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Pokémon Japanese DVD


New Member
Oct 13, 2021
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Do you think Pokémon episodes in Japanese with English subtitles get released OFFICIALLY? I’m wondering if you know about beauty and the beach. It was dubbed into English. I was thinking does anyone else think it should be on DVD?


Apr 30, 2021
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I don't think you'll find many people who are against the idea of the Japanese version getting an official release overseas. It's not really a question of "should it happen?" but "is it even a possibility?".

I'm also not sure how Beauty and the Beach ties into this. The only reason it ended up airing at all in the west is because they were able to edit out the most objectionable content in the dub. But most if not all people who would want to watch a subtitled Japanese version would also want it completely unedited. So releasing the dub of that on DVD would be a whole different story from releasing an officially subtitled version.

halloween takoyaki

Sep 10, 2019
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My two cents:
I hope someday. Will it happen? Yeah, but years in the future. That's a huge catalog to take care of. And subbing new episodes...in addition?
Seems like lotsa work but I do think there's a shot.
...for now just resort to pirated fansubs :/...