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Pokémon Presents announced for Wednesday August 3rd - to include brand new information on Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, and other Pokémon apps and games

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In a sudden surprise announcement, The Pokémon Company have announced that a Pokémon Presents will be broadcast live on YouTube this Wednesday, August 3rd. The presentation promises to update fans on the latest news and information regarding upcoming Pokémon apps and video games, including the hotly anticipated Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet, due for release worldwide on November 18th this year.

According to the Japanese official Pokémon Twitter account, the presentation will be approximately 20 minutes long.

For your convenience, we've compiled below a quick list of conversions for the most common timezones of Bulbagarden users, so you can quickly identify when the presentation starts for you. If your timezone isn't listed below, you can find a full conversion chart here.

Time ZoneMajor Cities in this TimezoneTime
UTC+12 (New Zealand Standard Time)Wellington, Auckland1am, Thursday August 4th
UTC+10 (Australian Eastern Standard Time)Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra11pm, Wednesday August 3rd
UTC+9:30 (Australian Central Standard Time)Darwin, Adelaide10:30pm, Wednesday August 3rd
UTC+9 (Japan Standard Time)Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul10pm, Wednesday August 3rd
UTC+8 (Australian Western Standard Time / China Standard Time / ASEAN Common Time)Perth, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Singapore9pm, Wednesday August 3rd
UTC+5:30 (Indian Standard Time)New Delhi, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata6:30pm, Wednesday August 3rd
UTC+3 (Eastern European Summer Time)Athens, Helsinki,4pm, Wednesday August 3rd
UTC+2 (Central European Summer Time / South African Standard Time)Berlin, Paris, Rome, Oslo, Johannesburg3pm, Wednesday August 3rd
UTC+1 (British Summer Time / Irish Standard Time)London, Belfast, Glasgow, Dublin2pm, Wednesday August 3rd
UTC-3 (Brasília Time)São Paulo, Brasília, Rio de Janeiro10am, Wednesday August 3rd
UTC-4 (Eastern Daylight Time)New York, Toronto9am, Wednesday August 3rd
UTC-5 (Central Daylight Time)Mexico City, Chicago, Winnipeg8am, Wednesday August 3rd
UTC-6 (Mountain Daylight Time)Denver, Calgary, Edmonton7am, Wednesday August 3rd
UTC-7 (Pacific Daylight Time)Los Angeles, Vancouver6am, Wednesday August 3rd


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