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Pokemon Legends: Shaymin (signups and discussion)


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Nov 8, 2005
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@more than a torchic @TRNatalie

The basic premise:

The spirit of a great mountain, angered by thieves...

The sacred grove of Nature's Grace Mountain has been devastated--thieves have broken into the sacred grove, and stolen the ten elemental blooms that protect the mountain. Fearful that evil could infiltrate the mountain, Shaymin took the form of a warrior known as Jade Flower, and set off on an urgent quest to find the ten enchanted blooms.

A band of warriors, honor-bound to avenge a great crime...

Luckily fortune was kind to Shaymin, nee Jade Flower, and she found a group of willing warriors to accompany her on her long and perilous journey. Along the way, they will clash with evil sects, warlords, and yokai that all want the elemental blooms. But they will also encounter loyal heroes that will help them.

The Six Guardian Spirits, taking human form to help Shaymin and her companions on their way...

But Shaymin has more than mortal help on her quest, she also has the help of the Six Guardian Spirits--six heroes of Waku that ascended to godhood as a reward for completing an equally perilous journey. Their divine martial arts and powers are no match for any mortal art, but they know better than to intervene when they are not needed. For now, they watch and wait for when Shaymin and her companions need them most.

A duel between chosen champions, before the walls of a dark fortress.

Yet Shaymin is well aware of where her journey leads her--to the thieves' hideout, where she will confront their leader once and for all. But things are not always what they seem...

You play the role of one of Shaymin/Jade Flower's companions--will you help her complete her quest?

Sign up here with the following info:

Character's name: (try to pick something that at least sounds Chinese or Japanese)
Character's age: (anywhere from age 14 to 19 will do)
Character's physical appearance (what does your character basically look like?)
Character's personality/known history (what is your character like, and what spurred your character to help Shaymin/Jade Flower?)
Character's known Pokémon, if any (any known non-Legendary Pokémon are allowed--if you do want a Legendary, be prepared to explain how you got it)
Character's preferred style: (what does your character use to fight? If they fight unarmed, just put "fist", "palm", or "knuckle")
Character's school/sect: (Is your character part of a school or sect? If they are not, you can list them as "wandering warriors)
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Some information and inspiration to help you brainstorm:

If you need ideas for sect names or martial art names, check here (check all the two word templates for best results. You can also generate a nickname for your character, if you wish)
If you just need martial art names, look here--try to keep them somewhat realistic sounding, and Pokemonize accordingly)

Here is a generator for martial titles, if you'd like one.

Weapons you may use

Twin swords
Saber (a bigger bladed weapon than a sword)
Fukiya (blowgun--these styles are named as 'breath' or 'blow')
Chi (basically magic--these styles are often named 'energy', 'strike', 'fury', 'armor', or 'defense'.)

Instruments you may use

Tikin (a three stringed fiddle-like instrument with a voice-like sound)
Moji (a small lute-like instrument traditionally known as the heroine's instrument in theater)
Suji (a more guitar-like lute often used for melodic solos and accompanying singing)
Kanegen (a mandolin-like instrument)

Implements you may use

Puppet (these styles are known as 'spirits'
What if I pulled a Dawn/Hikari for—nah I'm not gonna do that

All right I'm gonna revive my Fizzy Bubbles character that never got used. I forgot what she looks like lol. I hope I do this right:

Character's name: Orihime/Sun Star
Character's age: 18
Character's physical appearance: About 5'10" with a lanky frame; messy, black hair cut shoulder length. Sand-colored skin with a warm undetone. Grey eyes. Wears dark blue hakama over a white shirt, black boots, and a black satchel.
Character's personality/known history: A wandering mercenary who once studied at a famous art school. That plan fell apart for mysterious reasons, however, so now she wanders Waku, taking up odd jobs. Her latest mission is accompanying Shaymin/Jade Flower. She doesn't like talking about herself and may come off as aloof, but she cares deeply for her friends and Pokémon. Push her buttons, however, and you’ll never know peace with her.
Character's known Pokémon, if any: Torchic (Kane)
Character's preferred style: Staff
Character's school/sect: Wandering Warrior
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@more than a torchic

That will do very nicely! You are Accepted!

(You did guess that Dawn/Hikari is one of the Six Spirits! Her title is Pearl Deerling, and she has both cosmos and light abilities)
(You did guess that Dawn/Hikari is one of the Six Spirits! Her title is Pearl Deerling, and she has both cosmos and light abilities)
Ooooh fancy. I was referencing the fact that characters in Legends: Arceus are ancestors of other Pokémon characters, but it's nice to know I guessed something (and that I got accepted).
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@more than a torchic

The Six Guardian Spirits

In order, the Six Guardian Spirits are:

--Ruby Phoenix, a fearless and joyous swordsman who is as skilled with a flute as he is with a sword. He has tamed a Pikachu for company, granting thunder powers on top of his innate fire powers. (Ash's counterpart)

--Sapphire Dragon, a brave and confident master of the twinblades. In the martial world, she has earned the nickname 'The Water-Ice Warrior Princess' for her two innate powers and skill at her blades--it is said no man has ever defeated her. Some have warned that her fury is like a dragon's if angered! (Misty's counterpart)

--Emerald Raikou, a wise yet powerful archer with a divine voice--his skill at the harp belies great skill at the bow and powerful magic in his song. But when someone he cares about is threatened, he will strike with the fury of Raikou! (Brock's counterpart)

--Golden Delphox, a clever and friendly dancer with skill in magic. Many do not know her dance is enchanted--as well as deadly to the forces of evil. If dancing is not possible, she can lash her ribbons like whips. (Serena's counterpart)

--Jade Beautifly, a former actress who now makes a living as an adventurer. But her skills on the stage create a unique form of magic as she dazzles and amazes with dance like moves, both with spells and the war fan. She is very close with Pearl Deerling, and the two are never apart for long. (May's counterpart)

--Pearl Deerling, a mystic of the stars who left her enclave on a journey of discovery, She befriended Jade Beautifly on the road, and the two of them have been together ever since. If using her magic is not possible, she will also use the divine staff used by monks, miko and mystics. (Dawn's counterpart)
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@more than a torchic

Elementals in Hisui Explained:

The type chart is cut down from 18 to 10 types, based on ki color:

--Silver (spirit; no elemental)
--Green (earth)
--Light green (nature)
--Red (fire)
--Lavender (wind)
--Blue (water)
--Cyan (ice)
--Yellow (thunder)
--Purple (cosmos)
--White (light)

Black (shadow) ki is considered evil, so no noble martial artist can channel it

Rainbow ki is the union of all the elements. The most powerful moves and spells are created by uniting as many ki colors as possible--either by a group combining powers or a single user's finisher. The most famous rainbow move is "Swanna's Final Song"--popularly known as "the Swanna Song"
Heyo! After some debating with myself, I have decided to take part in this. Here is my sign-up sheet:

Character's name: Kyo (I am using Koga's Japanese name if that's ok)
Character's age: 19
Character's physical appearance: six and a half feet tall and has dark brown hair. Wears a blue and black ninja outfit. Also has a small satchel. Has a scar on his left arm that extends the length of his upper arm, as well as scars on other parts of his body.
Character's personality/known history: Kyo is a noble Ninja who seeks to help those who need it. He is a serious man, but underneath is a kind and friendly guy who cares about others. He was betrayed by his brother, who was enticed by the power of evil and joined the thieves in stealing the blooms from the mountain. Kyo was left for dead, but he survived thanks to healing herbs that he had, as well as Jade Flower/Shaymin. He seeks to help Jade Flower get the Blooms back to the mountain, while also getting some revenge.
Character's known Pokémon: Greninja (Aphotic)
Character's preferred style: Twin Swords (plus Chi if that is allowed [because elemental blades are cool]).
Character's school/sect: Wandering Warrior
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Your signup is Pending:

--what clan is Kyo a part of? this will help inform what type his jutsu are. (the clans match the noble elementals--evil ninjas are part of the Shadow Clan

There are ten Great Clans--Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Snow, Thunder, Sun, Moon, Wood, and Spirit. There are minor clans related to the Great Clans, too
I think I will have him be a part of the Water Clan (Water is one of my favorite types, after all).

What will your character be? I am assuming you will be controlling Shaymin/ Jade Flower?

Yes, as well as the Six Guardian Spirits (if we encounter them)

As a member of the Water Clan, you can use water skills--and by extension, ice skills.
Now I am wondering if I should have gone for more of a team of ice and water types as opposed to what I have...
Can I change it?
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How do the types work? What type(s) fall under each Ki? I will make my decision based on that. For the moment, I am going to just have Greninja for now.
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If we compare the real type chart to this:


--Earth--Ground, Rock, Steel

--Wood--Grass, most Bug

--Fire--Fire, Fighting

--Wind--Flying, some Bug

--Water--Water, some Ice

--Snow--most Ice


--Moon--noble Dark, Ghost, and Poison types, as well as cosmic attacks

--Sun--Psychic, Dragon, Fairy
For now, I am just going to have Greninja. I can't make up my mind on what to have for my team, though I guess I can always just add something during the roleplay at some point...
I don't have to plan it out right now.
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