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POTW: Pokémon of the Week #101: Pyukumuku

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by MegaPod, Nov 9, 2018.

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    In the World of Pokémon, there lives a vast number and variety of amazing creatures to befriend and collect. Every few weeks, we will be focusing on a single one of these Pokémon or evolutionary lines and talking about what makes it cool as a cucumber. This week, we’re giving a big hand to Pyukumuku!


    Pyukumuku, the Sea Cucumber Pokémon, is a Water-type introduced in Generation VII. This small, roundish Pokémon, native to the shallow waters and beaches of Alola, is covered in a slime that feels soothing on sunburnt skin. It also possesses the unusual capability of regurgitating its own innards, which take the shape of a single white hand that can attack foes or even make gestures such as the peace sign. However, many tourists dislike Pyukumuku’s appearance (how DARE they?), as well as its tendency to use its guts to smack anyone unlucky enough to accidentally step on it. Pyukumuku also have a stubborn habit of always residing in one spot, even when they run out of food and put themselves in danger of starving. For both of these reasons, Alolan people will actually take jobs picking up Pyukumuku off the shore and hurling them back into the sea, a service to Pyukumuku and tourists alike.

    In battle, Pyukumuku has access to no damage-dealing moves outside of Counter and Bide, and suffers from poor HP as well as abysmal Speed — it’s the slowest Pokémon in the games, tied with Shuckle and Munchlax. Pyukumuku does, however, pack incredible defensive stats, as well as a variety of potentially useful status moves.
    Competitively, Pyukumuku fares best using Toxic stalling tactics thanks to its defensive bulk and ability to trap opposing Pokémon by using Block. With access to Soak, Pyukumuku can even strip most Steel or Poison-types of their immunity to Toxic before inflicting it. Pyukumuku can also further its stalling capabilities by regaining HP with Recover whenever its health gets too low. Other status moves in Pyukumuku’s repertoire include Gastro Acid, Substitute, and its odd signature move, Purify, which cures a status-afflicted target in order to restore half of Pyukumuku’s HP. Due to this conditional use, Purify is considerably less useful than Recover, although it can be applied to cure a single ally in double battles.
    Pyukumuku has two options as far as abilities go. Its signature ability, Innards Out, will punish an attacker for knocking out Pyukumuku by dealing back damage equal to the amount of HP Pyukumuku lost. However, competitive players might favor its hidden ability, Unaware. An Unaware Pyukumuku will not factor in the opposing Pokémon’s stat changes when taking damage, which allows it to be more effective in stalling attackers that rely on offensive boosts.

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    ◦ Would it be handy to arm Pyukumuku with fist-based attacks and offensive stats that pack a punch? Or is this idea opposable because Pyukumuku already has its own grasp on the battling scene? :p

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