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TEEN: Pokemon Rainbow Version-Chapter 1

Fairy Type Arceus

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Jan 1, 2014
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In the pokemon multiverse many realities exist, one where mega evolution exists, one where it does not. Opposite of those two resides a version of the same events but where the protagonist for some reason or another did not stop the evil leaders of their universe, leading to the downfall of their region and in some cases the entire universe. These are the stories of those failed universes (dun dun)

For clarification sake each universe will be named as following
Rainbow= failed universe, can take place in both mega and non mega versions. If it is not preceeded by Rainbow it is a universe from which the protagonist won as he should have
Mega = mega evolution exists
Non mega= Mega evolution does not exist due to Az never firing the weapon
*Note if the events of the game take place in a certain version It'll be stated for example
Kanto (yellow version/fire red etc) as each game and hell even each save file is technically its own universe but that would take forever to explain lol but all pokemon and all pokemon regions exist in every universe regardless if introduced or not the games setting is just to tell you what story events that would play out would be present or not.

Chapter 1 Red and Blue: Rainbow Rocket Origins

Kanto (Rainbow universe- Red and blue mega version)

It was a normal day in Pallet town, Red playing his SNES and his mom down stairs sleeping at the table as there are no other beds in the house for some reason or another. He falls off Rainbow road for what felt like the 100th time and just shut the game off. Looking at his clock he realized it was time to meet up with professor Oak and hopefully get his first pokemon from him.

Red rushed past his mother, who was watching a Movie about a group of boys looking for a dead body, and goes outside seeing the same 3 houses he had for every day of his 11 year old life, his, Blues, and Oaks lab. Hopeful he could finally leave this small town he ran to the lab only to find just Blue.

"Hey if it isn't the chatty gossip himself. Gramps ain't here"

Red Rushed towards the grass to see if Oak was outside, before he could though Oak stopped him and led him back to his lab.

Oak was there and told the two boys to pick a pokemon, Red carefully inspected the balls deciding which he would choose. He seemed to go back and forth between his three choices that it seemed like hours passed. Finally he had chosen but moments before being able to pick his pokemon his mother came running in.

"Fire Red Yellow the 3rd!" (ha ha?)

Red looked over to his mother puzzled has she walked angrily towards him pinching his ear.

"You're not just going to leave home to travel the entire continent you're 11 what are you thinking!" She said like an angry over protective mom.

"Miss Yellow I can assure you its safe as long as he has pokemon with him." Oak said trying to reassure her.

"Look I don't care if you send Blue to catch pokemon for your project, but team Rocket is out there, and if he loses his pokemon they might hurt him too." She said quite worried.

"Many young trainers go out and become quite good at it, trust me some thugs can't hurt these boys, My son was quite the trainer himself." Oak said

"And when was the last time you saw him?" She asked as if leading him into his own doom

"Uh...Blues 3rd birthday..." Oak said looking nervous

"Exactly my point, not only is he at risk of being hurt I might never see or hear from him again." SHe said worried

"But Miss..." Oak said as he was being cut off

"Don't make me call child services." >.>



"Sorry Red I have to side with your mother on this one, when you turn 18 I'll give you your first pokemon." Oak said having been pressured into keepig Red out of this.

"Ha ha well that stinks Red, but I guess I'll be a trainer while you're stuck in this small town for the rest of your life ha smell ya later!" Blue said as he grabbed the pokeball containing squirtle running off into the distance.

Red walked back to his house slamming his face into the pillow and screaming into it. Wondering what he was missing. The Days in Pallet went by slowly even slower now that his rival had left him behind. Once and awhile Daisey (Blues sister) would visit and talk with Reds mother and he'd hear about Blues adventures winning badges catching pokemon, only making Red more and more angry.

Days passed and Blue had gotten several gym badges, Meanwhile Team rocket was hard at work.

Under the Celedon City Game corner...

"Boss we have the sliph Scope and we've gotten dr Fuji to talk, it didn't take much we just threatened to kill the cubone aswell." A grunt said to his boss quite confident in his success.

"Good good, now let's go pay him a visit shall we?" Giovanni said a crooked smile on his face.

The team mobilized and had a mass take over of the small town and his graveyard tower. Giovanni entered and with the sliph scope captured a Gengar. He then made his way to the top of the tower.

"Mr.Fuji it is a pleasure to meet you, or should I refer to you like that Ph'd still matters?" Giovanni said with a condescending tone.

"I've given up that part of my life, I hurt to many pokemon to create the creature you seek now, which is why I take care of them now." Mr Fuji spoke with hurt in his voice.

"Thats well and good, but I just need to know a few things about that beast, like where it resides now?" Giovanni said, in a demanding tone

Mr Fuji turned his head unwilling to answer.

"If you do not wish to answer thats fine, my men can hunt it down. But I'm afraid your expertise will be needed for my goals." Giovanni said

"I'm not helping criminals like you!" Mr Fuji yelled.

"Well then I guess when this tower burns to the ground with you in it, aswell as dozens of pokemon living and dead, it'll be on you." Giovanni stated in a cold heartless voice.

"Wait, don't the ghost pokemon with no where left to go will be forced to take refuge in peoples homes!" Mr fuji exclaimed

"Well then help my research and I promise no harm will come to this tower or this towns pokemon." Giovanni said while extending his hand.

"What do you want!"

"Mega stones, you created that monster you can create mega stones for it aswell."


"Good I'm glad we could come to...a peaceful solution. "

Team Rocket then dragged Mr Fuji away and began experimenting on mega stones. While that was happening Giovanni made his visit to Saffron City's Sliph Co.

"Mr President for years now team rocket has been giving you funding, it would be a shame now if we did not get, our end of the deal."

"We've made a prototype it works but we only have one, but I' not sure about this Giovanni when we first made this deal with your father to create devices that capture pokemon they had a chance to fight back, to resist, without that isn't it wrong?"

"We've been friends for years so surely you must understand my fathers views are not my own, which is why I formed Team Rocket out of his old business, therefore your deal with my father still counts to my organization. Any Type of ball we request made can and will be made."


"Look, unless some random trainer pops in here and stops me theres no way I won't be taking the master ball from you."

The president looked around nervously grabbing his suitcase and taking the master ball out from it looked sad.

"I only wanted to help trainers...I'm sorry Kurt, Oak, Giovanni Sr."

Giovanni takes the ball a smirk on his face as he walks away.

"I want these mass produced starting now, get to it."

Giovanni now standing infront of his men holding the master ball to them proclaimed that Teamrocket shall be reborn, from today on they shall own all that is under the sun, from the skies to the ground all is theirs, even the rainbows that exist only temporarily shall be theirs.

"From now on we shall be reorganized into Team Rainbow Rocket, to represent that we shall own every region, and everything in every region, and if we should find other planets that have life on them we shall conquer them. WE ARE NOW UNSTOPPABLE!"

"And now Team Rocket shall rule the world!"

Giovanni and his men march into Cerulean City all now wearing Rainbow colored R's on their uniforms blasting down the cave walls with the power of all the pokemon they had stolen making their way to mewtwo. Mewtwo seeing the team let out a loud roar that sent everyone but Giovanni flying. He sent out Gengar.

"Use Hypnosis!" with a snap of his finger

Gengar used the move putting Mewtwo to sleep.

Once again snapping his fingers Giovanni said
"Shadow ball"

Gengar used shadow ball knocking Mewtwo away soon media and news outlets everywhere were on the scene watching every move.

"I was hoping for a challenge mewtwo!"

Mewtwo woke up and used recover.

"AH not going down without a fight I see, good just what I expect from the most powerful man made pokemon! You shall belong to Team Rocket, no Team Rainbow Rocket!" Giovanni shouted proclaiming his victory to the world already.
"Gengar use shadow ball again!"

Mewtwo dodged and used physic knocking out gengar the same continued to happen to most of Giovannis team as Giovanni was down t o his last pokemon he decided that was enough testing Mewtwos power and threw the master ball, it flew through the air as all onlookers were shocked to this a pokeball they had never seen before. Giovanni could hear the cries of the news for mewtwo to escape. Giovanni looked up at them while calmly walking towards the ball. He picked it up and raised it high to the sky.

"Now who dares stand in my way?"

Kanto would soon be taken over, every town had Team Rainbow rocket presence And with the power of Mega mewtwo X/Y Giovanni defeated every champion and took over the world. He encountered every evil team and destroyed them. Soon he grew tired of this world and wanted to find new ones and had his scientists look into it. 3 years had passed since the fateful day Red was denied his journey.

Alola(Rainbow Universe Red and blue Mega timeline) (Same world so far just a different region now)

"Sir we have confirmed the existence of worlds where some of those other teams did succeed, its not a new planet but a new reality all together!"

"Good how do we get there?"

"Mewtwos powers could open up worm holes with its immense power, but we can just use Cosmog to open more potent worm holes, either way will work. "

"Thank you Executive Faba." Giovanni stated

"Get in contact with the you of each world and coordinate with him to allow us to travel, tell him I promise him great riches in each universe." Giovanni then left for the next world.

Meanwhile back in Kanto

Red is barely surviving climbing mt sliver in an attempt to escape Team Rainbow Rocket. Without any pokemon Reds been forced to physically fight any pokemon that attacked him. Having to bat away zubat, kick geodude whatever it takes to survive, but Red always used potions or full rstore to heal them before running still caring for them. Red Collapses half way up and can hear the rocket grunts coming towards him.

"Mom, Blue, Professor Oak, all gone...if only I could have done something"

Red Passes out wakes up at the peak of the mountain.

"How did I get here?"

Red looked around seeing no one he looked up to see a worm hole in the sky Team Rainbow Rocket had succeeded and now they planned to continue such successes in other worlds. Red Looked down to see Mew right infront of his face, startled he fell back to the ground while Mew flew over head.

"What the..."

"(My Name is Mew, don't you want to stop these bad guys Red?")

"Did you just talk in my head?"

("We can stop them Red we have to stop them, they have my clone, he's suffering you have to help me!")

"How can I? I have no pokemon and I can't either pokeballs have been outlawed by Team Rainbow Rocket."

("We go to universes where the world is safe and train there let's go!")

Mew using its physic powers opens a worm hole of its own and drags Red into it. Red Starts kciking and resisting demanding to be let go, until he see's Team Rainbow Rocket Members have caught up with him, at that point he allows himself to be dragged into the worm hole. When Red Exits he see's himself standing in the same spot. Turned looking out to the distance.

Mt Sliver(HGSS Non mega)

("This is a world where you defeated Giovanni and became the pokemon leaugue champion Red, thats why I believe you can stop him!")

"I Can?"


To be continued....
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Beth Pavell

Thesaurus rex
Jan 2, 2010
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I'd recommend having a serious think about this multiverse story before you get too far stuck in. The sticking point is splitting them up along Mega Evolution lines - is Mega Evolution really that much of a difference? From a storytelling perspective all it really does is ramp up the scale of the battles, both for the protagonists and the antagonists. The only time it significantly impacts the canon plot is in the Delta Episode.

First things first, though, the story needs a good polish for technical accuracy. I know it sounds like a nitpick, but you'd be surprised how people are much more willing to read a story that's got all the spelling, punctuation and grammar boxes ticked. So that's capital letters for proper nouns and the start of sentences. Ellipses (...) are always three. Keep an eye out for missing letters - spellcheck will usually pick them up, but not always.

Fairy Type Arceus

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Jan 1, 2014
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Due to a suggestion from @Beth Pavell from here the universes will only be spilt into successful universe ( just the versions name) and unsuccessful (labaled rainbow)


Hoenn( rainbow universe sapphire)

Little root town, a young boy and his family's having just moved in take in the surroundings. A small town no more than 3 houses very quiet. Unlike the port town of olivine where they came from. The boy set his clock and as his mother had told him went over to say hi to he neighbors. There he met a girl named May.

May and Brenden ended up talking until night fall when May looked out the window and saw it was dark.

"That's odd why hasn't come home yet. And I forgot to help him with his field research today so maybe it's taking him longer than usual."

The two go down stairs and outside to try and find him, only to find a bunch of people gathered by the gates. May and Brenden rush over to find a ripped lab coat and a few feet away professor birch bloody and ripped apart, face down in a pool of his own blood. May rushed over and begins crying and begging him to wake up. Norman comes running up the route and stops staring at his friends cold face.

"These bite marks, a Pokemon attacked him?" Norman said shocked.

Brenden saw the poochenna blood on it's face behind his father and rushed in to block it, getting bitten on his right arm.

"Slaking use retailiate!" Norman said as he threw his pokeball. The poochena went flying and fainted. Brenden backed away afcidacciden opening Birch's pokeballs the sigh of the three Pokemon actually scaring Brenden he ran away.

With that Brenden did not become a trainer that day.

Later at the team aqua hide out...

"Boss we got Devon's research papers, the blue orb is the one we need and it's on Mt pyre. "

"Good job grunt you heard him boys we don't need that meteorite from fallobor after all!"

Team aqua then marched onto mt pyre and claimed the blue orb.

"And Maxie by the time you figure it out it'll be too late!"

It didn't take long for team aqua to find the location of kyogre as soon as Archie approached kyogre he saw Maxie standing in the distance.

"Tailed us did you you skinny scalawag"

"You won't win Archie! Where did you find that orb!"

"And tell you so you can awaken Groudon with the remaining orb to fight me, fat chance"

Maxie sent out weezing Archie sent out crobat and the two rivals began their firece match.

"Weezing explosion!"

Weezing exploded and crobat went down with it.

"Pesky land lover, thinks he's so smart, go Muk!"

"Go mightyena!"

Muk indimidated by mightyene almost ran away but Archie doesn't allow him to.

"Use bite mightyena!"

"Muk gunk shot!"

As mightyena was about to bite muk it got a gunk shot right down the throat knocking it out. Maxie then sent out camurpt.

"Use earth power!"

"Muk use screech!"

The earth power damaged Muk and then it used screech lowering xamerupts defense. The two repeated their moves and Muk went down. Archie then sent out sharpedo.

"Water fall!"

"Camerupt eruption!"

Sharpedo knocked out camurpt before it could move. Archie laughing held up the blue orb, Maxie fell to his knees.

"Please don't "

" If only you had stayed loyal with me to the end during our days on that team maybe you could have enjoyed this victory with me"

" If you saw my way we'd see an even greater victory of land expansion."

" There's no victory in that Maxie not to me"

Kyogre awakened brining down a huge down pour of rain drowning all of hoenn in water and began to encompass the entire world. After weeks of rain and no control over kyogre Archie with he suberine got his master ball from the sunken base and caught kyogre.

" Now you have no choice but to obey me, now victory is mi..." A huge wave then grew over top Archie swallowing him.

"Boss went over board guys search for him hurry!"

Similar events happened in the Ruby timeline only with Groudon being awakened to win his fight with Archie. In the Omega Ruby/alpha sapphire timelines they were successful but Zinnia summoned Rayqauza to stop them in it's normal form it managed barely but without is mega form hoenn of that timeline was crushed by the meator.

Mt sliver (hgss)

Rainbow red challenges himself and takes out Pikachu with a physic but loses to mega Charizard X.

wow I'm so powerful in this timeline mew didn't stand a chance.


Rainbow red explains everything to his successful counterpart.

"And that's the whole story we need your help!"


"...mew why don't I talk in this timeline?"

" As you became successful you shut out your voice and let battle speak for you"

"That's lame, but anyway mew what's Giovanni doing now?"

"Gathering strong trainers"

" Then we should too, other me can you help us?"

"..." Red nods

Mew smiles happily and begins to explain the plan

"Good, here's my plan red of this timeline, gather all the strong champions from every region and we'll meet up back here once we equal team rainbow rockets powerful trainers!"

"What do we do the mew?"

"We gather trainers just like you who lost and get each of you trained up, we find the ones who became champion in this timeline but not in their own timeline since each of you has the potential. Giovanni is only gathering successful trainers, if we gather both the successful ones and the ones who could have been successful and make them strong we might win!"

" Ok then let's do this!"

Mew opens up an ultra worm hole water begins falling out of it and the two go in, while red turns back around.


Another trainer walks up to him only five minutes later

"So you're red the one who beat team rocket? Well my name's Gold I'm the new champ around here, and you're going down!"

"(That was quick)..."

End to be continued in chapter 3

Fairy Type Arceus

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Jan 1, 2014
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Johto (Rainbow gsc/hgss)

Red and Mew finally arrived back to mt sliver from where they originally came. In this time line though Giovanni failed to beat Red, but returned when team rocket called for him.

"Where are we now Mew?"

"Another world where you did succeed, however another important trainer failed. Here Giovanni lost to you. However team rocket climbed their way back and Giovanni returned they took over the world here too, except they don't have the ability to travel between worlds, thanks to you."

"What do you mean?"

"Hold on, theres one being who can show us rather than tell us. Celebi can you hear me?"

A few moments go by before a green pokemon appeared infront of Mew and Red.

"Of course Mew, how can I help?"

"I need your help, an evil organization has captured Mewtwo and is now able to cross the multiverse, he needs to be stopped, before Arecus finds out about this mess."

"True that would be catastrophic if Arecus found out that humans could manipulate the multiverse. How can I help?"

"We need to correct the timelines..."

"Mew you know I'm not allowed to alter history unless it was meant to have my involvement."

"Fine, but give us some context on what happened in this world."

"Fine, but the human there he looks like the one currently doing battle with the giovanni of this universe. Is that why you brought him?"


"I see risking it all are we?"

Red looked puzzled, standing up he finally spoke out.

"Risking it all what does that mean?"

"Mew didn't tell you?"

"Tell me what?"

"if I get involved and time changes to a massive scale Arecus will know of the distortion, and if he finds out about this rainbow rocket and then I wouldn't put it past him to end existence and start over."


"So Red when I go back in time don't change any thing, don't even talk to anyone."


"Now Celebi show us what happened to the trainer who was meant to stop team rockets come back."

Celebi nodded and closed its eyes suddenly the clouds began to move backwards, the wind blew in the opposite direction, the seasons went in reverse and with a flash they found themselves in a time bubble inside of a cave with another celebi Gold and Lyra and Giovanni. gold lost the battle with Giovanni in this time line and is thrown threw the falls to his death.

"Who is that trainer?"

"I brought him here to delay Giovanni, but Giovanni was to strong here and defeated him, I took the girl and ran. This messed up the timeline."

Celebi in a flash of light disappears with Lyra and reappears in Illex forest. Arecus already waiting for him. Arecus hits Celebi with a bug type judgement knocking Celebi out. Everything goes black for Red Mew and Celebi. After Celebi came to he found his forest burnt to the ground.

"Giovanni met up with his team in Golden rod killed Gold a second time and has reclaimed his power here. Then because he knew I could time travel he sent his cronies to burn down the forest."

"How did you survive then?"

Celebi began to get tears in his eyes.

"The girl..."

Celebi rewinds time to show the perspective of when he was unconscious, rocket grunts swarming the forest with magmars burning it down and Giovanni marching through the forest. Lyra sticks Celebi inside of the shrine with Marill Giovanni shoves her out of the way.

"Where is that time pokemon you brought to fight me earlier? Speak girl and I'll allow you to join Team Rocket."

"Shut up I'll never tell you where Celebi is!"

"Then you shall die..."

Giovanni reaches for a pokemon but just then Suicune comes in putting out the fires, Entei steps between Giovanni and Lyra and grabs her escaping while Raikou defeats the grunts.

"I see they intend to defend the time pokemon, you're lucky girl I do not have the power, yet, to defeat these beasts, and if they are here it won't be long until that pokemon that revived them does aswell."

Giovanni begins walking away.

Maril had defended Celebi Lyra returned with the legendary beasts and healed Celebi. The beasts then ran to confront Giovanni.

"That is how I was saved, the girl then left I do not know where she went. But now to take us to current day..."

With a flash they appear in Golden rod the city broken down in the center of the city they see Red of this universe battered against hundreds of grunts.

"We are now in present day, Giovanni has destroyed the elite four and now only red stands in his way."

Red (Rainbow universe RBY) Rushes in.

"We've got to help him!"

"Red wait!"

Mew and Celebi follow him and they run up next to red whos down to his last 2 pokemon, the red of this universe looks up surprised, hundreds of golbats and koffings and rocket grunts lay around him. Giovanni steps out of one of the buildings a grin on his face.

"Those beasts really thought they stood a chance, and now the time pokemon, and Mew are here at my door step."

Red looking into his bag sees he's out of healing item and sends Mewtwo out from its master ball, Giovanni grins and throws out 3 pokeballs each containing one of the legendary beasts. Giovanni orders them to attack all at once. Red orders Mewtwo to use physic. Mewtwo knocks out Raikou but is hit by the remaining two attacks.

"I shall have my revenge, forget attacking Mewtwo attack the boy and the other one who looks like him too!"

suicune and Entei refuse, until Giovanni takes out a device and places it on their pokeballs, their eyes turn blood red and they begin to foam at the mouth as they run in for the Reds.

"Mew use thunder on suicune!"


Mewtwo used phyisc again on entei this time knocking it out and Mew used thunder knocking out suicune. However just as they thought they won, a huge wave overcomes the two from behind, its Sliver with a ferligatr.


"Don't call me that, you don't have the right! You lost you're a weakling!"

"Now what Mew?"

"Giovannis son."


Sliver rushes at Giovanni, as the grunts rush the Reds they continue to battle but by the end mewtwo runs out of moves and is defeated, celebi and Mew close to low health and sliver and Giovanni tie in their match.

"Son you have gotten stronger, but I will not go down like this, GRUNTS NOW PLAN C!"

All the grunts throw a pokeball into the air, totaling 100. They all open to reveal electrode.

"team rocket has failed for the final time, explosion."

"Dad why you!"

Mew opens up a worm hole grabbing Celebi and Red and escapes. The town is over come with explosions none survive. Mew Celebi and Red end up in a world of torrential downpour in the middle of an ocean. They look up to see Groudon and Kyogre currently in battle.

(And yes that was still a world in which the evil guys won, their goal was to find Giovanni they did)

Hoenn(Rainbow sapphire)



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Dec 16, 2016
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It can get confusing at times, especially with more than one Red.
Also, shouldn't a character be surprised at seeing himself or herself?

Another point is that I think you need to improve on the grammar and spelling. Some people may not bother continuing the story if the grammar and spelling are lacking.
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