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Pokemon: Jewels of the Gekijou (signup and discussion)

Brock's Pikachu
Nov 8, 2005
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(rated E10+ for fantasy stage violence)

The Gekijou theater--just mentioning this ancient form of Kantonian and Johtonian theater conjures up images of larger than life heroes, epic plots (that almost always end at least hopefully), lavish costumes, beautiful melodies played on ancient instruments, and over the top fight scenes filled with flowery move names.

But what makes the form's popularity even more amazing was how close it was to extinction--it took a discovery of thousands of lost scripts that had never been performed to revive interest in the form a hundred years ago, causing its renewed popularity to skyrocket to the heights it enjoys today.

The Tamaskiki (Jewel-studded) Gekijou is one of the rising stars on Kanto's and Johto's invigorated Gekijou scene. They specialize in chomei plays (large and lavish epics filled with adventure, music, dance, stage combat, and more), and higoto plays (myths and legends, folk and fairy tales, and stories of everyday people and events)

You play the role of an up and coming actor that has been accepted into the Tamashiki Gekijou to begin the intense training that all incoming actors go through before they begin performing. Newbie actors must then work their way up the ranks of the Gekijou (starting from the Amethyst Troupe, mainly comprised of trainees), until they reach the Diamond Troupe, where only the best of the best actors, musicians, dancers, and warriors in the troupe perform.

If you want to join in, sign up here with the following info:

Character's name:
Character's age (anywhere from age 14 to age 19 is fine):
Character's physical appearance:
Character's personality/known history:
Character's talents (is your character an actor, a musician, a dancer, or a warrior? This will affect what their initial actor training will look like, and which members of the Diamond Troupe will train you

Can you reach the heights of the Diamond Troupe, and be immortalized as a Gekijou superstar?