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Pokemon: Labyrinth

Does Team Rocket hire?
Dec 13, 2005
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I guess AMV's go here too?

Anyway, these are the movie Labyrinth, Pokemon-style. I think A-mazeing Race was basically one big rip off of that movie to begin with. The Henson company and David Bowie own the movie and the songs/characters. Pokemon is owned by Nintendo/PUSA/4Kids (the 4Kids thing will come out in pt3).

Pokemon: Labyrinth Pt1
Sarah Dawn, always in the quest for love, arrives in the Labyrinth, where she "finds someone true" ... but will she live through her experience?

Pokemon: Labyrinth Pt2
Ash Hoggle doesn't really want to stay with Sarah Dawn, but is being forced by Jareth, King of the Goblins. What will happen after Sarah gets caught by the Fire Gang?

Pokemon: Labyrinth Pt3
Jareth catches up to Sarah Dawn and Ash Hoggle, forcing them into a very romantic dream with a lot of shipping (and some identity issues :p). Can they reach the castle before the "world falls down"?
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