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EVERYONE: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon!: Exploit the Dream/Discover the Truth

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Jul 29, 2011
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Mara woke up with a massive head ache and the feeling of being wet. All the a voice is crying out to her: "Please wake up. Wake up!" Her eyesight was blurry but, with a groan, mustered some energy to look around and saw an expansive lake around her. I am on an island. Mara concluded. she continued to look around, to regain her senses, until her eye landed on a foggy blue and white figure.
"Its great to see you're okay," something said.
Mara vision cleared and was not suspecting what she saw. Instead of seeing a human she saw a pokemon, an Oshawott to be exact. Mara blinked a couple times then stood up to see were was the human that spoke, but saw nothing but a small palm tree. So she asked the Oshawott, "Were is the human that was speaking?" doubting it would understand her. And she was right. The sea otter pokemon just looked at her with a confused expression. "A human. Where is the human that spoke?" Mara asked again, this time going slowly and making it simple for the pokemon to uderstand.
"First of all: I understood you the first time! Second of all: why would a human be talking? Humans havent lived here for a long time," the Oshawott said.
Mara jumpeed bake in alarm and yelled. She gasped and said, "You're a pokemon! And you are talking!"
"Well, last time I checked all pokemon could talk. I mean you're talking, and you're a pokemon," the pokemon answered with odd calmness.
"What? I am not a pokemon! I am a human!"
"Then you must be the weirdest looking human I've never seen. You look like any normal Vulpix to me."
"What?" Mara started that she noticed that sha was standing eye level with the Oshawott. A single strand of red hair fell into place in front of her eyes. Then she looked down at her hands. They were not hands, no, they were four didget, dark crimson furry paws. Mara eyes widen. she looked in between her legs, which were covered with light red fur, and saw that the same thing happened to her legs and feet. Mara looked at he back and saw that it was covered with light red fur. Looking further behind her she saw six luxgirious, blood red tail. Mara breath quickened and she hurried over to island edge to look at her reflection in the water, and what she saw frightened her the most. Instead of seeing a human face, she saw a Vulpix's face. Mara looked out over the lake and yelled: "I realy am a pokemon!" so that the whole world could hear.

Ollo every one ! this is the story ofMara the human turned pokemon and Oshawott her parner. When you read this dont think this is your generic Pokemon mystery dungeon story. but instead it is a story that will keep you reeading... hopefully! so hope you enjoy the story!
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