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Bulbapedia Pokémon rivalries


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Oct 4, 2021
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I'd like to create a page called Pokémon rivalries but I don't have the permission to.
Its purpose is to expand on the belligerent behaviour of certain Pokémon against other species, whether it is for food, territory, or simply sheer hate.

It is partially covered by this page, but it misses many non-food related (also Heracross-Pinsir outside Alola).
Some examples that come to my mind:
  • Tyranitar-Duraludon
  • Seviper-Zangoose
  • Groundon-Kyogre
What else could it include:
  • the existing food-related list
  • dichotomies like Cresselia-Darkray
  • Pokémon that compete against their own species (eg. Pokémon with Rivarly ability)
  • trivia like Nidorino-Gengar's storic feud