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Pokémon fusion article


Your Favorite Burnout
Sep 19, 2009
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Hey everyone. I thought it might be cool to have an article about fusion, as in the process Kyurem, Necrozma, and Calyrex can undergo. I know it's not necessarily a named, defined mechanic like megas or dynamax, but we've got three different Pokémon able to do it now and the way it works is virtually identical between all of them, so it might be a good idea to have the information all in one place and not just scattered around different articles. I slapped together a start for it in my userspace which I'll link here. I haven't been particularly active on Bulbapedia in many years so putting together a quality, style-conforming article isn't exactly my forte - feel free to add or change anything you see fit. If I'm out of my mind and this isn't notable enough to get its own page, feel free to tell me that too lmao.

I see no reason to. We already have «List of Pokémon with form differences», and only Kyurem is really fusion, while Necrozma is described as controlling and eating the light of Solgaleo or Lunala, and Calyrex is really only riding Glastrier or Spectrier. Also, only Kyurem and Calyrex‘ abilities change, and only Necrozma and Calyrex change their types, and lastly, Dusk Mane and Dawn Wings Necrozma can also become Ultra Necrozma, and neither Kyurem and Calyrex can do anything like that. They don’t warrant their own article, maybe if they had like, 10 examples, but there is only three.
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