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Pokémon Global Exhibition participants announced - Event to be streamed live on October 30-31, 2021

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The official Pokémon website has announced the participants for the Pokémon Global Exhibition, which will be livestreamed on Twitch.tv/Pokemon on October 30–31, 2021.

These competitors were selected from the highest-ranking players among each of the four regions in the Pokémon Players Cup IV Global Finals—North America, Europe, Latin America, and Oceania—along with other incredible Trainers from around the world. The lineup includes:
  • Enrique Grimaldo (United States) – Highest-ranking player from the North America region in the Pokémon Players Cup IV
  • Leonardo Bonanomi (Italy) – Highest-ranking player from the Europe region in the Pokémon Players Cup IV
  • Renzo Navarro (Peru) – Champion of the Pokémon Players Cup IV (and, by extension, the highest-ranking player from the Latin America region)
  • Luke Iuele (Australia) – Highest-ranking player from the Oceania region in the Pokémon Players Cup IV
  • Kouhei Fujita (Japan) – Champion of the Pokémon Japan Championships 2021
  • Wonseok Jung (Korea) – Champion of the Pokémon Trainers Cup 2021
  • Jirawiwat Thitasiri (Thailand) – Champion of the Pokémon Asia Players Cup 2021
  • Chin Wei Ho (Taiwan) – Runner-up of the Pokémon Asia Players Cup 2021
The commentators for the competition and the exact broadcasting times will be announced soon.
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