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Pokemon Journeys Voice Actor discussion


Cubone's Ghostly Parent
Sep 16, 2010
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Three episodes into Pokemon Journeys and we've had a range of voice actors come into the show, two returning after being absent from many years

So I thought, why not create a thread to discuss these voice actors.

Its great to see Megan Hollingshead and Tara Jayne Sands return, really hope they gain more and more roles

New actors don't sound too bad, its nice to get some fresh voices to the series


See ya
Apr 2, 2017
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Can't make full on cast lists just yet but these VAs make their main-series debut:

Xanthe Huynh (Ep8)
Kyle Hebert (Ep12)
Xander Mobus (Ep12)
Alejandro Saab (Ep12)

Alejandro has hinted at him playing Leon, but I'm sure we'll get plenty of confirmations throughout the day
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