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Pokemon Legends Arceus Travelog Thread

Just beat Kleavor, so I'm currently taking a break from the plot to complete some research tasks. Also captured an alpha Graveler, Rapidash and Shellos while exploring. Also fully evolved my Golbat to Crobat, but I'm not sure whether it'll be on my "final" team.

Current party:
Quilava lv.27
Luxio lv.28
Staravia lv.27
Crobat lv.28
Gastrodon lv.33
Stantler lv.18

Caught an alpha Raichu today and saw that they finally retconned the Indian elephant part of its classic dex entry.
I made it to the Alabaster Icelands, but I'm mainly taking my time with the game. I'm trying to catch a female Togepi in the Coastlands, but I can't seem to find one for the life of me! I really want to put a female Togekiss on my team!
Didn't get a whole lot more done since my last post, as not only did I have to run errands but also had to help dad with an emergency. But what I did do is substantial enough to mention.

After getting enough research points on H-Sneasel I used my Razor Claw to evolve her into Sneasler and retaught her Dire Claw. I spent a bit of time grinding her up and getting more research data on her. In the process I caught two Chimecho, two Gligar (both genders), Alpha Steelix, another Alpha Carnivine, a regular Yanmega, Alpha Luxray, Husuian Voltorb, and a Rotom. I also forgot to mention that since one of the requests I got requires a Overquil I spent some time raising up a Hisuian Quilfish into one.

Now it was time to deal with Melli and his attitude. God, he's a royal pain in the arse. Gave him another solid thrashing before Adaram intervened and helped give me the needed balms to soothe Hisuian Electrode. THAT was a hectic fight, to say the least. There was A LOT I need to pay attention to during that brawl. However, I managed to win on my first try by the skin of my teeth, but talk about cutting it close. In your face, Melli! Yet he still had his high-and-mighty attitude despite me unplugging his precious Noble. Easily the worst warden in the game. And I was glad to see that our amnesic Pearl Clan warden managed to finally get a bit of his memory back. That's progress. After reporting to Kamado it was time to feast on potato mochi (does the Wallflower owner make ANYTHING ELSE?!!).

The next day means the next mission: Hisuian Avalugg. I dunno... Kamado is starting to set off some red flags to me. Seems like he's starting to not like me or something. And I got to witness the funny scene of Cyllene freaking out over a Wurmple. Something tells me SHE'S the most afraid of Pokemon (or at least Bug Mons). Anyway, I took care of a few requests, taught Sneasler a few moves at the Training Grounds before battling Rei (yeah, I chose the girl for my first playthrough, mainly because I wanted to see if Rei had any different dialog choices compared to Akari, who I've seen in Let's Plays when Rei is the PC, and yes he does, as NPC Akari is more formal compared to NPC Rei). Moving on, the battle wasn't too difficult but he has improved, having added Staravia to his ranks and having evolved Mime Jr. into Mr. Mime, but Pyro steamrolled him easily. I wish there was an option to switch when the opponent sends out their next Mon like in the normal games, or at least before that turn of the battle begins, but considering that battling is not a sport (yet) I guess I can live with it. Anyway, before I do the next main quest I'm going to go complete a few requests, especially ones that have been dangling over me for some time now.

Pyro (H-Typhlosion, male, 73)
Gaia (Alpha Torterra, male, 71)
Hawkeye (Staraptor, male, 70)
Hatchet (Kleavor, male, 69)
Riptide (Basculegion, female, 68)
Lilith (Sneasler, female, 60)
I've been working the past few days and have been trying (and failing) to get some writing done so I haven't had much time to play. In the time I have though, I have been making a little bit of Pokedex process, mostly just completing dex entries, but I haven't done all that much.

Went to the Coronet Highlands and caught Cresselia today. I laughed out loud when Melli legit called it a flying croissant. I also did a few mass outbreaks today, but more casually and not actually resetting to shiny hunt over them. I find it so funny how the Kadabras I was catching today were noticing me less than the aggressive Roselias I was trying to catch last night. They just kept noticing me and attacking me. Mass outbreaks also seem like a great way to complete Pokedex entries. I completed both Kadabra and Toxicroak with them.

And I was about to end this update off with that last paragraph when I decided to play a bit more this evening and while I was flying with Braviary a shiny popped up. I was so shocked I let go of Braviary a bit too early almost fell to my death before I could save the game. Luckily I lived and snuck up on it, catching it without any real hassle. And that's how I got my third shiny of this game, a Shiny Dusclops.

Ichiro - H. Typhlosion - Level 63
Rai - Luxray - Level 63
Juna - Umbreon - Level 63
Ryoko - H. Goodra - Level 65
Rijiro - H. Zoroark - Level 63
Tsubasa - H. Braviary - Level 61

Caught 150, Seen 187, Completed 57

Edit: The game said haha jk you're not done with your update yet. I saw there was an outbreak for Snorunts so I was like "why not, I'll just check the first batch." After catching a few, one decided to shine. It was not even 15 minutes after the Dusclops.
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Continued my journey for several more hours.

  • Still catching a bunch of Pokémon, including some Alpha Pokémon and a Lv. 27 Graveler. That gave me a lot of research points to the point that I was already a 5 stars members before going into the second area.
  • At last decided to quell Kleavor's frenzy. And I did it without battling it, just throwing the balms. It was not as hard as I imagine it would be, but it's the first one, after all.
  • Space-time distortion occurred as soon as I enter the second area...only it's located across the river, and that's really annoying. It did end up appearing in a location I could immediately go, though, so whatever. Successfully nabbed a Porygon, an Upgrade, and a lot of Shards.
  • Still no shiny, though :") (except for the guaranteed Ponyta)

Didn't have the chance to play yesterday, but I did play for a bit 2 days ago. I went back to the first area after doing some request in the second one.

  • There's an outbreak of Cherubi, so I head there first. Sadly, shinies are still a little reluctant to appear in my game.
  • Caught some fixed Alpha (Lopunny, Bibarel, Rapidash, Snorlax) and some random ones (Starly, Buizel, Pichu, Bidoof). Snorlax was especially tough to capture. I ended up spending a lot of Ball in the process.
  • Exploring the highland(?) by Lake Verity. I guess this is supposed to be explored when you already have the climbing mon, since the Luxray and Staraptor/Drifloon are around Lv.45. I also found out there are a bunch of Sky Tumblestones here, so I know where to go if I need some. Also, there's a Lv.45 Togekiss flying around above the entrance to the lake. I managed to catch it with a Wing Ball after a couple of tries.
Well, turns out I somehow didn't notice the continue battle choice when you black out against a noble, so I picked the game back up. I had to use it, because I'd tried several times over to defeat that third lord and could not do it without blacking out. That said, I didn't have to use it on the fourth, that was nice.

Now I'm just slowly grinding to get the next star so I can go to the final area... I can't find anymore new Pokemon to catch other than ones that are impossible right now (Abra, for example. They disappear way before I can even get near them), so I'm not getting as many points as I was before. I guess I could evolve a few though. No idea how anyone has a bunch of stars before this point since I'm pretty sure I've caught just about everything I can right now. Don't know how they catch alpha Pokemon easily either. I don't bother with them much because pretty much all they do is break out and KO my whole team quickly. I'm not wasting resources on them. I got lucky and did catch a couple, but I won't go after anymore of them.
Haven't had too much free time, so I've only made it up to the Solaceon ruins and that's it.

Last time I played, I was having fun trying to launch myself across rivers with Wyrdeer :wynaut:
I cleared the last frenzied noble. But I had to use several continues for this one, I don't think even good/great players would clear this without blacking out unless their dodging skills are perfect. Mine are a little better now than they were back when I was having trouble with the third noble, but even so.

I guess I'm also getting used to this game's high difficulty and just doing my best to roll with it. I'm pretty far into the game now, would be silly to quit at this point. I've also made one more change to my team, so my final team is this now (well, once my Rufflet evolves):

Hisuian Samurott
Hisuian Braviary

They're all just above lv. 50 right now. I didn't nickname them. I only nickname Pokemon if I have a theme in mind. Otherwise, I don't feel like bothering.
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Whelp, I caught my first Shiny in the game!! As I was using Ursaluna to look for a certain Mars-lookalike, which took much longer than I am proud of, I saw a sparkle in the distance and assumed it was treasure given the similar animation for Ursaluna's dowsing capabilities.

But it was a Shiny Budew! Which is awesome as I think Roserade has one of the best Shiny forms, along with Roselia by extension. I'm still bewildered as the tiny thing didn't scamper off as a several hundred pound gigantic bear came charging at it full speed, ridden by an ignorant Trainer. Luckily she went into the Poke Ball without any breaking out business and running away.

I honestly didn't expect to find a Shiny so soon; I didn't even really have research data complete for the species (since apparently that boosts Shiny rates).
Just beat Electrode, and have about 750 points to go to Five Stars.

Getting the hang of things by now, so far I've found Arcanine by far the hardest Noble to beat, although the fact that you can just continue the battle from where you blacked out just takes all the difficulty out.

So far I've never actually blacked out in the field, although I came close at one point when ambushed by four ghost Pokemon at the same time in the shipwreck area of Cobalt Coastlands.

Right now I have a Hisuian Decidueye, Espeon, and Empoleon on my team at Level 48-50, with some others rotating in and out.

And finally, I think Melli might just be the most hatable character in the history of Pokemon games, even more so than Ghetsis IMO.
Finished the main story just now. That was pretty cool! I still don't like this game's difficulty, but the concept and story were fun. The only things I kinda regret are still not unlocking more hairstyles yet (I guess I kept getting side-tracked by the story and all) and not having found a single shiny Pokemon yet other than the guaranteed Ponyta from one of the requests.

Not that I can complain about a shiny Ponyta, Ponyta is my favorite and this is the easiest shiny one I'll ever get. lol But I'd have liked to find at least one other shiny. I checked out some mass outbreaks hoping to find one, but no luck.
I have captured 10 Eevee! Mass outbreaks for the win!

Oh, also I calmed Ursaluna down.
Kotaro update:
Lady Lilligant has been calmed from her frenzy and I've reached rank 5.

My field party has gotten too large to track every update so I'll just mention notable developments:
*Caught an Alpha Pachirisu
*Alpha Eevee evolved into a massive(ly huggable) Flareon.
*Ursuluna found a Peat Block for me in the marshlands.

Hoping to find evolutionary stones (I found two fire stones but none of the others) soon.

Getting weird vibes from the Commander. I don't think I trust him.
Been working a little more on dex completion the past couple of days, as well as finishing off some of the requests and such. Yesterday I finally completed that Little Big Buizel Quest. I swear I caught over 20 Buizel and was always so close to the height but never quite there. Then last night I find an Alpha Buizel for the first time, and beside it are two Buizel who hit the height requirement. What a slap in the face lol.

I was exploring Coronet Highlands yesterday when I stumbled across Darkrai. I had honestly forgotten the event was up there. I managed to catch it pretty quickly once I figured out what to do.

My first outbreak today was a Stunky in the Highlands, so I decided to go check it out and right before I reached the outbreak I found a Shiny Magikarp by the bridge. I heard the sparkles and looked over at the Stunky expecting it to be that because outbreak. Then I turned and saw the sparkles in the water and saw it was the 'karp. This is the first shiny I'm actually considering evolving, seeing as my Combee can't, Alpha Floatzel was evolved when I caught him, and I don't really care for Dusknoir's and Glalie's shinies so I'll just keep them in their pre-evolved states.

I did some requests after catching the Shiny Magikarp and after doing that I went to the field lands and found a random Shiny Wurmple. Again with the shinies super close to each other. Shiny Wurmple is a shiny I've always really wanted to so I'm excited to have it. I quickly caught her and finished up in the fieldlands.

Ichiro - H. Typhlosion - Level 67
Rai - Luxray - Level 66
Juna - Umbreon - Level 66
Ryoko - H. Goodra - Level 68
Rijiro - H. Zoroark Level 66
Tsubasa - H. Braviary Level 66

Caught 160, Seen 192, Completed 70
Did a lot since last time. Took two attempts to beat Liligant which is the first time in years I've genuinely struggled in a Pokemon battle lol. Very fun battle, her jumping attacks made great use of the dodge mechanic imo. Caught a Teddiursa for my "final" team and leveled it up to Ursaring while searching for a Peat Block, ranked up to 5 stars in the process. Caught a Petilil to evolve into Liligant and honestly? She hits like a truck so that's another addition to the final party.
Obtained Basculegion earlier today so I've been backtracking and exploring areas I haven't unlocked yet - managed to capture Turtwig, Munchlax and Grotle which I think seem to be rare encounters? Munchlax at least :unsure:
Ranked up to 6 stars and just about ready to fight Arcanine. 136 Seen and 117 Caught.
I had the day off of work today so I decided to devote some of my time today to working more on catching all the legendaries. While doing various requests in the different areas and filling out dex entries with max outbreaks I caught Heatran, Regigigas, and the Lake Guardians and received the plates I need. I want to level up my team a little more before I go see Cogita. I spoiled myself so I know I have some big battle coming up, I just don't know when it is so I want to be ready for it.

After doing that I looked on my map and saw there was a mass outbreak for Goomy. I love Goomy and have always wanted a shiny one for a Shiny Sliggoo or Goodra, so I decided to do my first real shiny hunt. I have done mass outbreaks before, but I hadn't reset over any of them for shinies (though when I did the Roselia one the other day I had intended to do that, but they were being pretty aggressive so I never reset over them). So I made the Poke Balls I would need and set out to hunt it. I was a little worried I wasn't doing it right, but then I got an Alpha Goomy 4 Resets in, so I knew I was okay. Ended up a shiny on the 15th outbreak. The game kept tempting me with other outbreaks like Growlithe, Eevee, and Teddiursa, but I wanted to stick with the Goomy. I am so glad I did. I named him Squish, and I love him so much. I actually won't be evolving him though cuz while I love his shiny and the shinies for Kalosian Sliggoo and Goodra, I really don't like the Hisuian shiny. Like c'mon, why couldn't they change the body color too? So, he'll stay a little Goomy.

Ichiro - H. Typhlosion - Level 70
Rai - Luxray - Level 70
Juna - Umbreon - Level 70
Ryoko - H. Goodra - Level 70
Rijiro - H. Zoroark - Level 70
Tsubasa - H. Braviary - Level 70

Caught 173, Seen 201, Completed 76

Eighth Star Member
(sorry for double post)

This morning I decided wanted to complete what I think is the end of the post-game story. So I went ahead and leveled my team up a bit more while exploring and getting some more exp candies, and used those to level up all my Pokemon a bit. I know the battle I was facing would be difficult so I wanted to give myself some room for error so I wouldn't have to try a million times.

I met with Cogita and Volo, receiving a plate from Cogita, then met Volo at the Temple of Sinnoh. I was aware tha he was the final villain, but I have to say the reveal was still pretty good. Idk if it was because I already knew, but throughout the story I always sensed something a little bit off with him, but dang he just came out and stated what he did. The battle was rough. I didn't have to try again at all, but he took out 3 of my Pokemon with his regular team, and then I just kept spamming max revies and bringing Giratina's HP down. 3 hard battles with no heal breaks. If I wasn't at the level I was, I wouldn't have made it. I just barely made it with only one Pokemon remaining.

It definitely feels like the game intends for you to have caught all Pokemon by the time you go back up to the Temple of Sinnoh. There is even a little cutscene and brief pause and everything for it. So technically I am not completely done with the story, but I don't think Arceus is going to provide too much more besides a battle and a few words.

After taking a little break, I decided to check on dex progress and saw that I didn't have too many Pokemon left to obtain in the Obsidian Fieldlands, so I set the goal of getting everything in the Fieldlands (not completing it though, that's gonna take a while). Most of the Pokemon I had to catch were evolutions, some I don't think were available or were very rare to catch, so I focused on evolving them. Overqwil and Wyrdeer are nightmares to evolve. Everyone always talks about how annoying it is to find Peat Block for evolving Ursaring, but I don't see anyone talking about Overqwil and Wyrdeer. Like, unless you are raising one, that is a chore going around and using Strong or Agile style on specific moves 20 times to make them evolve. But, I completed it. Then Cherubi was an absolute nightmare to find. I checked all the shaking trees in the Heartwood three times till I decided to just go try the spot in the Crimson Mirelands. First shaking tree I checked and I got it. And that was it, all Pokemon caught in the Obsidian Fieldlands.

Ichiro - H. Typhlosion - Level 75
Rai - Luxray - Level 75
Juna - Umbreon - Level 75
Ryoko - H. Goodra - Level 76
Rijiro - H. Zoroark - Level 75
Tsubasa - H. Braviary - Level 75

Pokedex: Eighth Star Member
189 Caught, 211 Seen, 90 Completed
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Managed to get through the big post-game story arc

I had spoiled myself a bit with Volo so I knew to expect the betrayal this time but it still kinda made me a bit sad. To be fair I actually was sus of him at the beginning of the game, but at the climax when he helped after Kamado threw me out I actually liked him. Then I learned a bit of his involvement in and was like... well, we'll see what actually happened.

Turns out he's crazy, manipulative, and took advantage of you the whole game.

As for the fight itself, I had kinda spoiled myself on what to expect, so I went in fully expecting to lose. And I would have if I hadn't spammed Max Revives on Sylveon and Gyarados. What a scary fight.

Still not done catching everything yet, so I can't go to Arceus yet. Knowing me it'll probably be a bit yet before I get there, though I am at least at 201 now.
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