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Pokémon GO releases details on new Location Card feature debuting at Pokémon GO Tour Hoenn - Las Vegas, plus dates for upcoming in-game events

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Niantic has released the first details on the brand new Location Card feature that will be making its first in-game appearance in Pokémon GO during the Pokémon GO Tour: Hoenn - Las Vegas live event later this month. Niantic has also announced dates for upcoming in-game events for Season 10, including Community Day and Community Day Classic events.

Location Cards
Location Cards are a brand new feature for Pokémon GO, giving Trainers a way to commemorate in-game achievements such as catching specific rare Pokémon, taking part in live events, and visiting special locations.

Location cards can be received rarely by Trainers who catch certain specific Pokémon after participating in an in-person raid at specific locations. When a player has received a Location Card, these special souvenirs images relating to where the Pokémon was caught will be displayed on the Pokémon's summary page.

At least for this Pokémon GO Tour: Hoenn - Las Vegas live event, Trainers will not be informed ahead of time of which Pokémon will award Location Cards, or at what locations, so attending Trainers will need to work together to identify which Raid Battles they need to challenge to receive their prize.

Upcoming Event Dates
During Season 10, in-game events will be held on the following dates.

Community Day
  • Saturday, March 18th
  • Saturday, April 15th
  • Sunday, May 21st
Community Day Classic
  • Saturday, April 29th
Other unspecified events
No specific information was released yet on what the following in-game events will involve.
  • Sunday, March 5th
  • Saturday, March 11th
  • Saturday, April 8th
  • Sunday, April 23th
  • Saturday, May 27th to Sunday, May 28th


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