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Mafia Pokemon Generation Spin-Off Mafia [ENDGAME]

I’m currently town leaning Mido and Potato. Lissi and Beryl I’ve noticed seem to be a pair or at least are sharing a lot of reads.

I’m not a bomb lmao. You aware of what I’m alluding to?
voltorb would make a cool bomb
Potato is someone I am very good at reading, and his current way of playing is his town side for sure.
im really shit at being mafia and it hasn’t happened in quite a long time either as u know
That’s a nice connection to make, I would say Mido more than Potato but good work!
Yea i wasn’t really defending him helper is NA atm for me but he just seems busy rn so i didnt want to keep the pressure vote on him
Night One Start
i aint cooperating with nobody
jamie why r u obsessed with throwing shade at me. u were the one who hurt me too now werent u
if anyone wants to piggyback off of me idgaf but get pissed at them, not me
Mido voted you, not me. And I was more using it to explain to Lissi why following someone isnt a good idea and to have your own ideas. Sorry that that’s caused you to feel shaded.
can someone remind me the flavor of this game
are we just characters from spin-off pokémon series? lol

what... what is mafia supposed to be
i dont fucking care do whatever. if im the enemy for just saying im town and lissi choosing to copycat me then clearly theres no way for me to reason w you so i wont bother

have fun MISLYNCHING which is what ur BELOVED TOWN LEADER JAMIE is SOOOO afraid of
come on. like, really??

this is always what happens when someone gets wrapped up in themselves and decide they want to be the official town leader or some other pedantic garbage. they start tunneling and completely suck all of the fun out of the game. and i was really hoping this would cut out with zexy and human gone but of course there's always going to be someone glorifying the highly inefficient idea of "leading" town either to try herding us like sheep and leading scum to victory OR just to stroke their own ego. admit it. if you're town and say you want to be town leader it's because you're confident your skills are CERTAINLY a step above everyone else and it's YOU who's gonna be town's glorious savior who can solo-lead us to victory!!
it's arrogant.

ive had a shitty week and im not in the mood to be bossed around in an online game on a pokemon forum. jamie and mido and whoever else can be suspicious and, if they're town, fucking lose, and if they're scum, win, and it's whatever because my own side couldnt help. right?

oh, and if you're curious, i'm the bus driver.
sorry for losing my temper
as i said, its been a bad couple of days for me and unfortunately im not pleased with the current state of the game and vented my frustration in an inappropriate place to do so
i didnt truly mean any slight or insult against anyone; i temporarily lost control of my emotions and overreacted
frankly, i am strongly against the idea of townleaders, but my previous post was a step too far
though these might serve as explanations, theyre not excuses, and im going to take a step back for a while to cool off, calm down, and reevaluate my behavior
once again, im sorry
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