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Pokémon: Seasons

Should I merge the games into one game?

  • One game named Pokémon: Seasons or Pokémon Change

    Votes: 3 100.0%
  • Two games named Flame & Frost

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
I want 20 regional variants, and including the 4 lines I’ve come up with, we still have 7 slots left if anyone has any more ideas!
Luxray line maybe?
Hmm… That’s harder since we already have Litleo, so maybe Dark type? Fighting? Or even Fire itself to contrast with the Pyroar? Hmm… I think I’ll go for… Ghost. Imagine this: A Luxray that blends in with the shadows of its forest home so well that it can even use shadows as a type of portal, as it stalks its prey in the growing darkness
Hey, guys, just wanted to let y’all know that I’m deleting some of my posts. They’re only my posts, and ones that are irrelevant at that (out of date, non-conversation, just words, etc.). Also, I’ve decided on Fairy-Ghost Spritzee and Aromatisse that use their scent to control people and Fairy-Fire marshmallow Swirlix and Slurpuff. The last two Pokémon for this I’ll be asking staff themselves for what they think should be on
Guys, I made the Pokédex (minus the actual in-game order, which I’ll determine via the Pokémon locations), but instead of sharing it with you right now, which’ll take forever, I’ll kill two birds with one stone and slowly share the Pokédex with you via a new thread that shows the Pokémon locations. It shows the location’s Pokémon, where specifically it is, the chance of encountering it, the Pokémon encounterable there, and the levels. Once I make it, you’ll see a link here
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Hey, guys, I actually have a couple of things to share:
1. I made a thread named Pokémon: Seasons-New Pokémon, Abilities, Moves, and Held Items. You can find the thread here
2. Now that the poll is over, I have gathered that we will rename Flame & Frost Pokémon: Seasons. This thread and all other similar threads will be renamed accordingly
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Hey, guys, I know that I haven’t finished with the base game, but I’ve already made the plot of the DLC.
1. Thunder & Lightning: This expands on the “Thunder and Lightning” in the Lightning Fields. The ruins Volt City resides by are actually mystical ruins, and the DLC ranges from Goldenia to an Africa based place named Lithu (originating from Lightning and Thunder). The “Thunder and Lightning” is an Electric type Legendary Cat Pokemon named Stormitine (originating from Storm and Feline)
2. Divine Aspects: This story expands on Aura Lucario, going between Goldenia, Lithu, and an Amazon Rainforest themed region named Mythia. This is where we learn of Divine Lucario and the (I know it’s a stretch) creator of Arceus’ egg, the Normal type fox/cat mix Mythoty (originating from Myth and my deceased cat, Sooty).
You can find more details on Stormitine, Divine Lucario, and Mythoty in the Pokémon: Seasons-New Pokémon, Abilities, Moves, and Held Items thread
Hey, I made a move pool for Iron Genesis. The only reason why Iron Genesis is because it’s only signature moves (theres a Bulbapedia page on signature moves, and I used those). So, this is the learnset:
Accelerock, Aeroblast, Anchor Shot, Apple Acid, Aqua Step, Armor Cannon, Arm Thrust, Aromatic Mist, Assist, Astral Barrage, Attack Order, Baddy Bad, Baneful Bunker, Barb Barrage, Barrage, Beak Blast, Behemoth Bash, Behemoth Blade, Bitter Blade, Bitter Malice, Blaze Kick, Blazing Torque, Bleakwind Storm, Blood Moon, Blue Flare, Bolt Strike, Bone Club, Bonemerang, Bone Rush, Bouncy Bubble, Burning Bulwark, Buzzy Buzz, Camouflage, Ceaseless Edge, Chatter, Chilly Reception, Chloroblast, Clamp, Clanging Scales, Clangorous Soul, Collision Course, Combat Torque, Confide, Conversion, Conversion 2, Core Enforcer, Court Change, Crabhammer, Crafty Shield, Crush Grip, Darkest Lariat, Dark Void, Decorate, Defend Order, Diamond Storm, Dire Claw, Dizzy Punch, Doodle, Doom Desire, Double Iron Bash, Double Shock, Dragon Ascent, Dragon Darts, Dragon Energy, Drum Beating, Dynamax Cannon, Eerie Spell, Electrify, Electro Drift, Esper Wing, Eternabeam, Extreme Speed, Fairy Lock, False Surrender, Fickle Beam, Fiery Dance, Fiery Wrath, Fillet Away, Fire Lash, Fissure, Fleur Cannon, Floaty Fall, Floral Healing, Flower Trick, Forest’s Curse, Freezing Glare, Freeze Shock, Freezy Frost, Fusion Bolt, Fusion Flare, Gear Grind, Gigaton Hammer, Glacial Lance, Glaciate, Glaive Rush, Glare, Glitzy Glow, Grav Apple, Head Crash, Heal Order, Heart Swap, Heat Crash, Hidden Power, High Jump Kick, Horn Leech, Hydro Steam, Hyper Drill, Hyper Fang, Hyperspace Fury, Hyperspace Hole, Ice Burn, Ice Hammer, Infernal Parade, Instruct, Ivy Cudgel, Jaw Lock, Jet Punch, Judgment, Jump Kick, Jungle Healing, King’s Shield, Kinesis, Kowtow Cleave, Land’s Wrath, Leaf Blade, Light of Ruin, Lovely Kiss, Lumina Crash, Lunar Blessing, Lunar Dance, Luster Purge, Magic Powder, Magical Torque, Magma Storm, Make It Rain, Malignant Chain, Mat Block, Matcha Gotcha, Megahorn, Mega Kick, Meteor Assault, Mighty Cleave, Milk Drink, Mind Blown, Mist Ball, Moongeist Beam, Morning Sun, Mortal Spin, Mountain Gale, Muddy Water, Multi-Attack, Mystical Power, Nature’s Madness, Needle Arm, Night Daze, Night Shade, Noble Roar, Noxious Torque, Obstruct, Octolock, Order Up, Origin Pulse, Overdrive, Parting Shot, Pay Day, Petal Dance, Photon Geyser, Pika Papow, Plasma Fists, Poison Tail, Pollen Puff, Population Bomb, Powder, Power Shot, Precipice Blades, Present, Prismatic Laser, Psyblade, Psycho Boost, Psyshield Bash, Psystrike, Purify, Pyro Ball, Rage Fist, Raging Bull, Relic Song, Revelation Dance, Rising Voltage, Roar of Time, Rock Wrecker, Rolling Kick, Ruination, Sacred Fire, Sacred Sword, Salt Cure, Sandsear Storm, Sappy Seed, Searing Shot, Secret Sword, Seed Flare, Shadow Bone, Shadow Force, Sharpen, Shell Side Arm, Shell Trap, Shelter, Shift Gear, Shore Up, Silk Trap, Sizzly Slide, Sketch, Slack Off, Snap Trap, Snipe Shot, Soft-Boiled, Solar Blade, Spacial Rend, Sparkling Aria, Sparkly Swirl, Spectral Thief, Spicy Extract, Spider Web, Spin Out, Spirit Break, Spirit Shackle, Splash, Splishy Splash, Spore, Springtide Storm, Steam Eruption, Steel Roller, Stone Axe, Strange Steam, Strength, Stuff Cheeks, Substitute, Sunsteel Strike, Super Fang, Surging Strikes, Syrup Bomb, Tachyon Cutter, Tail Glow, Take Heart, Tar Shot, Teatime, Techno Blast, Tera Starstorm, Terrain Pulse, Thousand Arrows, Thousand Waves, Thunder Cage, Thunderclap, Thunderous Kick, Topsy-Turvy, Torch Song, Toxic Thread, Trick-or-Treat, Triple Arrows, Triple Dive, Triple Kick, Trop Kick, Twin Beam, Twineedle, V-Create, Veevee Volley, Victory Dance, Vital Throw, Volt Tackle, Waterfall, Water Shuriken, Water Spout, Weather Ball, Wicked Blow, Wicked Torque, Wildbolt Storm, Zing Zap, Zippy Zap
I must first say that Ivy Cudgel is a Grass type move, Raging Bull is a Normal type move, and Revelation Dance is a Normal type move
Also, if there’s any competitive people out there, tell me what sets you would make using Iron Genesis (glossing over the fact that Sketch lets it learn every move). My personal set would be:
Iron Genesis: Geomancy, Oblivion Wing, Blood Moon, Photon Geyser/Ability: Quark Drive/Held Item: Power Herb/Nature: Timid/Tera Type: Flying/EVs: 252 Sp. Atk, 4 Sp. Def, 252 Speed
This set just shows how OP Iron Genesis is lol, as you have Xerneas’s Power Herb Geomancy trick, Oblivion Wing for healing, and Blood Moon and Photon Geyser for strong STAB. It’s Tera Type is to boost the power of Oblivion Wing, and it’s stat spread is to boost its offensive capabilities
Hey, I also got the move pool for Agileaf, Punchpla, and Turmulch:
Absorb, Acrobatics (Turmulch), Aerial Ace (Turmulch), Agility, Assurance, Astonish, Aura Sphere, Baby-Doll Eyes, Baton Pass, Beat Up (Punchpla, Turmulch), Bide, Bind, Bite, Body Press (Turmulch), Body Slam (Turmulch), Bounce (Turmulch), Brick Break, Brutal Swing, Bulk Up (Punchpla, Turmulch), Bush Punch (Turmulch), Charm, Circle Throw (Turmulch), Close Combat (Punchpla, Turmulch), Coaching (Turmulch), Coil, Constrict, Counter (Punchpla, Turmulch), Cross Chop (Turmulch), Cut, Detect (Turmulch), Dig, Double Kick, Double Team, Double-Edge, Earthquake (Turmulch), Energy Ball, Extreme Speed (Turmulch), Facade, Fake Out (Punchpla, Turmulch), False Swipe, Feint Attack, Final Gambit (Turmulch), Fling, Focus Energy, Forest Leap (Turmulch), Foul Play (Punchpla, Turmulch), Frenzy Plant (Turmulch), Fury Cutter, Fury Swipes, Giga Drain, Giga Impact (Turmulch), Grass Knot, Grass Pledge, Grassy Glide, Grassy Terrain, Growl, Growth, Headbutt, Helping Hand, Hidden Power, Hone Claws, Hyper Beam (Hidden), Iron Tail, Knock Off, Leaf Blade, Leafage, Leech Seed, Leer, Low Kick, Low Sweep, Lunge, Mach Punch, Mega Drain, Payback, Play Nice, Pounce, Pound, Power Whip (Turmulch), Protect, Pursuit, Quick Attack, Quick Guard (Turmulch), Rain Dance, Rest, Retaliate (Punchpla, Turmulch), Return, Revenge, Reversal (Punchpla, Turmulch), Rock Climb (Turmulch), Rock Smash, Sand Attack, Scary Face, Scratch, Seed Bomb, Seismic Toss (Turmulch), Sky Uppercut (Turmulch), Slam (Punchpla, Turmulch), Slash, Snarl, Snowball (Turmulch), Solar Beam, Speed Swap (Turmulch), Stomping Tantrum (Turmulch), Struggle, Submission (Turmulch), Substitute, Sucker Punch, Sunny Day, Superpower (Turmulch), Swagger, Swift, Swords Dance, Synthesis, Tackle, Tail Slap, Tail Whip, Taunt, Tera Blast, Thief, Thrash (Turmulch), Throat Chop (Punchpla, Turmulch), Trailblaze, U-Turn, Vine Whip, Vital Throw (Punchpla, Turmulch), Wide Guard (Turmulch), Work Up, Wrap, Wring Out
Yet again, if anyone in competitive sees this, please share any sets for Turmulch you have for it! You can find more info in the New Pokémon thread for Pokémon: Seasons (I have a link at the start of the thread). Now, my personal set for Turmulch would be:
Turmulch: Snowball, Forest Leap, Bush Punch, U-Turn/Ability: Speedy Takeover/Held Item: Choice Band/Nature: Jolly/Tera Type: Ice/EVs: 252 Attack, 4 Sp. Def, 252 Speed
This set uses the superior strength of Snowball (you can find more about that in my New Moves thread) and the stat boosts you receive after KOing a Pokémon to your advantage. Since the move also locks you into it, Band seems like the excellent option, with Forest Leap and Bush Punch for STAB and U-Turn for momentum. The fact that thanks to Snowball and Speedy Takeover, getting a KO gives you a +2 Attack and Speed boost makes it a bit OP
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Hey, guys, I think that I’ll change Goldenian Misdreavus a little bit (don’t worry, coordinator lissi, it’s still a Fairy type). Since this is set around 300 years after the region’s discovery, and since we have a Ghost-Fairy Paradox Misdreavus already, I thought that we should probably make Goldenian Misdreavus more like a modern Flutter Mane. However, since this is coordinator lissi’s suggestion, I’ll let her decide. Should Goldenian Misdreavus and Goldenian Mismagius be a luck and blessing giving Pokémon, or should they be modern Flutter Manes? Just for note, all Pokémon and other things you guys suggest are ultimately under your control
I also changed a couple of things to match the Flutter Mane theme. First, now Goldenian Misdreavus evolves into Goldenian Mismagius via leveling up while knowing Ancient Power instead of via Shiny Stone, and second their hidden ability is now Protosynthesis instead of Serene Grace
Hey, I got a few things to share this time.
1. We finally got our regional mammals, Foalectric and Horspark. Here’s the statistics:
Foalectric: Normal-Electric; Lighting Rod, Run Away, Lightning Surge (Hidden); lvl 20 to Horspark; 30 22 31 50 42 63

Horspark: Normal-Electric; Lightning Rod, Mold Breaker, Lightning Surge (Hidden); lvl 20 from Foalectric; 60 52 61 80 72 113

2. We got Japanese names for the starters:
Agileaf: Hayafurifu
Punchpla: Hittogurin
Turmulch: Mokurozu
Lithline: Enkurui
Blaspark: Enrai
Sparcano: Enzan
Flipsea: Furippushi
Esphin: Esufin
Seapsych: Shipusaiku

3. I’m making a Riddler Khu thread for Pokémon: Seasons! In case you don’t know who Riddler Khu is, he’s a person on Twitter who always hints at Pokémon stuff (like I learned a lot about the Indigo Disk before it released thanks to him!). I have no idea how he gets all this info, but I’m glad about it! Anyway, I’m making a thread that uses this riddling concept to hint at certain things, whether they’re definite or just a maybe. You can find it here
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New move: Snowball!
Snowball: Ice-100-Physical-90-10-Is Physical or Special, whichever will deal more damage, and locks the user into it. If this move KOs an opponent, the user’s Attack, Sp. Atk, and Speed go up by 1
This move basically is a snowball and the term snowballing lol
Imagine using it with a choice scarf lol

(Since it already is the only thing you can use if I’m understanding correctly)
I was actually thinking that. Imagine how strong Chien-Pao would be if it used this and had Choice Band/Scarf (Chien-Pao has really good Attack and Speed and it’s ability drops every other Pokemon’s Defense)
Hey, we’ll do something a bit different this time. Now, I was doodling Pokémon, and I make this (sorry it’s so blurry and that there’s lines)

I want you guys to make the name, type, and everything else! Now, you can add anything, but there are some stuff you need to add: Name, Type, Abilities, and Stats. Feel free to add anything else, like Pokédex data, height, weight, etc.! Have fun!
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Here’s another one, same rules (the pink one’s pixel art is so creepy that I’m thinking of breaking my own rules and forcing it’s hidden ability to be Unnerve lol)
sr29a87b84064aws3 2.png

Feel free to pm me ideas for the two separate Pokémon! And for this one, since there’s two forms, do types, abilities, and stats for both, and tell me how it changes forms or if it stays in that form permanently!
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Also, I think I’m going to add a move tutor in Sprout City that teaches Turmulch, Sparcano, and Seapsych Snowball, as they’re supposed to be OP Pokemon can can easily snowball to a win. Hence the move
Oh gosh, here come the Band Snowball Turmulches with Speedy Takeover
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