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Pokémon Masters EX updates to Version 2.38 - Dev update previews new Main Story Chapter and Story event - Ground & Fighting Egg Event launches today

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New Pokémon Masters EX logo, featuring Piers in his new Sygna Suit
A new version of Pokémon Masters EX, version 2.38.0, is now available to download. Together with this update, the monthly message from the producers of Pokémon Masters EX has revealed details on several upcoming events and changes in-game over November, including a new Main Story Chapter, a new Story Event, and the launch of the Mix Scout and Ultimate Battle features. A new Egg Event focused on Ground- and Fikghting-type Pokémon is also launching in-game today.

The next letter from the producers is slated to be released in late-November.

Update Summary
The full changelog from the Version 2.38.0 update can be read here. Below, we've summarised some of the biggest changes with this update.

New app icon
Pokémon Masters EX has changed its app icon. The new icon features Piers, the Gym Leader of Galar's Spikemuth Gym, in a new Sygna Suit outfit that will debut in-game on October 30th (see below)

New additions to the in-game shop
Starting October 31st, at 11:00pm (PDT), players will be able to purchase a bundle of gems from the in-game shop that includes an additional bonus of 50,000 Co-op Sync Orbs. Players will be able to purchase up to 10 of these bundles each month.

New Side Area section added to the Explore Menu
A new section for Side Areas has been added to the Explore Menu, replacing the Sync Pair Stories button on that menu. Sync Pair Stories have now been moved to this new Side Area section.

Gladion & Silvally
Trainer Lodge Updates

From October 31st, at 11:00pm (PDT), a new trainer will make his mark and enter the Trainer Lodge: Gladion. Players will be able to invite Gladion as a guest to the lodge if they've been able to team up with Gladion & Silvally from a Sync Pair scout.

Buddy Move Name Revisions
A long list of Buddy Moves have received new names in this update.
  • B Volt Tackle ➔ Origin Volt Tackle
  • B Thunderbolt ➔ Best Buddies Thunderbolt
  • B Aura Sphere ➔ Superior Aura Sphere
  • B Dazzling Gleam ➔ Ultimate Dazzling Gleam
  • B Noble Roar ➔ Resonating Noble Roar
  • B Quick Attack ➔ Boundless Quick Attack
  • B Double Team ➔ Transformational Double Team
  • B Diamond Storm ➔ Pink Diamond Storm
  • B Hydro Pump ➔ Heat Hydro Pump
  • B Cross Poison ➔ Venom Cross Poison
  • B Fiery Wrath ➔ Fierce Fiery Wrath
  • B Thunderous Kick ➔ Roaring Thunderous Kick
  • B Freezing Glare ➔ Intimidating Freezing Glare
  • B Leer ➔ Binding Leer
  • B Night Slash ➔ Thieving Night Slash
  • B Electroweb ➔ Wild Electroweb
  • B Protect ➔ Sea Deity Protect
  • B Swords Dance ➔ Unbreakable Swords Dance
  • B Psycho Cut ➔ Neo Psycho Cut
  • B Razor Leaf ➔ Razor-Sharp Razor Leaf
  • B Ice Beam ➔ Dancing Ice Beam
  • B Surf ➔ Purifying Surf
  • B Triple Axel ➔ Crushing Triple Axel
  • B Breaking Swipe ➔ Slashing Breaking Swipe
  • B Double Shock ➔ Rapid Double Shock
The Mysterious Stones Chapter debuts next week

For the first time since the conclusion of the Villain Arc, a new chapter of Pokémon Masters EX's main story will debut next week with the start of the new chapter The Mysterious Stones. This chapter will focus on Professor Bellis, and her investigation of the Mysterious Stone items that have recently started appearing on Pasio. More information on this new Chapter will be released on October 31st.

Three new Sync Pairs debut next week alongside new Story Event
Roxie and Piers will each debut new Sygna Suit sync pairs on Monday next week, October 30th, alongside the new Who's the Best Singer? Story Event, with each trainer partnering with their own Toxtricity. Both pairs will launch with the ability to be raised to 6★ EX, and the ability to unlock EX Roles when raised to 6★ EX. Ryuki, the rock guitarist and Dragon-type specialist, will also make his debut as a playable character in Pokémon Masters in a separate Sync Pair Scout next Friday, November 3rd.

Sygna Suit Roxie & Toxtricity
The new Who's the Best? Story Event will see Piers, Roxie, and Ryuki having a jam session together on Pasio, which results in a special concert battle between the three after their fans get overly excited following the intended conclusion of their concert.

Sygna Suit Roxie & Toxtricity are a Tech Sync Pair with a Strike EX Role, who make use of multiple terrain effects and status conditions to control the battlefield and strike all opponents. In addition to creating Electric Terrain with their moves, they can also apply a Poison Zone the first time they use their Max Move in each battle. Both of these effects boost their Frenzied Sludge Wave Buddy Move, which gains a 50% increase to power when Electric Terrain is in play despite being a Poison-type attack. This move also hits all opponents, lowering their Sp. Def by two stat ranks, making this a particularly brutal combo.

Sygna Suit Piers & Toxtricity
Sygna Suit Piers & Toxtricity are a Strike Sync Pair with a Support EX Role. Similar to Roxie, this pair also uses multiple terrain effects, with the ability to create a Poison Zone with their The Show Begins! move, and applying Electric Terrain the first time they make a successful attack move each battle. Their Sorrowful Echos Overdrive Buddy Move can be activated whenever weather, terrain, or zone effects are active, meaning Piers can rapidly bust this out shortly after beginning a battle. The move uses two less slots of the Move Gauge when a Poison Zone is in play, as well as having its power increased by 20% when its target is affected by a status condition, giving Piers a lot of combo potential with his jam session partner in Roxie.

Mix Scout, a new type of Sync Pair Scout, launch in-game from October 31st together with new Red & Venusaur Sync Pair
Starting October 31st, Pokémon Masters EX will receive the addition of its first new format of Sync Pair Scout in some time, with the new Mix Scout.

Mix Scouts are a new form of long term scout, whose lineup will change roughly every six months, allowing players to accrue Scout Points in many scouts over time. When each Mix Scout expires, all accrued scout points from the Mix Scout will carry over onto the new one. Players will only be able to use the Mix Scout using Paid Gems, and the Mix Scout will only be able to be used a certain number of times per day. Some Sync Pairs will be exclusively available through Mix Scouts, starting with Red & Venusaur.

Red & Venusaur
Red & Venusaur are a Field Sync Pair with the ability to be raised to 6★ EX and unlock a Strike EX Role. In addition to several defensive options, Red & Venusaur are able to lay down Grassy Terrain using their Max Overgrowth Max Move, activating their powerful Giga Frenzy Plant Buddy Move which strikes multiple opponents without a reduction of power as well as lowering targets Sp. Def by two stat ranks. This move combos with their Kanto Journey Legacy Passive Skill, which turns all their successful attacks to critical hits, allowing this pair to deal significant Grass-type damage to the entier opposing team.

Ultimate Battles to debut from mid-November
Starting mid-November, Pokémon Masters EX will be adding in the new and more challenging battle content that they've been teasing in the past few dev letters. The Ultimate Battle are a new kind of permanent battle content, which will be regularly updated with fresh challenges for trainers. Each Ultimate Battle will follow the standard three-on-three battle format, but with a level of difficulty that's significantly above the difficulty of high level battles to date. These battles will require players to maximizing the potential of their Sync Pairs, to have an excellent understanding of how to build their team for the best advantage, and understand the right time to use their moves in the most effective way. No exclusive rewards are planned for completing these however, so it appears these will mostly be for bragging rights.

The first Ultimate Battle to be added will be Anabel's Flicking Flames. Beyond the fact that the battle must feature the titular International Police Officer and former Frontier Brain, no details on exactly what this Battle will involve have been released at this time.

Sandshrew, Diglett, Machop, Mankey, and Cubone

Other upcoming Updates and Events

Champion Stadium Updates
In the Champion Stadium starting on November 5th, the maximum number of points that players can reach by selecting different options in Master Mode will be raised to 3,000. While the update does not explicitly say, it's believed that this will represent a permanent change to the Master Mode for all Champion Stadiums going forward.

New High Score Event
The game's next High Score Event, focusing on trainers weak to Fire-type Sync Pairs, will start on November 7th. As of this latest High Score Event, rewards from this event will be adjusted, with Red, Pink, and Blue Skill Feathers being made available as event rewards.

Eevee Day Celebration! returns November 21st
The Eevee Day Celebration! event, which ran last year in honor of Japan's official Eevee Day, will return to Pokémon Masters EX later this year. As of writing, no details have been given about what, if any, changes may have been made to the event for this year.


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