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TEEN: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Discoveries

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Miyoko, a young Budew, wakes up in an unfamiliar place and meets up with an Alolan Vulpix named Yuki and a Roggenrola called Hiban. The three create a Rescue Team together, but Miyoko has been getting strange dreams of an unknown figure... (Marked Teen for eventual character death and mention of dead bodies.)
Mar 4, 2022
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As Miyoko opened her eyes, she found the place she was in to be unknown to her. "Ah! You're finally awake!" chirped a voice to the right of her. She got up on her feet and saw that the Pokemon talking to her was none other than an Alolan Vulpix. "I was afraid that I found...you know..."
"A dead body?" Miyoko answered. The Vulpix nodded solemnly. "Y...yeah..."
Miyoko turned to look at the snow-white fox Pokemon next to her. "My name's Miyoko. Yours?"
"Yuki! It's nice to meet you." Yuki stretched out her paw, before bringing it back after remembering that Budew don't have hands.
"How did you end up here, though? I thought Budew needed sunlight and stuff. And, well...this is a cave," Yuki said. Miyoko looked up and sure enough, there was a ceiling above her. "I don't know, if I'm being honest..." she replied. Her memory was foggy, and she hadn't a clue why.
"I'm looking for my friend. Have you heard or seen a Roggenrola around here...?" Miyoko shook her head--er, her body--in response to Yuki's question. She didn't even recognize this place.
"Oh...Well, could you help me look? I'm pretty worried..." She looked genuinely worried, so all Miyoko could do as a good person was agree to help. "Okay."
Miyoko walked with Yuki to look for the missing Roggenrola. After a while of looking, she was about to tell Yuki that they should give up, but just then she heard a quiet sound, like rock hitting rock, from a while away. "Oh? Did you see something, Miyoko?" her Vulpix cohort asked. "THERE!" she shouted in response, racing to the noise. "Wait! Miyoko!!!!"
Yuki chased after her, and at the end she was out of breath as her friend pounced on a random rock. "Waaaah!!" 'it' shouted, standing up and pushing Miyoko off. "Wait, Yuki?"
The rock--now revealed to be a Roggenrola--trudged over to his friend. "There you are, Hiban!" chirped the snowy fox, hugging Hiban. "Who IS that?" he asked, turning to Miyoko.
"That's Miyoko. She got lost in here too, I think." came the answer. The Budew nodded. "Yeah...maybe. Sorry about that."
Hiban shrugged as much as a Roggenrola could. "Eh. Don't worry about it. Yuki does it a lot too when we get seperated."
Yuki pouted. "Heyyy! I've been working on that!" Hiban sighed.
The unhappy Vulpix suddenly got a spark in her eye. "Hold on a minute! If Miyoko's here, and so now there's three of us... HIBAN! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS!? WE CAN FORM OUR RESCUE TEAM NOW!"
"Is she up for it, though?" responded Hiban, turning to Miyoko. She thought for a moment. "Sure."
Yuki seemed like she might explode out of happiness. "THEN LET'S STOP WASTING TIME! WE'RE GONNA GO TO THE SIGNUPS!" She ran as fast as her little legs could take her, which was surprisingly very fast.
Hiban and Miyoko tried to catch up to her, but it was no use. The two came there after she had already signed them up.
"Oh! Why, hello there!" said the Clefable at the front of the desk, waving. "Are you this Pokèmon's cohorts?"
"Yeah, that would be us." Miyoko replied. "As she probably told you, we want to form a Rescue Team."
"Come with me, then!" The Clefable gestured towards a door behind her, and the soon-to-be Rescue Team followed her inside, and she led them to a room filled with other recruits. "This is where you'll stay until you become a full-fledged Rescue Team!"
"Full-fledged? Do we have to do something before we become an official team?" asked Yuki.
Their guide nodded. "Mhm! You'll have to pass the test. But for now, you stay here, alright?"
"Okay, sure." Hiban walked over to the dorm labelled 'Team Safety'. "Is this us?" he asked. Yuki responded with a nod. "Cool, because I'm beat. I'm gonna go to bed."
"Same here," Miyoko said, entering the dorm and going to bed.
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