shopping with Mom soon. 1 minute ago.
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Dawn - In Hearthome right now having a training session with Fantina and Zoey. :D 5 seconds ago
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Dawn - Thank you guys for liking my contest performance! Really working it nowadays. 2 minutes ago.
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Dawn - Guess who came in to visit. Kenny! 5 minutes ago
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Dawn - I'm starting to feel creeped out here. :( I feel so stalked. :mad: 10 minutes ago.
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---May - ....
---Tracey - I don't care what anyone says. I'm reporting Conway.
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---Ash - hey dawn. maybe he wants to battle you!! :DDDDD can i watch?
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---Misty - Really Ash? Really?
Rocket Flint - I disappeared months ago. Does anybody miss me? Posted 20 minutes ago.

Musashi - Who are you again? Posted 11 minutes ago.

Rocket Flint - I was the guy who gave you your meteonite missions... you know, blue haired Rocket guy? Posted 8 minutes ago

Musashi - Ohhh you! We all assumed you got so bored of yourself that you died. Posted 5 minutes ago.
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Rocket Flint - ;_;
Rocket Flint added a picture to his album

The Writers like trolling and 41 other things.


The Writers wrote on Pokémon Fandom's wall: U MAD? U MAD? U MAD? >:)
Zorua changed their profile picture.

Iris Kicking ass and taking names @ the Don Battle!!! Wish me luck!!
Posted via iPhone
----- Langley You need luck, what with how terrible your Pokemon are, XD
----- Iris Shut up hoe, I'm not the one that almost lost to a Joltik
----- Langley Keyword, almost. You, on the other hand, won't last two seconds when I'm through with you
----- Iris That's if you can even make it far enough to battle me, >;)
----- Zorua Heheheehe :)
----- Langley Ugh, Zorua, CHANGE YOUR PROFILE PIC!!!
----- Iris Haha, Zorua has a better chance of winning this thing than you do XD
----- Zorua ^__^

Edit: Crap, does that pic show up? I'm on my iPad, so I can't tell XD;
Edit 2: Blahh, the pic I was going to put up is way too big. But it was a pic of Langley, lol /obv
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quoting word for word something i've seen on facebook today:
This one's a little pg-13.

Kasumi changed her profile picture.

i miss the beach!
summer 2k11

July 23 Like · Comment
--- Sakura
lol ur tail looks like a giant penis (4 likes)
--- Takeshi
yeah, like MY giant penis :p
--- Kasumi

Aaand because I have to add one xD

--- Satoshi
Oooh, so all tails are penises?
Nyasu - Just went to first base with Den't leg guys! Should I change my relationship status? 22 hours ago
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Nyarth updated his religion to Dentoism.
Ash wrote on Meowth's wall:

Ash: Sorry u left us. ;(
Meowth: I'm not :p
Cilan: Was it all a lie, Meowth?! Didn't you care about us? Did any of the stuff we did actually mean anything to you?
Meowth: Yes it did, Cilan. Every day my decision to stay with Jessie and James haunts me. I wish you all the best on your journey, Connoiseur Cilan.
Meowth: ....just kidding! Go DIAF.
Cilan: Bitch. :mad:
Meowth: :3c
Kamtiure - Just saw a Pikachu and it was sooooooooooo cute. I wish I could have capture it but it already had a trainer ; ___ ; - 4 days ago
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Pikachu- Kami, guess which electric mouse just changed his status to "In open relationship with Satoshi"... So if you ever want to do some training, and I don't know... go for a drink afterwards, drop me a call. - 3 days ago
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Bel - Does that mean you want to train part of your time with me? DO YOU? - 2 days ago
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Zorua - Run, Pikachu! RUN! - 2 days ago
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Iris uploaded a picture to their album!


Iris: "Look at my good friends!"

Cilan uploaded a picture to their album!


Cilan: Here, I fixed the image.
Misty - Water pokémon are awesome <3
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>Gardenia - Grass pokémon are better ^^
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>Cress - Water is awesome. You know, sometimes I wonder what the world would be like with just water.
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Ash Gonging home two Pallet; Town!
----24 minutes ago (Deliah Ketchum likes this)
-Brock Ash, I think you might want to check your spelling...and punctuation. ----18 minutes ago
-Ash √? ----16 minutes ago
-Brock Never mind 12 minutes ago
Lenora: I just got underssed:)
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----Hawes: I married her for a reason. ;) 2 minutes ago
----Ash: so u can battle her everyday? :DDDDD 5 minutes ago
Bianca added 43 new pictures to the album my bb sawk ♥♥
Kyaaaaa, he's so dreamy :) ♥♥♥♥♥♥


----Stephan: ....
----Stephan: When did you take these?
----Stephan: I'm a bit creeped out...
PoachedEggirl J updated status:Dead.

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HeroofUnova:Who is Akuroma? Is he going to appear instead of me?
KetchumAll:Akuroma? Is that a Pokémon?
DragonbornVillager:uhhhh...You're such a kid? Geez, I don;t even know...

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Dawn created album: Sexay Moi.

Dawn added 11 pictures to the album Sexay Moi.

Dawn: Here's some pics of me in my prom dress! 41 seconds ago

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Ash's profile was updated to Timeline

Gary WTF is this!?
я!$ minutes ago

Dawn It's just an endless loop... I'm scared D:
c.? minutes ago

Barry Ow, I'm gonna fine you Ash for breaking my brain!!
ಠ_ಠ minutes ago
Prof. Oak updated status to: In a relationship.

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Delia Ketchum: You're seeing someone? That's great, Sam! But who is it?

Prof. Oak: Take a guess. ;)

Prof. Oak created album: Pics of my GF!!!.

Prof. Oak added 3 pictures to album: Pics of my GF!!!.

Delia Ketchum: Oh... oh, no. NO. NO.

Prof. Oak: :naughty:

Delia Ketchum updated status to: About to freaking die.

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Elesa created album: latest pics of my Lingerie Shoot. Warning: pretty risqué.

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Ash: It's a miracle! I've finally hit puberty! And just in time.
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