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POTM: Pokemon of the Month June 2019: Celebi

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Oct 9, 2011
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Pokemon of the Month - June
Hi, everyone! Welcome again to Pokémon of the Month! So, what would be the pick for this month, you may ask? Well, since we're continuing with mythicals, why not go with Celebi for the month of June?

General Overview:

It's known as the Time Travel Pokemon!
Shiny Celebi is one of the rarest shinies, as prior to the Virtual Console release of Crystal, it couldn’t be obtained in a legitimate way in most non-Japanese games.
The GS Ball from the Pokémon anime was meant to contain Celebi and have an arc dedicated to it, but the idea was shelved in favor of the fourth movie, “Celebi: The Voice of the Forest” (also known as “Pokémon 4Ever”), where it played a major role!
It also got a role in the movie “Zoroark: Master of Illusions”, as well as many cameos in the Pokémon anime.
Celebi is a rare summon in the Smash Bros games (with the exception of Ultimate). The chance of it appearing are 1/251! It doesn't really do anything during a match, but you’ll get a nifty trophy for summoning it!
Celebi has been distributed in several events, but most notably the one where players can get their hands on one after purchasing + downloading VC Crystal. Another notable event involves the GS Ball in Pokémon Crystal, which allows you to fight and attempt to catch the Time Traveler in Ilex Forest.
There are two notable in-game events tied to some Celebi obtained through events: a time travel in Ilex Forest involving Giovanni in Heart Gold and Soul Silver, and the possibility to get the otherwise unobtainable Zorua in Black and White.
Shiny Celebi makes an appearance in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, playing a pretty notable role there, too. Without mentioning spoilers, it's tied to the player in a pretty big way.

Competitive Overview:

Just like Mew and Shaymin, Celebi has 100 in all its stats, making at a Jack-of-all-trades ‘mon. In lower tiers, it can be either a strong wallbreaker or a good defensive Pokémon.
A plethora of weaknesses, like a crippling double weakness to Bug and Pursuit, diminish its ability to take hits. Be careful with opposing U-Turns!
If you want to use Celebi offensively, a recommended set includes Nasty Plot to boost the Special Attack and moves like Psychic for STAB, Giga Drain for damage and recovery, and Dazzling Gleam for coverage. Psychium Z is an excellent item to turn Psychic into a psionic bomb.
If you prefer a more defensive approach, Leftovers helps in gaining some useful passive recovery, while U-Turn has the double advantage of bringing momentum and letting it heal from status with Natural Cure. Stealth Rock is another excellent move to weaken incoming opponents and keep away Flying-types, while Recover is a must-have to regain valuable HP. An offensive option can include Psychic or Giga Drain, depending from your team.

  • Do you like or dislike this Pokémon? Why?
  • How is this Pokémon in-game?
  • How is this Pokémon in competitive play? Are there any interesting strategies you like to use for them?
  • Do you like this Pokémon's representation in the anime? Are there any moments or qualities in particular you enjoy/dislike?
  • How do you think this Pokémon would interact with our world?
  • If given the power to, would you change anything about this Pokémon and if so, what would you change?
  • Should Celebi have been retyped as Grass/Fairy with the transition to the X/Y games onward?
  • Celebi is known for its ability to travel through time. What event in-game would you like to see that involved time traveling?