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Aug 3, 2010
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So I was playing pokemon and I noticed some things that could give us a hint that there might be 3rd gen REMAKES!!

1. BUILDINGS - In HGSS, the roof of the tunnel that connects two routes and cities, there is a rather familiar looking roof. What I mean is that it looks exactly like an emerald with a pokeball...

2. FLOOR PATTERNS - In the pokemon league in Platinum, in the pokemon Centre, the floor is GOLD which was later followed by HGSS, then next to it the floor is a RUBY, SAPPHIRE and EMERALD colour. Finally, in the HGSS Pokemon Centre, next to Nurse Joy, there is a GREEN pokeball pattern on the floor...

3. LEGENDARY BATTLES - In Platinum, you battle the Regitrio, in HGSS, you battle Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza, hint hint...

4. STEVEN STONE - Everyone knows him, the champion of Hoenn. In Platinum, he even owns the villa that some randomer gave you for nodding your head! Also, in HGSS, you can rebattle Mr. Stone himself...

5. WHAT PEOPLE SAID - Okay, so in the hotel in Sinnoh, there is a man that tells us some interesting things, such as a RAINBOW POKEMON and a SILVER COLOURED POKEMON and he also talks about Clefairy dancing in Mt. Moon, all of them are linked to HGSS. Another man says that he would love to see a rocket that launches into space from the HOENN REGION!

So, is it just me or are all of these things giving us a few hints that there might be another set of remakes?

Tell me what you think.
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