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Pokemon of the Week (POTW)

POTW:Gameplayers (Issue #10) New
Author of Pokemon of the Week (Travelin' Dan)
Aug 10, 2020
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Hello! Welcome to Gameplayers! My name is Unovia, and it is nice to have you here. This week, we are discussing Emboar, the Mega Fire Pig Pokemon. Emboar, along with the rest of the Tepig evolutionary line, debuted in Generation V, Black and White. Being the final stage for Tepig, it only appears as an evolution. In Black, White, Black 2, White 2, X, and Y, it is purely evolution. In Sun and Moon, it can appear as an Island Scan for Ancient Poni Path on Saturday. That is the most current game.

Moving onto the cards, it has 6 different cards after appearing in the Black and White Expansion of the Trading Card Game, with the most recent being in the Sword and Shield expansion, Battle Styles. This was a very short episode, only because of the status of Emboar as a final evolution. I will see you next week.
POTW:Shows & Reads (Issue #10) New
Author of Pokemon of the Week (Travelin' Dan)
Aug 10, 2020
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Hello! Welcome to Shows & Reads! My name is Unovia, and it is nice to have you here. This week is Emboar, and the show this week is likely to be shorter. Starting with the Anime, Emboar has 3 major appearances. The first is with Bianca, a traveling companion of Ash during the Black and White series. Her Emboar was obtained as a Tepig, but it is introduced as a Pignite. It evolved into an Emboar before the Clubsplosion Tournament. Her Emboar has many personality traits similar to its trainer, reflecting her growth. The other occasion during the main series was under Seamus, Ash’s Pignite’s former trainer. After some hesitation, Pignite was able to beat it using Fire Pledge. The last occasion was during M14, as part of a festival.

Moving on to the Manga, the protagonist Black has an Emboar named Bo (previously Tep and Nite), who is one of his powerhouses. In the Black and White 2 Chapters, it is revealed that Emboar has the ability to track Reshiram’s Blue Flare to Black Kyurem so Black can find it. Through all of the Unova Chapters, Emboar is shown to be rash when angry, acting before thinking, though characteristic to its species, it cares for its friends.

Well, that does it for Emboar. See you next week!
Article #34-Flight of the Butterflies New
Author of Pokemon of the Week (Travelin' Dan)
Aug 10, 2020
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Notice to the Readers!
Before we get focused with the Pokemon Of The Week for this week, I would like to make an announcement. I am planning to take a day this week and work to set up POTW Pokemon Selections for the rest of March, April, and May (Spring 2021). For the weeks that I can't figure out a selection, I am introducing a new program for selecting that I am calling "Ditto Wild Cards". These selections will be left up to you, the Readers, and the rest of Bulbagarden's Social Media. Each of the Ditto Wild Cards will hopefully have 3 Options that I can choose from.
Look forward to those! Now onto this week's episode!

Greetings trainers!
This week, we are in The Santalune Butterfly Sanctuary within Santalune City, Kalos. This Sanctuary provides a safe space for people young and old to appreciate butterflies in their natural environment. We are here celebrating Butterfly Day, a fitting day for this location. There are several butterfly Pokemon we are going to spotlight today along with their evolutionary forms. These are Butterfree, Beautifly, and Vivillon, the butterflies of Kanto and Johto (Butterfree), Hoenn (Beautifly), and Kalos (Vivillon). There are several exhibits in this sanctuary.

This first exhibit spotlights Caterpie. Caterpie, the Worm Pokemon, has several different strategies to drive off prey. These include yellow rings that run down its body and the stench that comes off of its antenna. They are easy to catch and train.Caterpie is preyed on by many small Flying type Pokemon. Caterpie sheds its skin multiple times, eventually using its string to create a cocoon, Once the cocoon hardens, Caterpie evolves into Metapod.

Metapod is essentially a living cocoon. Its sole purpose is as a containment vessel for the liquid body within. The vessel is said to be as hard as steel. Pikipek is known as a natural enemy of Metapod. You can see several Pikipek in the enclosure, going after many of the Metapod within. Should Metapod survive the repeated attacks of prey and complete the metamorphosis, it will become Butterfree.

Butterfree is the last of the Kanto exhibits in the sanctuary. Butterfree’s wings are coated with poisonous scales that cause status conditions. It uses the scales to defend its young Caterpie from attack. The scales are also water repellent and help Butterfree collect honey. It often competes with Cutiefly, Heracross, and Combee for the purpose of collecting nectar, often flying 6 miles to complete its objective.

There is another exhibit room that is filled with red gas, simulating Dynamax Energy. In Galar, Butterfree can Gigantamax. The wings and pattern change to a white and green one, it sprouts fur on the back of the wings, and its forceful wings can move a 10 ton truck with ease and are capable of causing paralysis, poisoning, or sleep. Its G Max Move is G Max Befuddle. Wait, there is a MASSIVE Butterfree in the room! OMG! It is so beautiful!

After taking a few minutes to regroup, I am headed into the location where Beautifly resides. First, we get to look at Wurmple, its first form. Wurmple, the Worm Pokemon, a category it shares with Caterpie, is the Regional Bug of Hoenn, and the natural prey of Taillow, Swellow, and Starly. Wurmple’s evolution is completely random, being either Cascoon or Silcoon. Both of them are also included in this exhibit, as are Beautifly and Dustox. Wurmple is one of the Pokemon World’s great mysteries. Both Silcoon and Cascoon are known as the Cocoon Pokemon. Beautifly is known as the Butterfly Pokemon. While its preferred food is nectar, it is also known for draining body fluids of prey. Dustox, the other evolution of Wurmple, has wings that contain toxic dust and its horns are used to detect food, and swarms of them are often able to strip leaves off of the trees nearby. In Sinnoh, Dustox often participates in the Dustox Crossing which flies over Mt. Coronet to the Dustox Flower Field. Wurmple is certainly an interesting Pokemon.
Wurmple evolution.gif

Let’s move to Kalos now and look at its Regional Bug, Scatterbug. Scatterbug, the Scatterdust Pokemon, protects itself from Bird Pokemon using a Paralytic black powder. This powder also regulates body temperature, allowing for adapting to any environment. With enough care, it evolves into Spewpa, which also shares the Category of Scatterdust Pokemon. Spewpa is a cocoon like Pokemon which evades prey by defending itself through two ways. Either it bristles its fur or sprays black powder. Should Spewpa survive long enough, it will evolve into Vivillon.

Vivillon is known as the Scale Pokemon. It is also known for having 20 different patterns. There are so many different Vivillon that they have their own section of the exhibits. The pattern on the wings is dependent on where it lives. It is able to spread its wings and use its scales to calm down angry Pokemon. It is the only Pokemon that can learn Powder naturally. Vivillon is also able to find fresh water and springs, so if you are in a desert and find a Vivillon, odds are, you are saved. I took a picture of the many different types of Vivillon.
Screenshot_2021-03-13 List of Pokémon with form differences - Bulbapedia, the community-driven...png

I also decided to record the stats of all of the Pokemon at the Exhibit Halls. Here they are:
Butterfree Family

StatsCaterpieMetapodButterfreeGigantamax Butterfree
Special Attack20259090
Special Defense20258080

Beautifly and Dustox Family

Special Attack20252510050
Special Defense3025255090

Vivillon Family

Special Attack272790
Special Defense253050

These exhibits at the Butterfly Sanctuary were very interesting. It’s extensive and was very enjoyable. I especially enjoyed the final forms. Next week is Fragrance Week. This is Travelin’ Dan, signing off. See you next week!
POTW:Gameplayers (Issue #11) New
Author of Pokemon of the Week (Travelin' Dan)
Aug 10, 2020
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Welcome to Gameplayers! My name is Unovia and it is nice to have you here! This week, we are covering 11 individual Pokemon and one Gigantamax Form, so this will be a much longer episode than we have had in the last few weeks, so I hope you all enjoy it.

Opening up with Caterpie, we begin with the games that the line was introduced with, Red, Blue, and Yellow. Red has Caterpie on Route 25 as well as Viridian Forest. Blue sees Caterpie on Routes 2, 24, 25, and Viridian Forest. Of the Gen 1 Games, Yellow is the game with the least availability, only Viridian Forest. In Gen 2 games, Caterpie has a lot of locations, and strangely enough, each game has a different list. Gold sees Caterpie on Routes 2, 26, 27, 30, 31, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, Azalea Town, Ilex Forest, National Park, and Lake of Rage. Silver only sees Caterpie in National Park. Crystal sees Caterpie in Routes 2, 24, 25, 30, and 31, Ilex Forest, and the National Park. In all of Gen 3, Caterpie only appears in Firered and Leafgreen, where it is available in Routes 2, 24, and 25, Viridian Forest, and Pattern Bush. In Gen 4 Sinnoh, Caterpie is only available on Routes 204 and Eterna Forest through the Dual Slot Mode. In Gen 4 Johto, Caterpie is available on Routes 2, 30, and 31, Ilex Forest, and National Park.Caterpie is not available in the wild in Gen 5. Gen 6 sees Caterpie on Route 2 and Santalune Forest. Gen 7 Alola sees Caterpie on Routes 1 and Routes 5, Melemele Meadow, and Lush jungle. In Gen 7 Kanto, Caterpie returns to Route 2 and Viridian Forest. Gen 8 sees Caterpie on Route 1, Bridge Field, Dappled Grove, Rolling Fields, and South Lake Miloch.

Metapod is in the same locations as Caterpie in Gen 1, Gen 2, and Gen 3, with the loss of Route 2 in Gen 3 Kanto. In Gen 4 Sinnoh, Metapod shows up in Eterna Forest through Dual Slot Mode. Gen 4 Johto sees Metapod in Routes 2, 30, and 31, Ilex Forest, National Park, Viridian Forest, and Route 47. Metapod has an appearance in Gen 5, on Route 12. In Gen 6, Metapod only shows up in Santalune Forest. In Gen 7 Alola, it shows up on Routes 1, 5, Melemele Meadow, and Lush Jungle. In Gen 7 Kanto, Metapod only shows in Viridian Forest. Gen 8 locations are the same as Caterpie except no Route 1.

Butterfree starts showing up in the wild in Gen 2 Johto, Butterfree shows up on Route 2, 24, 25, 26, 27, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, Ilex forest, Azalea Town, National Park, and Lake of Rage. Butterfree shows up as a Shadow Pokemon in XD. Butterfree shows up on Gen 4 Johto on Routes 2, Viridian Forest, Ilex Forest, National Park, and Route 47.In Gen 5, it is found in Pinwheel Forest and Route 12. In Gen 7 Alola, Butterfree appears on Route 5, Melemele Meadow, and Lush Jungle. In Gen 7 Kanto, it appears in Viridian Forest. In Gen 8, Butterfree has a lot of locations. These are Slumbering Weald, East Lake Axewell, Giants Mirror, Rolling Fields, Bridge Field, Dappled Grove, Hammerlocke Hills, and South Lake Miloch. Some of these areas, there can be a Gigantamax Butterfree.

Moving onto Wurmple, in Gen 3, it only shows up in Hoenn, being available on Routes 101, 102, 104, and Petalburg Woods. In Gen 4 Sinnoh, Wurmple appears on Routes 204, 205, 206, 207, 208, 209, 210, 211, 212, 213, 214, 215, 218, 221, 222, Eterna Forest, Floraroma Meadow, Fuego Ironworks, and Valley Windworks.In Gen 4 Johto, Wurple appears on Routes 1, 2, 3, 4, 12, 13, 14, 15, 18, 21, 22, Pallet Town, Viridian City, Pewter City, Fuschia City, and National Park. Within Gen 5, Wurmple only appears in White Forest. Wurple’s last location was Gen 6 Hoenn, being available in the same locations as Gen 3 Hoenn.

Silcoon is available in Petalburg Woods in Gen 3, the same locations as Wurmple in Gen 4 Sinnoh, only appearing in National Park in Gen 4 Johto, and Petalburg Woods in Gen 6 Hoenn. Cascoon shares the same locations as Silcoon.

Beautifly is available in the wild in Gen 4 Sinnoh, being found in Routes 205, 224, 229, 230, and Eterna Forest. It is also available in Gen 4 Johto in the National Park. Dustox shares these locations.

Moving onto Scatterbug, it is available on Route 2 and Santalune Forest in Kalos and Hau’oli City through Island Scan in Gen 7 Alola. Spewpa is available in the Berry Fields in Kalos.

Wow...we are finally done with Game locations. Let’s move to the cards. Caterpie debuted in the Base Set of the Cards, appearing on 14 Cards total. Metapod debuted in the Base Set of the Cards, appearing on 14 Cards total. Butterfree debuted in the Jungle expansion of the Cards, appearing on 17 Cards total. Wurmple debuted in the EX Ruby & Sapphire expansion of the Cards, appearing on 11 Cards total. Silcoon debuted in the EX Ruby & Sapphire expansion of the Cards, appearing on 7 Cards total. Silcoon debuted in the EX Ruby & Sapphire expansion of the Cards, appearing on 7 Cards total. Beautifly debuted in the EX Ruby & Sapphire expansion of the Cards, appearing on 9 Cards total. Dustox debuted in the EX Ruby & Sapphire expansion of the Cards, appearing on 8 Cards total. Scatterbug debuted in the X & Y expansion of the Cards, appearing on 5 Cards total. Spewpa debuted in the X & Y expansion of the Cards, appearing on 4 Cards total. Vivillon debuted in the X & Y expansion of the Cards, appearing on 5 Cards total. Whew! Finally, we are done! Time to sign off. See you next week!
POTW:Shows & Reads (Issue #11) New
Author of Pokemon of the Week (Travelin' Dan)
Aug 10, 2020
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Hello! Welcome to Shows & Reads! My name is Unovia, and it is nice to have you here. This week, we are covering the anime and manga appearances of the Butterfree, Beautifly, Dustox, and Vivillon families. There is a lot to cover, so let’s get started.

Let’s begin with Caterpie, which debuted in Episode 2 of the series being encountered and captured by Ash. It quickly evolved into Metapod and Butterfree, later being released to mate with a pink Butterfree. These events were mentioned in BW130, where Ash befriended another Caterpie and evolved it to a Butterfree, once again letting it go. In JN006, Goh caught a Caterpie. Another Metapod appeared in Episode 144, under the ownership of Bugsy, which was used during the Azalea Town Gym Battle. There have been several significant Butterfree’s other than Ash’s in the anime, those belonging to Ritchie (named Happy) and Drew.

Moving to the Hoenn Butterfly, let’s go to Wurmple. Wurmple has 3 major trainers, those being May, whose Wurmple became a Beautifly, Jessie, whose Wurmple became a Dustox, and Aaron, an Elite Four Member of Sinnoh who had a Beautifly. May’s Wurmple evolved into a Silcoon, and Jessie’s became a Cascoon, leading to a struggle between the two trainers. Aaron’s Silcoon was not shown on screen, his Wurmple having left him to become stronger before becoming a Beautifly and returning to him. Another Beautifly was found under the ownership of Sakura, a girl who Ash and friends met in Ecruteak City. Regarding Dustox, Jessie had it for much of the Hoenn and Sinnoh Regions before releasing it so it could mate.

Scatterbug had only one major appearance, XY012, where it was the object of a smuggling effort which was foiled by Ash. Spewpa also appeared in the same episode. More Spewpa appeared in XY121 as part of the wildlife of Winding Woods. Vivillon appeared as part of Santalune Gym Viola’s team, where it was used in the battle. A Vivillon was also under the ownership of Kalos Queen Aria and Lumiose Gym challenger Alvin.
Let’s move to the Manga. Caterpie, Metapod, and Butterfree (named Kitty) was owned by the protagonist Yellow. Beautifly appeared in the manga under the ownership of Winona. Vivillon was under the ownership of Viola. Well, that does it for this week.
Article #35-Perfume & Fragrance Shopping New
Author of Pokemon of the Week (Travelin' Dan)
Aug 10, 2020
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Greetings trainers!
This is Travelin’ Dan’s friend, Amy, filling in for Dan this week, as he is a little sick. Get well Dan! Dan asked me to go to Kalos for Fragrance Day. I was a little but uncertain, considering I had not participated in a journey since I had gone out to capture Regice back in January. I wish Dan had asked me to participate in Butterfly Day, but oh well.

After I landed in Lumiose City with my team, I passed through Route 5, arriving in Camphrier Town. Beginning my movement onto Route 7, I found my path blocked by a Snorlax, which I proceeded to capture. The capture of Snorlax opened up the route to the true object of the journey, Spritzee, the Perfume Pokemon. Oh here it is! Spritzee has an organ that emits a fragrance that acts as a perfume and was carried by royalty in the past. This Pokemon tends to drift on the breeze, even though it is considered a bird, meaning I have to act fast. Wait Spritzee! Don’t leave! (Throws a Pokeball high to capture it, which the successful capture falls in the flowers)

Sweet! I have a Spritzee! I know Spritzee evolves, but how? After asking around the different cafes in Lumiose, a woman calling herself Diantha met me, explaining that Spritzee evolves using the Sachet, a hard to find item. She also showed me a picture of the evolution, Aromatisse, the Fragrance Pokemon. As soon as she showed me the picture and told me about the Sachet, I made plans to go find one, but where to go look? Diantha didn’t know where, so I continued back through Lumiose City, Route 5, and Camphrier Town, eventually stopping into the Pokemon Day care. I asked where the Sachet could be, and the people working there advised me to head to the next major city, Cyllage.

I passed through the Connecting Cave (so many Zubats!), arriving onto Route 8, training as I went. Heading north into Cyllage City, I decided to go into the Boutique, where I saw an item that looked like a Purple bag with a black bow on it. There it was! The Sachet! The owner of the Boutique asked me for $1,050 for it, which I paid. I wrapped the neck of the bag around Spritzee and it evolved, turning into Aromatisse. I finally had an evolved Pokemon! Aromatisse can be either very good smelling and very attractive or can be very foul smelling. It can make a Pokemon lose its’ will to fight or sense of smell. Its’ signature move was Aromatic Mist. Some people don’t like Aromatisse, calling it a “plague doctor”, though I love it. This is my beautiful Aromatisse, and no one can dissuade me!

Settling back into the Cyllage City Hotel, I decided to record the stats of the two Pokemon.

Special Attack6399
Special Defense6589

With my new Aromatisse, I decided to head back to Lumiose City once again. Before I left Kalos to go back to Sinnoh, I went through the north gate of Lumiose, heading to Laverre City, hoping to meet Valerie, the Fairy Type Gym Leader of the Region and a fashion designer from Johto. She is an absolute inspiration! Passing through the scary Route 14, I arrived in the city, eventually finding the Laverre City Gym, a house in a tree. At the time, Valerie was doing a modeling show. OMG! I am such a fan! After seeing the fashion show, I politely asked Valerie for a Gym Battle. Why? I wanted a token from my quest. Surprisingly, she accepted.

Gym Leader ValerieAmy (Challenger)
Spritzee (Lv. 31)Aromatisse (Lv. 53)
Mawile (Lv. 38)Lapras (Lv. 50)
Mr. Mime (Lv. 39)Empoleon (Lv. 59)
Sylveon (Lv. 42)Regice (Lv. 70)

Starting off, She sends out Spritzee and I decide to battle with Aromatisse. After a tough fight, both Pokemon faint. Then it’s Mawile vs. Lapras. Lapras freezes Mawile. Valerie thaws out Mawile, then Mega Evolves it, challenging Lapras. Both Pokemon defeat each other. Empoleon beats Mr. Mime easily, then takes on Sylveon. Sylveon is a fast Pokemon who represents an issue for Empoleon. Empoleon manages to beat Sylveon, however, ending the battle narrowly in my favor. As a result, I am gifted the Fairy Badge and thank Valerie for her grace. After the battle, I go back to Sinnoh to check on Dan. He has improved, and will likely be on the road again next week. This is Dan’s friend Amy, signing off!
POTW:Gameplayers (Issue #12) New
Author of Pokemon of the Week (Travelin' Dan)
Aug 10, 2020
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Welcome to Gameplayers! My name is Unovia, and it is nice to have you here. As you know, last week, we had a large posting. This week won’t be as large, focusing simply on Spritzee and Aromatisse. Spritzee and Aromatisse are Pokemon that were introduced in Kalos. Spritzee appears on Route 7, one of the Pokemon in the flowers. It is an avian Pokemon who exudes a smell that is either intoxicating or repulsive, depending on the food that the Pokemon eats.Its evolved form, Aromatisse, evolves from Spritzee using the Sachet. The same scents that Spritzee exudes is only amplified in Aromatisse. Aromatisse can use scent to gain advantage in battle and stop the opponent from fighting.

The two avian Pokemon once again show up, this time in Galar, as part of the fairy types that surround Ballonlea, Glimwood Tangle. Spritzee is first found on Route 5, which is between Turfield and Hulbury. Other than those two locations, it is also found at Giant’s Mirror and Stony Wilderness. Spritzee and Aromatisse are found together at Rolling Fields, Bridge Field, Hammerlocke Hills, and Lake of Outrage.

Moving to the Cards, both Spritzee and Aromatisse debuted in the X & Y expansion of the cards, with Spritzee having 5 Cards and Aromatisse having 4. They are a pretty duo. That does it for this week.
POTW:Shows & Reads (Issue #12) New
Author of Pokemon of the Week (Travelin' Dan)
Aug 10, 2020
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Hello, and welcome to Shows & Reads! My name is Unovia, and it is great to have you here! This week, we are covering Spritzee and Aromatisse, the two avian fragrance Pokemon. Spritzee had many minor appearances in flight, but its major focus episode was XY073, under the ownership of Valerie, under whose ownership it appeared in the following episode, where it was used during the Gym Battle against Ash. It was formidable, beating Fletchinder and losing to Hawlucha. It later appeared as part of the team of Gym Leader Pokemon to take on the Giant Rock.

Aromatisse debuted under the ownership of the reigning Kalos Queen, Aria. It regularly made appearances alongside her trainer. Neither Spritzee or Aromatisse made many appearances in the Manga, and in Aromatisse’s case, not at all, so this is a very short episode. Join us next week! See you then!
Article #36-Oddish, The Curious Weed New
Author of Pokemon of the Week (Travelin' Dan)
Aug 10, 2020
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Hi trainers! This is Amy, here for another week. Dan saw my performance last week, and he asked me to be a permanent traveler, like him. He showed me the scheduler, and I decided to cover this week as well. Dan decided to take a few weeks off, a mini vacation, so you guys have me this week.

What am I doing this week? I was working in the garden picking the weeds out, when I thought about Oddish, the Weed Pokemon. This led me to travel to Johto, where Oddish are prevalent, specifically in Ilex Forest. I flew into Goldenrod City, and by the time I got there, it was night time, perfect for finding the cute little weed. Oddish is sensitive to sunlight, so it buries itself until nightfall, where it gathers moonlight to grow and scatter its seeds. Oddish has a goal of traveling 1,000 feet every night to find moist soil to grow in.

Sending out Aromatisse, it sends out a wave of perfume that attracts two Oddish to my location in the forest. They play with Aromatisse, and during their play, I capture them, intending to turn one into a Vileplume and the other into a Bellossom. Oddish is a branched evolution once it becomes a Gloom. Upon catching them, I spend several hours training them both up outside of the forest near Goldenrod. Eventually, they both become Gloom, which is also the Weed Pokemon. Gloom produces a drool that can be used as fertilizer and its stench can induce fainting. That stench can be used for perfumes, and, depending on the situation, can either worsen or be non existent. Now that I have both Glooms, I will go through the process of evolving them.

The one who is going to be a Vileplume evolves through a Leaf Stone, while the other one will become a Bellossom through a Sun Stone, which I can only get during a Bug Catching Contest. Where are you going Aromatisse? (Aromatisse hands me a Stone) The stone is a Leaf Stone, perfect for a Vileplume. Vileplume is a Pokemon with the largest flower in the world, which can release large clouds of pollen, which are allergic to humans and toxic to Pokemon. With the Leaf Stone, I evolve one of the Glooms. Luckily, I am near the National Park in time for a Bug Catching Contest.

Taking my Aromatisse into the Contest, I wonder if I can win. I think I am going to win if I catch a Butterfree, the best of the Pokemon in the list in my opinion. Eventually, I find a Butterfree and catch it in a Sport Ball just in time for the Contest to end. I am nervous. Can I win, especially since I need a Sun Stone for my Bellossom. The results are in, and even though it was close, I won! With my Sun Stone in hand, I evolve my other Gloom into a Bellossom, finishing the Branched Evolution. Bellossom has leaves around its waist that give the appearance of a hula dancer. Strangely enough, Bellossom becomes more beautiful the more awful the Gloom stench. It often dances and chants during cloudy days and especially likes sunlight, where the dancing increases, making it well known in tropical areas. Here are the stats for my Pokemon:

Special Attack758511090
Special Defense657590100

I think I will call it for the week, flying back to Sinnoh, keeping them in the garden. They are lovely Pokemon, and I am so glad to have them. This is Verity, signing off. This traveling stuff is fun!
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POTW:Gameplayers (Issue #13) New
Author of Pokemon of the Week (Travelin' Dan)
Aug 10, 2020
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Welcome to Gameplayers! My name is Unovia, and I am glad to have you here. This week, we are covering the Oddish evolution family, the first branched evolution shown in the franchise. Oddish, Gloom, and Vileplume were introduced in Red, Blue, and Yellow. In Red, Oddish is found on Routes 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 15, 24, & 25, while in Yellow, Oddish has a reduction to Routes 12, 13, 14, 15, 24, & 25. In Gold & Silver, Oddish appears on Routes 5, 6, 24, 25, & Ilex Forest, while in Crystal, Oddish appears on Routes 24, 25, & Ilex Forest. In Hoenn, Oddish is found on Routes 110, 117, 119, 120, 121, 123, & Safari Zone. In Gen 3 Kanto, Oddish adds Berry Forest, Bond Bridge, Cape Brink, & Water Path to its locations. In Gen 4 Sinnoh, Oddish is found on Routes 224, 229, & 230. Gen 4 Johto sees Oddish in the same locations as Gold & Silver. Oddish doesn’t really appear in Unova except for White Forest. Kalos sees Oddish on Route 6 and ORAS sees the same as the original Hoenn games. In Gen 7 Kanto, Oddish is found on Routes 1, 2, 12, 13, 14, 15, 21, 24, 25, & Viridian Forest.Throughout Galar, Oddish is found at Dappled Grove, Rolling Fields, East Lake Axewell, Watchtower Ruins, Giant’s Cap, Hammerlocke Hills, Motostoke Riverbank, & North Lake Miloch.

Gloom in Red is found on Routes 12, 13, 14, & 15. Yellow adds Cerulean Cave. Gen 2 Johto are Routes 5 & 24. In Gen 3 Hoenn, Gloom is found on Routes 121, 123, & Safari Zone. In Gen 3 Kanto, Gloom adds the same locations as Oddish had. In Gen 4 Sinnoh, Gloom is found on Routes 224, 229, & 230, same as Oddish. In Gen 4 Johto, Gloom is found on Routes 5, 47, & 48. In Gen 6 Hoenn, Gloom is found on Route 119, 120, 121, 123, & the Safari Zone. Gen 7 Kanto sees Gloom add Route 21 to its Kanto listings. Galar sees Gloom at Axew’s Eye, North Lake Miloch, Giant’s Mirror, Giant’s Cap, Dappled Grove, East Lake Axewell, Hammerlocke Hills,& Motostoke Riverbank.

Vileplume, being an evolution, has very few locations. The first time that Vileplume has been in the wild is in Gen 7 Kanto, on Route 21. Vileplume is also wild in Galar, catchable on Dappled Grove, Giant’s Mirror, Hammerlocke Hills, East Lake Axewell, Motostoke Riverbank, & North Lake Miloch.

Bellossom was first created as part of Gen 2 Johto, however, it was only found in the wild for the first time in Galar, where it is catchable at Giant’s Mirror & Dappled Grove.

Let’s move to the Cards. Oddish was introduced in the Jungle expansion of the TCG, with 22 Cards in total. Gloom was also introduced in the Jungle expansion, though it has 18 different Cards. Vileplume was introduced in the Jungle expansion with 15 different cards. Finally, Bellossom was introduced in Neo Genesis, with 11 Cards total. That does it for this week.
POTW:Shows & Reads (Issue #13) New
Author of Pokemon of the Week (Travelin' Dan)
Aug 10, 2020
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Welcome to Shows & Reads! My name is Unovia, and it is nice to have you here. This week, we look at Oddish, Gloom, Vileplume, and Bellossom. Starting with Oddish, it has had three major appearances. The first was in EP010, under the care of Melanie. Misty attempted to catch it before Bulbasaur intervened. The next occasion was EP137, where an oddish that was under the care of a girl named Mariah thought it was a Hoppip. Oddish defended the Hoppip from Team Rocket, and was named an honorary Hoppip. In EP239, Oddish is used by a scientist named Steven to study the evolution of grass types.

Moving to Gloom, it debuted in EP026, under the ownership of Erika. Erika had bonded with this Gloom as a child when it defended her from a Grimer. Another Gloom appeared under the ownership of Florinda, who wanted to evolve it to a Vileplume. After seeing its strength, she decided against it. Gulzar owns one in EP107, which he used to demonstrate that he “was the best Grass type trainer in the Orange Islands”. Gloom also showed up in EP239, where they were shown to be studied by Steven, who observed their evolution into Vileplume and Bellossom. Gloom also appeared in DP181 and XY063.

In EP048, a Vileplume under the ownership of Jessibelle appeared. It reappeared in DP153. Vileplume also appeared in EP110, spraying their pollen, forcing Misty to find Salveyo Weed, an effective cure. Vileplume also appeared in EP239, feuding with Bellossom. Vileplume also appeared on AG052 under the ownership of Sheridan, AG150 under the ownership of Nicolette, and also DP181.

Bellossom first appeared in EP122, under the ownership of Bailey, who wanted them to perform a dance which they struggled with. Bellossom appeared in EP239, feuding with Vileplume. It also appeared in DP138 and XY057.

Let’s move to the Manga. The protagonist Gold owns an Oddish, while Erika owns a Gloom, Vileplume, and Bellossom. That does it for this week.
Article #37-Three Kanto Mice (Part I) New
Author of Pokemon of the Week (Travelin' Dan)
Aug 10, 2020
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Hey Folks!
This is a long posting for World Rat Day, and so we have broken it up into two parts, both will be posted back to back. Please check them both out!


Hi trainers! This is C. J., another one of Travelin’ Dan’s friends. You know Amy, who traveled for Travelin’ Dan over the last two weeks. Now, it’s my turn to travel. This week, we are celebrating World Rat Day. With my trusty Charmander (Level 4) and Squirtle (Level 13), we are going to travel and capture Rattata, Pikachu, and Sandshrew, all while going around the Kanto Region. Might collect a few Badges while I am here. We flew into the small town of Pallet so we can properly start this trek.

Going along Route 1, we see our first potential capture in Rattata (Level 4). Sending out Charmander, it easily weakens the creature, allowing me to catch it with a Poke ball. Success! First of the three. Passing through Viridian City, we cross into Viridian Forest, where Pikachu is occasionally present. Taking a bit of a stroll while looking up at the trees, I see the object of my quest, Pikachu (Level 5). Sending Charmander up the tree forces both it and Pikachu to fall into the grass, where the real battle begins. While Pikachu’s speed challenges Charmander at first, Charmander eventually overtakes the electric rodent, making it slow down enough so I can catch it. Second of the three.

Capture complete, I left the forest behind after training my team up a bit, walking into Pewter City, site of the first Kanto Gym badge. It is also home to the Pewter Museum of Science. After taking a break in the museum, I decided to take on the Gym. Brock introduced himself as leader and accepted my challenge. It was on!

Brock (Gym Leader)C. J. (Challenger)
Geodude (Lv. 11)Squirtle (Lv. 13)
Onix (Lv. 12)Charmander (Lv. 12)
Pikachu (Lv. 12)
Rattata (Lv. 13)

Brock opened with Geodude, and I opened with Squirtle.Even though Geodude defended itself at first, eventually Water Gun defeated it. Brock sent out Onix, and even though Squirtle did a lot of damage to Onix, Onix slammed Squirtle with its tail, ending the fight. I sent out Pikachu, despite the type disadvantage. Pkachu ended the fight using an Electro Ball, which hit the still wet Onix, winning me the battle and my first Badge! Brock awarded me the badge, and I moved on to finally find and capture a Sandshrew, which would have been so helpful during this battle.

Afterward, I healed up my team, then left Pewter City, walking onto Route 3 and stopping at the Mt. Moon Pokemon Center. I navigated Mt. Moon, using Charmander to light the way and the rest of my team to train them. Surviving Mt. Moon and arriving on Route 4, I was greeted by a Sandshrew as I walked in the grass. Realizing that Squirtle and Charmander were tired, it was up to Pikachu and Rattata to corner and capture my last objective for the week. Even though Sandshrew tried to roll away, the two Pokemon eventually tired it out, allowing me to capture Sandshrew (Lv. 12), adding it to my team. Satisfied with my capture, I continued onward until I reached Cerulean City.

Before I took on the Gym, however, I decided to take on Nugget Bridge to train. Due to my training in Mt. Moon, my team had gone up 3 levels, except my newly caught Sandshrew, making me even stronger, perfect for this challenge.

Nugget TrainersC. J.
Venonat (Lv. 9)Wartortle (Lv. 16)
Psyduck (Lv. 10)Charmander (Lv. 15)
Sandshrew (Lv. 10)Pikachu (Lv. 15)
Meowth (Lv. 10)Rattata (Lv. 16)
Growlithe (Lv. 11)Sandshrew (Lv. 12)

Once I bested the trainers, and Charmander became a Charmeleon, I was rewarded with a Nugget. Challenge done, I decided that, since I was up on Route 24, I would continue onto Route 25 and see Bill if he was home. There were SO MANY trainers on this route, perfect to finish my training, especially for my Sandshrew, who quickly caught up to the rest of my team. Trudging up to Bill’s House, exhausted, I met Bill, who was as much of a Poke Maniac as he is claimed to be. With a rest, it was time to take on Cerulean Gym and its’ Gym Leader, Misty. With all of my training done, I made my way down to the Gym, which was far more challenging than I expected.

Misty (Gym Leader)C. J. (Challenger)
Psyduck (Lv. 18)Pikachu (Lv. 18)
Starmie (Lv. 19)Wartortle (Lv. 18)
Rattata (Lv. 18)
Charmeleon (Lv. 18)
Sandshrew (Lv. 18)

She opened with Psyduck against my Pikachu. One Electro Ball easily defeated Psyduck. She sent out Starmie, with both Pikachu and Starmie having a double KO. With the mermaid defeated, I gained the Cascade Badge. Now was the time to make my way to Vermillion City to get my Bike Voucher, since I stepped in there and they wanted a price that made my mouth drop! I also had my pass onto the S. S. Anne, thanks to Bill, and after all of this journeying, it will be fun to travel on a Luxury Liner. I better look my best, especially since there are reportedly trainers who are eager to battle there!

Leaving to the south of Cerulean so I could gain access to the Underground Path and a quick journey to Vermillion, I took on all of the trainers, my team gained 2 levels, then I rested in the Pokemon Center before meeting with the Fan Club Chairman, who gave me my Bike Voucher, with which I headed back to Cerulean to get my bike finally. Heading back to Vermillion, I spent some time along the Harbor looking out to sea before seeing the S. S. Anne at dock. After flashing the ticket, I came on board and challenged all of the trainers on board, with each of my team members gaining a level. It was a beautiful experience, and I got to enjoy the fancy life. After gaining Cut from the seasick Captain,he handed me a letter from a trainer named Alolan Alan. This was his letter:

Hello C. J.,
Looks like I just missed you! I was on the S. S. Anne as well, and your team strikes my interest. If you would like to meet with me, look for me at the Lavender Town Pokemon Center.
-Alolan Alan

After I collected the letter, I took on Lt. Surge, the Gym Leader of Vermillion City. The man is TALL and intense! Time to take him on!

Lt. Surge (Gym Leader)C. J. (Challenger)
Voltorb (Lv. 25)Sandslash (Lv. 22)
Magnemite (Lv. 25)Charmeleon (Lv. 22)
Raichu (Lv. 26)Pikachu (Lv. 22)
Raticate (Lv. 22)
Wartortle (Lv. 22)

The soldier sent out Voltorb, and I sent out Sandslash. Sandslash used Bulldoze to finish the ball like Pokemon easily, then when going against Magnemite, leaped up into the air, and then flipped Magnemite, slamming it into the Gym floor, with Sandslash spinning as a result. Surge sends out Raichu, which quickly Double Kicks Sandslash, slamming it into the wall and making it faint. Returning Sandslash, I sent out Charmeleon, which grabbed Raichu’s tail in its Fire Fang, throwing Raichu to the floor of the Gym. Raichu, greatly weakened, fires back with a Thunderbolt, taking Charmeleon out. Now, it’s Raichu vs. Pikachu. The two race at each other, and an electrical cloud forms. They end up taking each other out, winning me the battle, however. Surge gives me the Thunder Badge and another gift, a Thunderstone for Pikachu!

As I rest up at the Pokemon Center, I leave the Thunderstone for Pikachu to think about. I came back just to see Pikachu put it in its mouth and evolved into Raichu, completing my set of Pokemon. At the same time, it learns Thunder Punch naturally and Thunderbolt from a TM. Checking out of the Pokemon Center, I ride through Routes 11 and 12, going north to Lavender Town. Walking into the Pokemon Center, Nurse Joy gives me another letter. Just who is this guy? I decide to take a moment to write down the stats on Raticate, Raichu, and Sandslash, along with their pre evolutions:

Special Attack255050902045
Special Defense357040803055
Article #37-Three Kanto Mice (Part II) New
Author of Pokemon of the Week (Travelin' Dan)
Aug 10, 2020
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Please Read Part I First!

I read through the letter, which reads:

Hey C. J.,
I know I said we could meet in Lavender Town, but I decided to have you chase me a bit. It was fun for me to go into Pokemon Tower and pay my respects. I recommend that for you as well. If you want to continue the hunt, my next location is the Celadon Hotel.
See you soon!
-Alolan Alan

This dude is strange! Why is he challenging me to chase him down? What is he hiding? Upon taking his suggestion, I spent some time at Pokemon Tower, then moved on, trekking through Routes 13, 14, and 15, training along the way, with my Wartortle and Charmeleon almost ready to evolve. Passing through Fuchsia City. Little did I know I would be back here soon, much sooner than I expected. Crossing through Routes 18, 17, and 16, I passed through, seeing my Charmeleon and Wartortle evolve through the training and my team getting stronger. Checking out Celadon City, there is a lot going on, a lot of entertainment value. Checking into the Celadon Hotel, I get another letter. It reads:

Hey C. J.,
I know I said we could meet in Celadon City and you have spent a lot of time chasing me down, but I promise the last place I will be is back in Fuchsia City. You were just there, weren’t you? Oh well. While you are here, take on the Celadon Gym. Once you take on the Fuchsia Gym, I will be waiting for you. Let’s have a battle when we finally meet. Trust me, it will be worth it.
See you soon!
-Alolan Alan

I sighed again. Missed him. He said he is in Fuchsia, so I will meet him there. For now, I set up to focus on my Celadon Gym challenge. The next day, I take on the Gym. There are so many girls here! Eventually, I find Erika, who was in the middle of a nap.

Erika (Gym Leader)C. J. (Challenger)
Tangela (Lv. 33)Charizard (Lv. 36)
Weepinbell (Lv. 33)Raticate (Lv. 34)
Vileplume (Lv. 34)Raichu (Lv. 36)
Sandslash (Lv. 36)
Blastoise (Lv. 36)

This Gym wasn’t too hard, considering that Charizard beat all three Pokemon. A little singed, Erika handed me the Rainbow Badge. After sharing some tea with her, I did some shopping in the Celadon Department Store, then made my way back to Fuchsia, taking on the Gym.

Koga (Gym Leader)C. J. (Challenger)
Weezing (Lv. 43)Charizard (Lv. 36)
Muk (Lv. 43)Sandslash (Lv. 36)
Golbat (Lv. 43)Raichu (Lv. 36)
Venomoth (Lv. 44)Raticate (Lv. 34)
Blastoise (Lv. 36)
Koga sends out Weezing, and I send out Charizard, which blasts Weezing. Weezing Explodes, taking Charizard out. I bring out Sandslash to fight his Muk, using Bulldoze, bringing Muk down easily. Golbat beats Sandslash, which Raichu takes down as well as taking Venomoth down. Raichu wins me the Soul Badge. As I turn around from Koga, another trainer catches my eye. It must be Alan! He meets with me, and, after apologizing, insists that his team will be interesting to me. After my team is healed up, we both ask Koga if we can use the Gym for the battle, which he consents to, his trainers watching as well. Finally, the battle is on!

Alolan Alan (Mystery Trainer)C. J.
Rattata (Alolan) (Lv. 19) (X)Raticate (Lv. 34) (O,O, O)
Raticate (Alolan) (Lv. 20) (X)Raichu (Lv. 36) (X)
Raichu (Alolan) (Lv. 36) (O, X)Sandslash (Lv. 36) (O, X)
Sandshrew (Alolan) (Lv. 21) (X)Charizard (Lv. 36)
Sandslash (Alolan) (Lv. 36) (X)Blastoise (Lv. 36)

We agree that we will face each other down as a battle of the forms, which I am first confused by, but then his Rattata, which is a Dark type, comes out, to which I bring out Raticate. Raticate beats his Rattata, and he brings out his Raticate, which is also Dark type.

My Raticate edges his out. He insists I return Raticate as he sends out his Raichu, which floats on its tail. How can Raichu float? Is it special? Turns out his Raichu can use Psychic moves! How? My Raichu puts up a good fight, but is defeated as he returns his.


My Sandslash battles his Sandshrew, which is blue. Is it Ice type? Sandslash eventually beats Sandshrew after a drawn out fight. Alan brings out his last Pokemon, a Sandslash, which is also blue. This explains it. It is an Ice type. After a long fight, both Sandslash faint. Alan sends out his Raichu again, to which I respond with Raticate. Raichu seems to initially have the upper hand, using its tail as a surfboard, but eventually Raticate catches the tail, throwing Raichu down, ending the fight with a win for me.

After I beat him, he explained he was a trainer from a far away Region called Alola, and his Pokemon are the forms they see in their Region. He allows me to record the stats for his team.

StatsRattata (Alolan)Raticate (Alolan)Raichu (Alolan)Sandshrew (Alolan)Sandslash (Alolan)
Special Attack2540951025
Special Defense3580853565

Once I do the recording, we decide to breed for 2 Pichus as a parting gift of friendship. Once we breed them, I use my Charizard to hatch the eggs, allowing me to record the stats.


Special Attack35
Special Defense35

The two of us decide to stay as roommates in Fuchsia City, a bond growing. There is a pet store that we both want to check out in this city. We will see you next week!
POTW:Gameplayers (Issue # 14) New
Author of Pokemon of the Week (Travelin' Dan)
Aug 10, 2020
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Welcome to Gameplayers. My name is Unovia, and it is nice to have you here. This week, we cover Kantonian Rattata, Kantonian Raticate, Alolan Rattata, Alolan Raticate, Pichu, Pikachu,Kantonian Raichu, Alolan Raichu, Kantonian Sandshrew, Kantonian Sandslash, and Alolan Sandslash. There is a lot to cover, so let’s get started.

Kantonian Rattata was first introduced in Red, Blue, and Yellow, as one of the first Pokemon players can run into and capture. Rattata is capturable on Routes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 16, 18, 21, 22, and the Pokemon Mansion. In Gen 2 Johto, Rattata is found on Routes 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11, 21, 22, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 38, 39, 42, & 46, Tin Tower, Mt. Mortar, Union Cave, Tohjo Falls, Sprout Tower, & Burned Tower. In Gen 3 Kanto, Rattata can be found on Routes 1, 2, 4, 9, 16, 17, 18, 22, and the Pokemon Mansion. Gen 4 Sinnoh has Rattata on Routes 225 and 226. Gen 4 Johto adds Bell Tower to the previous Johto locations. In Unova, Rattata is found in Castelia City, Castelia Sewers, and Relic Passage. In Gen 6 Hoenn, Rattata is found on Route 117.

In Alola, Rattata has a Regional Form. That form is findable on Routes 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, & 8, Hau’oli City, Kala’eBay, & Verdant Cavern.In Generation 7 Kanto, Kantonian Rattata is found on Routes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, 21, 22, and the Pokemon Mansion, while the Alolan one can be traded for in Cerulean City.

Raticate is catchable in Kanto on Routes 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, 21, & Pokemon Mansion. Gen 2 Johto finds Raticate on Route 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 21, 26, 27, 38, 39, 42, and 43, Mt. Mortar, Union Cave, Tohjo Falls, & Burned Tower. Gen 3 Kanto sees Raticate on Routes 16, 17, 18, & the Pokemon Mansion. Sinnoh sees Raticate on Routes 225 and 226. Gen 4 Johto finds Raticate on Routes 7, 9, 10, 26, 27, 38, 39, 47, Mt. Mortar, Union Cave, Burned Tower, Tohjo Falls, & Safari Zone. Unova sees Raticate in the Dreamyard, Strange House, and Relic Passage. Gen 6 Hoenn finds Raticate on Route 118.

In Alola, Raticate has a Regional Form. That form is findable on Routes 10, 11, 15, 16, 17, and many different areas throughout Alola. Gen 7 Kanto sees Kantonian Raticate on Routes 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, 21, & Pokemon Mansion.

Let’s move on to the Pikachu family, starting with Pichu. Pichu can first be found in the wild at the Trophy Garden. Pichu is found in Alola on Route 1 and Hau’oli City. Galar sees Pichu at Giant’s Cap, Hammerlocke Hills, and Motostoke Riverbank.

Pikachu is the mascot for the entire franchise, being introduced in Red, Blue, & Yellow. In Red and Blue, Pikachu is catchable in Viridian Forest & the Power Plant, while in Yellow, it is a Starter Pokemon. In Gen 2 Johto, Pikachu is catchable in Route 2 and the Celadon game Corner. In Gen 3 Hoenn, Pikachu can be found in the Safari Zone. Gen 3 Kanto sees Pikachu once again in Viridian Forest & the Power Plant. Gen 4 Sinnoh finds Pikachu in the Trophy Garden, and Gen 4 Johto is Viridian Forest. In Kalos, Pikachu is found in Santalune Forest & Route 3. Gen 6 Hoenn returns Pikachu to the Safari Zone as well as bringing in Cosplay Pikachu, a Pikachu that is given as a gift in the Contest Hall. In Alola, Pikachu is found on Route 1 and Hau’oli City. Gen 7 Kanto returns Pikachu to its traditional locations. Galar sees Pikachu in Route 4, Rolling Fields, Giant’s Cap, Giant’s Mirror, Hammerlocke Hills, Lake of Outrage, Motostoke Riverbank, Forest of Focus, Fields of Honor, Soothing Wetlands, and Challenge Beach.

Kantonian Raichu is found in Cerulean Cave or the Power Plant. In Alola, Raichu becomes a Psychic Type. Raichu is only first catchable in the wild in Galar, where it can be found in much the same areas as Pikachu.

In Gen 1 Kanto, Kantonian Sandshrew can be found on Routes 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, 23, & Mt. Moon. Gen 2 Johto is Routes 3, 4, Mt. Moon, & Union Cave. Gen 3 Hoenn sees Sandshrew Route 111, 113, & Mirage Tower. Gen 3 Kanto sees Sandshrew on Routes 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 23. In Gen 4 Sinnoh, it is found at Wayward Cave. In Gen 4 Johto, it is found at Union Cave, Mt. Moon, and the Safari Zone. Unova has Sandshrew at Desert Resort & Relic Castle. Gen 6 Hoenn is the same as Gen 3 Hoenn.

In Alola, Sandshrew is an Ice & Steel type, finable at Tapu Village & Mt. Lanakila. In Gen 7 Kanto, Kantonian Sandshrew is found on Routes 3 & 4, while Alolan is a trade. Galar finds Sandshrew at Warm Up Tunnel & Courageous Cavern.

Kantonian Sandslash is found at Route 23 & Cerulean Cave in Kanto, Routes 26, 27, & Mt. Moon in Gen 2 Johto, Route 23 & Victory Road in Gen 3 Kanto, Route 228 in Sinnoh, Routes 26, 27, Safari Zone, & Mt. Moon in Gen 4 Johto, Unova sees Sandshrew at Route 15 & Relic Castle. Kalos sees it at Route 18 & Terminus Cave.

In Alola, Sandslash is an Ice & Steel Type, but is not available in the wild. In Galar, Sandslash is catchable at the same areas as Sandshrew.

Let’s move to the Cards.Rattata has had 22 Cards since the Base Set, and Raticate 21. Pichu has appeared on 18 Cards since Neo Genesis, Pikachu has had 176 Cards since the Base Set, Raichu has appeared on 48 Cards since the Base Set. Sandshrew has had 19 Cards since the Base Set, and Sandslash has had 19 Cards since the Base Set.

Whew! That does it for this week! See you next week!