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Pokémon Masters EX developer message discusses Version 2.26.0 update: Elesa joins Trainer's Lodge, Villain Arc Unova Chapter, new sync pairs, and more

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A new version of Pokémon Masters EX game, Version 2.26.0, became available for download on October 26th. Amongst other changes, this new version brings with it updates to sales of gems in the in-game store, including changes to purchase limits for minors. The producers of Pokémon Masters EX have also revealed details on several new components to the game in their monthly message to players, along with information about upcoming Sync Pairs. The next letter is slated for late November and will include information about new Sync Pairs coming in December, as well as details on events that will be running over the holiday period.

Update Summary
The full changelog from the Version 2.26.0 update can be read here. Below, we've summarised some of the more important elements from this update.

In-Game Shop Updates
Beginning October 30th at 11:00pm (PDT), new Gem Bundles will be available to purchase from the in-game shop. These new bundles replace the existing Daily Gem Bundles
  • The Daily Gem Bundle will be revamped into the Daily Gem Bundle EX. Players purchasing it will immediately receive 1,000 Paid Gems, and a Sync Orb Reward Boost lasting 20 days. Additionally, players will receive a further 2,000 Paid Gems in the form of an Exclusive Log-In Bonus of 100 Paid Gems for 20 days.
  • The Daily Gem Bundle EX + will comes with several additional benefits. Players purchasing it will immediately receive 3,000 Paid Gems. Additionally, players will receive a Exclusive Log-In Bonuses offering a further 200 Paid Gems and 1 Move Candy Coin each day for 20 days (for a total of 4,000 Paid Gems and 20 Move Candy Coins).
A Battle Point Boost Pass will also be available for purchase. This pass doubles the amount of Battle Points players can earn in the Daily Region Rotation for 20 days, in addition to granting the player 1,500 Paid Gems.

Each of these bundles and passes can only be purchased by players once every 20 days, becoming available for repurchase immediately after the previous bundle/pass rewards have been claimed or expired.

Together with these updates, the method of calculating purchase limits for minors has changed. Following this change, purchase limits will only consider the number of gems immediately granted to the player on purchase. For example, purchases of the new Daily Gem Bundle would only consider the initial grant of 1,000 Paid Gems towards the gem purchase limits, and would ignore the additional 2,000 Paid Gems granted from Log-In bonuses. As a result of this change, minors will actually be able to purchase more gems from the in-game shop than they had been able to previously.

New Move Animations
A selection of Sync Pairs have received adjusted Move animations. The full list can be read in the changelog. Cyrus & Palkia also received an adjustment to their Sync MOve and Move activation animations.

New Jukebox Songs
A selection of new songs have been added to the Jukebox. Players can acquire the newly added songs in the Unlock Songs menu of the Jukebox, or via the Exchange Items menu in the shop.

Quality of Life Changes
The game will now automatically select the last team a player used to complete a battle for each area. This should save players time having to change between multiple teams when they go to complete different ongoing events.

Elesa Arrives at the Trainer's Lodge
From October 31st, a new trainer will strut her stuff and enter the Trainer's Lodge: Elesa. Players can invite her as a guest to the lodge if they've been able to team up with Elesa & Zebstrika from a Sync Pair scout.

Elesa is appearing in Monthly Poké Fair Scout Vol. 3 alongside the 2.26.0 update. This same scout also features N & Zekrom, who players will need to invite N to the Lounge. These Monthly Poké Fair Scouts will continue for the forseeable future, offering players plenty of opportunity to obtain Fair-Exclusive Sync Pairs to be invited to the Lounge.

Additional story content and sync pairs coming with the Unova Chapter of the Villain Arc
The Unova chapter of the Villain Arc will be available in game beginning October 30th, at 11:00pm (PDT). This latest arc will feature the return of Ghetsis as he continues with his evil plots, seeking to unleash the power of Kyurem against Pasio's trainers. Opposing him are the Hilda & Hilbert, the main characters from the Pokémon Black & White games, who will appear in special Poké Fair Sync Scouts with new Sygna Suits and partner Pokémon in conjunction with this event.

A new Villain Event, The Captured King, will also be running alongside the launch of the Unova Chapter, in which players will be able to earn Legendary Spirit, which can be used to raise Ghetsis & Kyurem to 6★ EX.

The second part of this chapter of the Villain Arc will be released in mid-November.

Sygna Suit Hilda & Victini

Sygna Suit Hilda & Victini are a Fire-type Strike sync pair. Their For the Win! Move allows them to raise their critical-hit rate by three stat ranks, and the accuracy of all allied sync pairs by one stat rank. The move also makes it so Victini's Special Attack is raised alongside any increases to its Attack stat. Their Searing Shot Move meanwhile hits all opponents with a 30% chance of leaving targets burned. Coupled with their Fierce Entry 6 Passive Skill, which raises their Attack by six stat ranks on entering battle, and Victini can be powered up very quickly to deal with opposing sync pairs. In addition, their Downside Up passive skill raises stats when they would normally be lowered, such as with their V-create move, which would normally lower their Defense, Special Defense and Speed by one stat rank on each use.

N (Summer 2022) & Zoroark are a Dark-type strike sync pair. Their Vivid Illusion! Move allows them to raise their Sp. Atk by six stat ranks, and their evasiveness by two stat ranks. Their main attack move, Night Daze, also has a 40% chance of lowering the target’s accuracy by one stat rank. In addition, this sync pair have Passive Skills granting them the when entering battle with full HP, or after using their Sync Move, making them a strong attacker against opponents weak to Dark-type attacks throughout the whole battle.

Sygna Suit Hilbert & Genesect

Sygna Suit Hilbert & Genesect are a Bug-type Tech sync pair. The combination of their Bug Shift, Hilbert's Aim, and Hilbert's Plan Passive Skills changes the type of their Techno Blast move to Bug, or to either Fire, Water, Electric, or Ice when the target's weakness is one of those types. When they first connect with their Techno Blast, an opponent weak to one of those five types will additionally have their Type Rebuff for that type lowered by one rank. In conjunction with Perfect Aim! to raise their own Special Attack by three stat ranks, and apply the Supereffective ↑ Next effect to them; and Metal Sound to lower opponents Special Defense by two stat ranks, this sync pair has a lot of versatility to target a wide variety of different Pokémon vulnerable to Special Attacks.

Other Upcoming Events and Future Updates
Re-run of The Ideal Formula Story Event coming in November

Focusing on N and Zekrom, this story event covers N's arrival on Pasio and their reunion with Hilbert. Originally running from December 24th, 2020, to January 12th, 2021, this event was first rerun from September 13th to 17th, 2021 as a part of Two-Year Anniversary Rerun Event.

This latest re-run of the event will include a special Log-In Bonus featuring special Song Keys.

Egg and Gear Events coming in November
A Bug- and Steel-Type Egg Event will begin sometime in November, allowing players to obtain eggs for Pokémon of these types. Additionally, a Fire Type gear event will also be starting in November, giving players the ability to power up their Fire-type sync pairs with new gear.

UI Changes
An update in November will allow players to include Trainers with the same name on their teams, as well as to instantly restart battles using the same team from the battle pause menu.
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