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Pokémon Masters EX developer update previews upcoming app improvements, sync pairs, and events

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The producers of Pokémon Masters EX have also revealed details on several new components to the game in their monthly message to players, along with information about a new Signa Suit for Morty and Golden Events to celebrate of 40 millions downloads of the game. The next letter is slated for late May, and will include information about new Sync Pairs coming at the end of that month, as well as details on events that will be running in June.

In addition to the below-listed updates, the developers are apparently also working on several other yet-to-be detailed updates for the end of April. Players are encouraged to reach out to the Pokémon Masters EX team with feedback on these changes, and on other issues they'd like to see resolved to improve the game's usability.

Summary of App Updates Coming Late April
The following changes will be taking effect in-game after the update is released later this week.

Sync Pair Filter update
The Known Moves section has been updated for more detailed filtering by Move Target

Story Skip Function
Pokémon Masters EX will be updating the story skip function to apply to future stories (excluding some areas with special formats). The update notification will include more details on the specific areas where this updated function will be available.

Medal Check Function
Players will be able to check which pieces of medals they have already earned in the edit team function for Champion Stadium Hard Level 1.

Updates to Battling and Team Editing
Battle loss prompts and the Edit Team Screen are being updated to improve usability of future Legendary Gauntlet Events. These revisions will only apply to certain specific areas, which will be detailed in the update notification in-game once it has been posted.
  • The kinds of battles that will display a confirmation prompt upon quitting a battle upon defeat have been expanded. Upon selecting Battle Again, players will be able to immediately restart the battle using the same team.
  • Sync Pairs that are unusable for a particular battle area will now be displayed on the bottom right of the screen on the edit teams section.
First Details on Future App Updates
The producers have revealed that they're also working on some major UI updates to the game, including improvements to in-game menus, with the intention of making certain functions more convenient to use. This update will be rolled out over two phases, with the first phase focused on improving the usability of menus for strengthing Sync Pairs. These updates are still in development, and more information can be expected to be released closer to their release.

Celebrating Pokémon Masters EX hitting 40 million downloads

Starting April 27th, Pokémon Masters EX will be running a selection of rallies and gold-themed events in-game in celebration of hitting 40 million downloads. The exact start and end times periods for these rallies and events have not been released as of writing.

40 Million Downloads Celebration Present
Players will receive 3,000 gems as a thank you gift for the game reaching the 40 Million Download milestone. This present will be sent to the Present Box for players to claim.

40 Million Downloads Celebration Log-In Bonus
Players will receive up 3,300 Gems over 14 days worth of Log-In bonuses.

40 Million Downloads Celebration Special Missions
Players will be able to receive up to 1,200 Gems, along with other rewards, by completing a new Mission Bingo.

40 Million Downloads Celebration Gem Specials
A variety of gem specials will be available to purchase in the in-game shop. The exact amounts that will be available, and for what prices, has not yet been released at the time of writing.

A Golden Future Story Event
This Story Event, which starts on April 27th, will feature a brand new Signa Suit Sync Pair, telling the story of how Morty, a long admirer of Ho-Oh, was able to accomplish his dream of creating a Sync with the Legendary Pokémon on Pasio.

Sygna Suit Morty and Ho-oh are a Fire-type Support Sync Pair. The pair allow them to heal both themselves and allies, as well as creating Sunny Weather. They can also buff their allies in a variety of ways through the combination of their Believe! move and passive skills. One of these passive skills allows them to apply the Damage Move Guard Next condition the first time they use their Sync Move.

Solo Event Pasio Gold Rush
This new Solo event, which focused on a group of mysterious hikers, will be starting on April 30th. Not much is known about this event at the time of writing, with the producer's letter only giving cryptic information about some "golden things" coming to Pasio.

Daily Battle - The Golden Magikarp
Starting May 4th, players will be able to collect Eggs that hatch into Magikarp and Shiny Magikarp, as well as collect other items to exchange for a variety of other rewards. Several missions in this event will be available for players to participate in with their Magikarp.

Other Upcoming Debuts

Sinnoh Champion Stadium

The Sinnoh Elite Four and Champion be debuting in the Champion Stadium from May 1st. Special music will play during these battles.

To tie into this debut, the Sinnoh Elite Four who are making their first apperance in the game with this Champion Stadium debut will also be appearing elsewhere in game, though no further details about this apperance are available at this time.

Ground Type Gear Event
A new Ground Type gear event will be starting on May 15th, giving players the ability to power up their Ground-type sync pairs with new gear.

Villain Arc Johto Chapter
The Johto Chapter of the Villain Arc will launch in-game on May 18th.

Legendary Gauntlet
A new run of the Legendary Gauntlet will be starting on May 23rd. This run of the Legendary Gauntlet will focus on Regirock, Latios, and Tornadus. By using the Guaranteed Lucky Cookie 3 from this event, players will be able to have Sync Pairs learn the Super Powered 3 Lucky Skill.


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