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Pokémon GO's Adventures Abound season begins September 1st, running to December 1st - details for other upcoming events in September also announced

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Pokémon GO Season 12: Adventures ABound
Niantic has released details on Pokémon GO's newest season: Adventures Abound. This new season will run from September 1st until December 1st, at 10:00am local time. Alongside this announcement, we also have details on a number of activities, bonuses, and events that will be running in-game in the month of September in conjunction with this new season.

Seasonal bonuses for all trainers
The following bonuses are active throughout Season 12: Adventures Abound:
  • Trainers can open up to 40 Gifts daily
  • Trainers can send up to 40 Gifts daily
  • Increased damage when participating in raids with a friend
  • Increased XP from going up a Friendship level
New Themed stickers are available
Trainers can get season-themed stickers by spinning PokéStops, opening Gifts, and purchasing them from the in-game shop.

Timed Investigation: Master Ball
Timed Investigation: Master Ball

Timed Investigation: Master Ball will be available throughout Pokémon GO: Adventures Abound. Timed Investigations are lengthy series of challenges available during a set period of time, which offer some of the rarest rewards obtainable in Pokémon GO. Trainers who complete this Timed Investigation by November 21st, at 8:00pm local time will receive a Master Ball, which can be used to catch any Pokémon encountered in Pokémon GO without fail, whether it be in the wild, through Lure Modules, after Raid Battles, or while using your Daily Adventure Incense. After November 21st, a Special Research ticket that awards a Master Ball on completion will be available to purchase for Trainers who are unable to complete the Timed Investigation by the deadline.

GO Battle League: Adventures Abound
GO Battle League: Adventures Abound

The Adventures update for the GO Battle League has also begun. Our round-up of this new season will be posted later today.

Adventures Abound Special Research
A new Special Research story with branching paths is available to Trainers at no cost. Trainers will choose their Paldean partner Pokémon to adventure together and bond with throughout the season. This Special Research will be available to be claimed between September 5th, at 10:00am to December 1st, at 9:59am local time.

All Pokémon listed below with a ⁂ next to their name can also be encountered in their Shiny variants.

Pokémon GO debuts
Throughout the course of this Season, a number of Pokémon will be making their Pokémon GO debuts, starting with the Sprigatito, Fuecoco, Quaxly, and Lechonk evolution lines in the A Paldean Adventure event starting September 5th.

Shadow Zapdos
Shadow Raids

Shadow Raids are making a return during Adventures Abound. One-star and three-star Shadow Raids will be available daily, while five-star Shadow Raids will take place on Saturdays and Sundays, unless otherwise noted. Shadow Zapdos will be appearing in five-star Shadow Raids during this season, with Shiny Shadow Zapdos also making its debut.

Wild Pokémon
With the start of this new Season, a range of different Pokémon will now be appearing in different areas across the world.
  • Cities
    • Gengar ⁂
    • Gulpin ⁂
    • Beldum ⁂
    • Tranquill
    • Scraggy ⁂
    • Gothita
    • Dedenne ⁂
    • And more
  • Forests
    • Chansey ⁂
    • Staravia
    • Lopunny ⁂
    • Croagunk ⁂
    • Shelmet ⁂
    • Morelull
    • Oranguru ⁂
    • And more
  • Mountains
    • Onix ⁂
    • Sableye ⁂
    • Aggron ⁂
    • Darumaka ⁂
    • Golett ⁂
    • Fletchinder
    • Togedemaru
    • And more
  • Beaches & Water
    • Slowbro ⁂
    • Shellder ⁂
    • Pelipper
    • Karrablast ⁂
    • Goomy ⁂
    • Dewpider ⁂
    • Sandygast
    • And more
  • Northern Hemisphere
    • Chikorita ⁂
    • Cyndaquil ⁂
    • Totodile ⁂
    • Larvitar ⁂
    • Deerling (Autumn)
    • Tyrunt ⁂
    • Amaura ⁂
    • And more
  • Southern Hemisphere
    • Snivy ⁂
    • Tepig ⁂
    • Oshawott ⁂
    • Tirtouga ⁂
    • Archen ⁂
    • Deerling (Spring)
    • Deino ⁂
    • And more
The following Pokémon will hatch from Eggs this Season:
  • 2 km Eggs
    • Chinchou ⁂
    • Meditite ⁂
    • Larvesta
    • Fomantis ⁂
    • Lechonk ⁂
    • And more
  • 5 km Eggs
    • Lickitung ⁂
    • Gligar ⁂
    • Larvesta
    • Sprigatito
    • Fuecoco
    • Quaxly
    • And more
  • 7 km Eggs
    • Hisuian Growlithe
    • Hisuian Voltorb
    • Hisuian Qwilfish
    • Hisuian Sneasel
    • And more
  • 10 km Eggs
    • Larvesta
    • Carbink
    • Goomy ⁂
    • Jangmo-o
    • Frigibax
    • And more
  • 5 km Eggs (Adventure Sync)
    • Cranidos ⁂
    • Shieldon ⁂
    • Happiny ⁂
    • Munchlax ⁂
    • Alomomola ⁂
    • And more
  • 10 km Eggs (Adventure Sync)
    • Gible ⁂
    • Goomy ⁂
    • Rockruff ⁂
    • Jangmo-o
    • And more
September's Featured Pokémon, Encounters, and Raids
All Pokémon listed below with a ⁂ next to their name can also be encountered in their Shiny variants.

Pokémon Spotlight Hour
A different Pokémon and special bonus will be featured every Tuesday from 6:00pm to 7:00pm local time:
  • September 5th: Wooper | 2× XP for evolving Pokémon
  • September 12th: Mankey | 2× Candy for catching Pokémon
  • September 19th: Girafarig | 2× XP for catching Pokémon
  • September 26th: Growlithe | 2× Stardust for catching Pokémon
PokéStop Showcase
Different Pokémon will feature in PokéStop Showcases throughout the month. Unless otherwise noted, single day PokéStop Showcases will run from 2:00pm to 5:00pm local time, while multi-day PokéStop Showcases will start at 10:00am local time and finish at 8:00pm local time.
  • September 2th: Charmander and Charizard
  • September 5th to 9th: Lechonk
  • September 10th to 13th: Nymble
  • September 14th and 15th: Pawmi
  • September 17th: Oddish
  • September 20th to 22nd: Spoink
  • September 23rd: Grubbin and Vikavolt
  • September 27th to 29th: Growlithe and Hisuian Growlithe
  • September 30th to October 2nd: Growlithe and Hisuian Growlithe
Research Breakthrough encounters
After completing seven days of Field Research tasks, Trainers will encounter one of the following Pokémon:
  • Galarian Farfetch'd ⁂
  • Larvitar ⁂
  • Sableye ⁂
  • Bagon ⁂
  • Furfrou ⁂
  • Goomy ⁂
Raid rotations all start and end at 10:00am local time on the dates listed unless otherwise noted.

Raid Hour
The following Pokémon will be featured in a Raid Hour event on every Wednesday from 6:00pm to 7:00pm local time:
  • September 6th: Kartana (Northern Hemisphere) / Celesteela (Southern Hemisphere)
  • September 13th: Kartana (Southern Hemisphere) / Celesteela (Northern Hemisphere)
  • September 20th: Genesect (Burn Drive)
  • September 27th: Raikou, Entei, and Suicune
Featured Five-Star Raids
The following Pokémon will be appearing in five-star raids:
  • September 1th to 8th: Kartana (Northern Hemisphere) / Celesteela (Southern Hemisphere)
  • September 8th to 16th: Kartana (Southern Hemisphere) / Celesteela (Northern Hemisphere)
  • September 16th to 23rd: Genesect (Burn Drive)
  • September 23rd to October 6th: Raikou, Entei, and Suicune
Mega Raids
The following Mega-Evolved Pokémon will be appearing in Mega Raids:
  • September 1st to 16th: Mega Manectric
  • September 16th to October 6th: Mega Gardevoir
Charmander Community Day Classic
Other upcoming events in September

All times in the event listing below are based on Trainer's local times
  • Charmander Community Day Classic will run on September 2nd, from 2pm to 5pm
  • A Paldean Adventure will run from September 5th at 10:00am to September 10th at 10:00pm
  • Ultra Unlock: Paldea will run from September 10th at 10:00am to September 15th at 8:00pm
  • Oddish Research Day will run on September 17th, from 2:00pm to 5:00pm
  • Psychic Spectacular will run from September 20th at 10:00am to September 24th at 8:00pm
  • Out to Play will run from September 27th at 10:00am, to October 2nd at 8:00pm
  • Azurill Hatch Day will run on September 30th, from 2:00pm to 5:00pm


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