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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon in Europe

Can't Touch Dis.
Jul 19, 2004
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Quoth the Pokecharms:

NOE End of Year Release List and Mystery Dungeon release date
NOE has released what would generally be considered their release list to cover the rest of the year. However, thanks to the Wii launching at some point during this period, this list is essentially only half accurate and may be replaced at some point with a Wii featuring one.

Nonetheless, big titles like the DS Browser, launching on 6th Oct 2006, the Square-Enix developed Mario Slam Basketball, launching on 10th Nov 2006 and the highly anticipated Yoshi's Island 2, launching on 1st Dec 2006 are all here along with some other intriguing titles such as the English Training game that's gone down a treat in Japan and presumably only going to be launching outside of the UK hitting Europe on 13th Oct 2006.

There's also an intriguing title in the name of "42 all time classics" hitting the DS on 29th Sept 2006 that so far, we know zilch about other than the fact it's from Nintendo. Could we be seeing the entire NES Classics range from the GBA hitting the DS on a single card, plus a whorde of others?

Finally, and most influential to us I guess, is that Pokemon Mystery Dungeon will be launching in Europe on 10th Nov 2006, 2 months after America. Pokemon Ranger, on the other hand, will not be reaching here this year. You can import it from America in October instead.

Games like Starfox DS are not on the list, however, presumably being pushed aside a little to let the Wii titles get translated instead. It's likely we'll see them early next year.

As usual the full list is in full story, as poor as it is with no Wii games on it, one GBA game (Mystery Dungeon) and only 2 Cube games - neither of which actually have a date and one of which is Zelda....
So, Mystery Dungeon here on 10th November. Ranger here next year. When Ranger launches here will definitely dictate when D/P come out. If we see it in January, D/P would likely be here for Easter. If it's any later, D/P could be as late as early Summer.