Pokemon Gen V Plot and Condition (in Gyms for example) Ideas

Nov 16, 2008
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Well I thought first we should merge all Threads with guessing things for the next Gen of Pokemon Games (which I would assume won't come out before a "new" Handheld Gen is released) but actually it is probably better to organize them a little.

For Ideas about landscape(in attached Pics) and Town/Place names: http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/showthread.php?t=19438

For new Pokemon Ideas click here: http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/showthread.php?t=23830

Ideas about new kind of Attacks/Ability's this would probably the best: http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/showthread.php?t=30558

And this one you actually reading for Ideas about plots and Conditions in Gyms/the new Region and kind of Badges (well this probably is also used in the Region ideas).

Well for me I'll start some parts of the Plot (I may or may not give Names later).

Lets start with the names: Black and White (and honestly I somewhere read rumors about this).

Of course you can again choose between boy and girl but this time with greenish hair. The counterpart of you, the other gender will become your rival in the Pokemon league.

New region named Senchou, but you can also visit the other Regions again or at least two of em per version (thats the reason G/S/C is my fav) where you, every time meet the proper girl of the Region (and only for that Region with an additional Option if u want normal 1-on-1 OR 2-on-2 Matches, you can switch as you like in the options) who accompanies you in this region of course with some kind of Pokemon restriction at the start of each or at least the half of the Game so you have to every time choose between one of the Region specific starters and honestly if they could press Johto AND Kanto on only one Game Boy Cartridge (yes you should remember G and S was on a normal Game Boy Cartridge with a better Compatibility for GBC only Chrystal was GBC only.

Team Rocket returns and also Team Galaxy which battles against each other for the Domination of the regions and your forced to help one of them, depending on the version.

20 new Pokes per Region.

A more interactive World/Battle experience with commands like dodge, jump over, dive... via Mic of the DS/the new Handheld.

Arenas got Theme specific riddles to solve (watch above)

Field effects like more defense/attack for Grass and Bug Types in a Forest/Jungle or Water Type with pond or a beach where you Battle on/near

New gyms with leaders:

1. Rain Gym/Monsoon Badge/Water and Flying Types
2. Jungle Gym/Jungle Badge/Grass and Bug Types
3. Poison Gym/Acid Badge/ Normal and Poison Types
4. Astral Gym/ Plasma Badge/ Ghost and Dark Types
5. Mountain Gym/ Lava Badge/ Fire and Stone Types
6. Legendary Gym/ Roam Badge/ Dragon and Psychic Types
7. Shiver Gym/ Sparkling Ice Badge/ Ice and Electric Types
8. Knockout Gym/ Hard Hit Badge/ Fighting and Ground Types

Elite Four:

Elite Four 1/ Ice, Grass and Flying Types
Elite Four 2/ Fire, Water, Ground and Stone Types
Elite Four 3/ Psychic, Poison, Ghost and Dark Types
Elite Four 4/ Electric, Normal and Bug Types

Champion/ 6 different Types

Rival/ 6 Different Types with two Legendary of any of the older Editions.
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Oct 26, 2008
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I've already posted my ideas for a plot in another thread. But if you want to organize it, I'll post it again:

Pokémon 5

The main character, John, and his lifetime best friend, Dick, fall in love with a friend of them, Luzbeth. When her father, a gym leader, becomes seriously ill, she’s promoted to gym leader in his place. The other two, in their desire to impress her, decide to become Pokémon trainers, helped by John’s father, Professor Willow. Both of them can choose between a fighting type, an ice type or a flying type creature.
After that, the two will declare their hatred for each other, and they’ll start their journey in search for the girl’s love. When our hero defeats her in her gym, she will join you as a tag partner in the road for the next city, where the hospital is located, and once the father gets well, he’ll get back his position as gym leader and Luzbeth will begin her own journey, becoming a secondary rival (just like Wally in RSE); her father can be challenged optionally when you visit the gym afterwards.
There will be two opposite evil organizations: Team Zul and Team Sol. The similar names come from a common past: they are divisions of a previous team that overthrew an old evil team that controlled the region, but after its victory, the members could not get an agreement on how to administrate the region and so they broke into two factions which now fight each other. As time went by, they employed “dirtier” tactics until both teams became criminals themselves. Team Zul is commanded by Lippe, an allusion to Mexico’s current president, Felipe Calderón, which fits well, as his name is similar to Pelipper, a Pokémon with blue traits (Zul comes from “Azul”, Spanish for “blue”), the same way Calderón’s political party’s logo is a blue circle, which will be similar to Zul’s logo, a blue moon. On the other hand, Team Sol is leaded by Somla, in reference to Andrés Manuel López Obrador (aka AMLO), the main rival to Calderón when they were candidates for the presidency a couple of years ago; AMLO’s party logo is a yellow sun, which will be it’s team logo (although it will have a totally different style, of course), as Somla’s name contains “Sol”, which is Spanish for “Sun”.
Professor Willow was brainwashed so he believes in Team Sol’s ideals thus, he now works for them. Because of this, he’ll be an enemy to defeat several times. Initially, he will fight in disguise as he tries to convince the player to join them, but, as John declines the offer, Pkmn Prof. will try to convince you the hard way, and in his last match he will reveal his true identity as you father (no, no Star Wars inspired). After he is finally defeated, he will grant you the key to the final battle against Somla, making his redemption possible and this way saving him from prison once the team is disbanded.
Team Zul is responsible for the death of a famous detective, codenamed Yoger. His girlfriend, Stacey, is after this team seeking for revenge. In some of your battles against this evil team, you will encounter her and she’ll fight together with you as a tag partner. Eventually, it will be revealed that Yoger did not die, but instead he joined the Team and changed his identity. After disbanding the organization, as a reward for your help, she’ll give you a Pokémon, which will be the basic form of the pseudo-legendary (like Dratini or Gible), which will be a grass type (hence the name, Stacey, which sound similar to “daisy”, a flower).
Before getting to the Pokémon League, John and Dick will have their last encounter. Just after you win the match, Luzbeth will arrive and tell you to desist fighting. She’ll dismiss both because she considers very immature to have a fight and destroy a lifetime friendship just because of a woman. Instead, she’ll reveal her relationship with the most powerful member of the Elite 4. The two boys learn their lesson and settle down their feud. Friends again, Dick decides to stop training and become a Pokémon professor; due to his bonds with his Pokémon and the fact that his most powerful behind his starter is a Psychic type, he wants to be a Pokémon psychologist, focusing his investigation in how Pokémon act and their personalities (natures).
John, after all his adventures, decides to go on, driven by his own experiences and the curiosity of who is Luzbeth’s new boyfriend.
The League Champion is no other than our hero’s mother, Lorena, who had not been seen since he got divorced from Willow years ago. This event was understood by John as she left him and so he has some kind of grudge against her. On the other side, Lorena was a follower (even if she never had an active support to them) of Team Zul, and as her son defeated them, she now has a grudge against him too. This makes the final battle an epic one, in which all of their emotions will come to the top. And after “battling with every bit of power” (FR/LG dixit, LOL), the young protagonist will come out victorious and Lorena will understand her child’s talent, their relationship will be re-established and everybody will live happily ever after.
The end

Geographic and chronologic setting
This region is based upon South-Eastern Mexico, separated form the rest of its country by a mountain range (just like in real life this region is separated from other Mexican regions by the ranges of Sierra Madre Oriental and Sierra Madre del Sur). As this zone is not as developed as others, technology will be moderated.
This story will be set one or two years before the first game, so Mew has not been discovered yet. This will happen during the vents of this game. I know Red and Blue stated it was found in Guyana, but still, both are parts of Latin America, so we can make a little retcon with this. Mew will be the roaming Pokémon of this game, and as there is not enough technology to study it, after you catch it, Prof. Willow (by this point your dad is good again) will ask you to lend him the new creature and he will send a hair sample to the more developed region of Kanto, where his friends Prof. Oak and Dr. Fuji live, so it will happen what we all know (the Mewtwo incident). Mew will be naturally obtained, without the need of a Nintendo event. (This Mew sidestory could be a little out of place, so we can drop it).

Gym Leaders and Elite Four
Please note that, as I live in Mexico and my natural tongue is Spanish, some of the names are in that language, but I tried to give the leaders neutral-language names. If you don’t like them, I accept suggestions for changing the names.
• Carlos: fire-type leader. His name is similar to “Calor”, Spanish for heat.
• Luzbeth: her name contains “Luz”, which means “light”. She’ll be the electric gym leader (I know you all wanted it!). By the way, she’s the girl John and Dick fell in love with.
• Emiliano and Emiliana: Father and daughter. The last part of their names, “liana”, means “vine”. They’ll be the grass-type leaders. Their title will be “The tallest trees in training” (they will be tall and skinny like a tree). Being tree similar to three, they will be the third gym leaders in a double battle.
• Thomas: his name is an anagram for “Santo”, a legendary Mexican wrestler. He’ll be a fighting type leader, but as we already have Crasher Wake, I’m not too sure if I make him a wrestler or just an ordinary fighter.
• Columba: this one also fits perfectly, as it is Latin for “dove”. This lady will be a Flying type leader.
• Alejandro: the last two syllables are close to anagram for “dragon”. Lance will have a hard time against him.
• Fatima: she’s a Psychic. The name has no connection to her fighting style, instead, is a fanservice for a friend of mine who wanted to take part in my project.
• Oscar: the name is an anagram of “rocas”, “rocks”, so you must know which type he specializes in.

Elite Four:
• Vlad: as a reference to Dracula, he’ll use Dark-type Pokémon.
• Terra: it means “earth”, so she’s for the ground type.
• Laura: would you imagine a steel-oriented girl? Well she is. Her name contains “aura”, the signature power of her signature Pkmn, Lucario, a steel-type.
• Danny: the most powerful member of the Elite Four, and Luzbeth’s brand new boyfriend. His name references Danny Phantom, as he is a ghost-type trainer.
• Lorena: the League Champion! Her backstory has been already told, and because she’s the champ, she won’t have a single specialization. Instead, she’ll have a multitype team, just like Blue and Cynthia. So her name has no meaning, it’s just my mother’s name (the same way the hero is named after me).

Other characters
• Professor Willow: the regional professor. The reason for letting his son and his rival become trainers is because he could later recruit them for team Sol. Due to the hero’s reticence he’ll find himself “obligated” to fight his own son. Only in the end he will reveal his true identity and after being defeated, will give the player the item needed for the final match against Somla.
• Nettie: the guy behind the PC storage system. He just got the rights from Bill to use his system so at the beginning it will cost a little money to use (say, the first three towns or something like that).
• Stacey: as already told, she’s a detective after Team Zul. Once discovered his boyfriend’s fraud, she’ll fall for the protagonist, but she won’t get him, ‘cause he’s in love with you know who.
• Blue Oak: Oak’s grandson will have a brief cameo early in the game, as John’s penpal. He’ll be informed by you about the start of your journey, and soon after Blue will tell it to his grandpa so he gives the main characters a Pokédex.

Additional facts
• The Pokémon dispositive for this game (the successor to PokéGear, PokéNav and Pokétch), will be the Pokébile (from mobile phone). It will work like a cell phone, letting you call other trainers, so for the first time you’ll be able to challenge trainers whenever you want (of course there will be restrictions to it). It will also include the main Pokétch apps: happiness indicator, roaming Pokémon finder. The Day-Care app will be left out; instead, the Day-Care man himself will call you on the phone whenever your Pokémon produce an egg. Plus, it will feature a radio with the same use it had in GSC. In addition to the in-game trainer agenda, the Pokébile will have a real people agenda to save your friend codes instead of D/P/Pt’s Pal Pad. And if the game is finally rendered 3-D, this little machine will also include a camera and let you take photos. It will look similar to a Sony Ericcson w580 (it was the inspiration for me: when I saw my phone I noticed the main buttons look very similar to a Poké Ball and that’s how I solved the problem about how Would the Poké-device for this game be). Of course it will be sold by a foreign company, as this region lacks the technology needed to create such a device.
• Due to the chronological and geographical setting of this story, and in order to simplify things, this game won’t have National Dex, just the regional one. I was thinking of it to have 200 species: 80 from previous generations (20 per generation aprox. should be OK) and 120 all-new. THERE’LL BE NO NEW EVOS OR PREVOS FOR OLD POKÉMON. Still, it will be compatible with previous games the same way Gold and Silver were compatible with Red and Blue.
• To change things a Little, I was thinking that the game’s ending (I mean, the closing credits and all the thing) wouldn’t come when winning the League. That would be the fifth identical end; instead, after becoming the champion, the two evil bosses, Lippe and Somla, come to you and challenge you together in a desperate last try for revenge against you. You alone versus both villains. That’s a really epic final battle, and saving the word is more important that winning a championship, I think. But I’m not too sure, as it drives too far from Pokémon tradition and still, the charming ending with you and your mother solving your family differences is more emotional and dramatic. So choose your best ending (if you vote for the mother ending, we could have the villains double battle just before the Elite Four).

Ideas for the region’s name:
• Shico
• Yama

Possible names for the versions of the game:
• Jade and Bronze
• Sun and Moon (after the evil teams)
• Black and White

I haven't designed new Pokémon, but I've drawn sketches for the main characters; I'll post the images when I give them color.


By the way, I think we really don't need to re-visit previous regions if we have one that is really big and challenging, don't you think, Deadman?? Bye bye!
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Nov 16, 2008
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You have an argument with this but revisiting old regions to get all the Pokemons is in my opinion better cuz u have more change in landscape which makes it funnier. Further it would be nearer at the TV series.

Anyway in the Thread for Posting Gen V Pokemon creations I wrote something about making plot for the beings of feelings and creator of night/day here it comes or at least a part.

We will get two teams like in R/S/E, Yami Brotherhood and Hikari Federation. This time they both are led by a group who are the last remnants of old cults who once worshiped the Version specific legendary but they are nothing more than terrorist who wants to control environment through controlling day/night.